High-End Electric Vehicles & Heavy Bikes on Display at TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 Starting on April 20
Feb 04, 2017

TAIPEI - The 2017 "Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show" and the "Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show" will be held at the TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 from April 20 (Thursday) to April 23 (Sunday).

Major motorcycle manufacturers including KYMCO, Taiwan Golden Bee, Adiva, Perfect Motors, BMW, KOMO, as well as electric vehicle manufacturer Xing Mobility will also take part in the exhibition directly or through an agent. Various high-end vehicles will take center stage in Taipei's Xinyi Commercial District. The exciting exhibition is not to be missed. Suppliers from automotive-related industries are welcome to sign up for the event.

KYMCO will showcase its models equipped with Noodoe, an Internet of Vehicles system. Pan German Motors (BMW) is currently planning for the exhibition as well; preparing to show off its most amazing models at the exhibition. XING Mobility will exhibit Taiwan's first electric racing car Miss E, and Flowing Ocean will display Taiwan's only Tesla Model X. Chairman Yu-Jun Hung of Panasonic Taiwan and motorsports fan Aziz Tucker from the United States jointly created XING Mobility in 2015; by integrating their electric vehicle designs with R&D and mass production experiences, they provide innovative consulting services to the electric vehicle industry.

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Renowned vehicle exhibitors will also include Taiwan Golden Bee, a major export manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles; the developer of three-wheeled motorcycles with two front wheels as well as a convertible roof, Adiva; the largest heavy bike importer Perfect Motors, and the manufacturer of KOMO's own brand of electric scooters, KuanMei Motor. Currently, more renowned major motorcycle manufacturers are inquiring about the exhibition.

As the "Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show" and the "Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show" are marketing platforms for domestic as well as export sales, TAITRA will implement customized promotions by releasing ads and increasing media exposure in selected markets including the United States, Europe, Japan, and China, in order to attract international buyers to visit the exhibition. As for the market in Taiwan, digital and printed ads will be used to promote the exhibition. Throughout the four-day exhibition period, the general public will have the opportunity to get up close and appreciate these vehicles in person.

In addition, the 2017 "Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show" and "AutoTronics Taipei" will also be held at the Nangang Exhibition Center and the TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 from April 19 (Wed) to 22 (Sat). The grand display of a 4-in-1 exhibition will include approximately 1,400 vendors in 3,700 booths to fully showcase Taiwan's R&D and innovative capabilities in the vehicle industry of 18 countries. The four exhibitions are estimated to attract nearly 30,000 visitors from home and abroad.

There are not many booths left for the 2017 "Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show" and the "Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show". Please visit the following website to register: www.motorcycletaiwan.com.tw,  www.evtaiwan.com.tw; or contact the registration hotline: Ms. Pei-Chen Chueh, Exhibition Section 3, TAITRA, telephone: (02) 2725-5200 ext. 2651.

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