Habitat for Humanity appeals for funds to help flood-affected families in India
Aug 11, 2017

Manila, 10 August 2017 – Habitat for Humanity is planning a three-phase relief, repair, and rebuilding response to help families affected by the devastating floods that ravaged India's western and north-eastern states recently. India’s Ministry of Home Affairs estimates that the monsoon floods have affected over 3 million people, with 30,000 houses washed away or destroyed.

Based on findings by its assessment team, Habitat for Humanity’s response is focused on providing shelter assistance to families in the most severely affected states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam, and Manipur. In the first phase, Habitat for Humanity India will provide humanitarian aid kits to 6,000 families in Gujarat and Rajasthan and another 9,000 kits for families in Assam and Manipur. Habitat plans to provide transitional shelter materials and repair assistance to 3,000 homes and 30 schools in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

“Habitat is committed to helping families get back on their feet in the short and longer term,” said Rick Hathaway, Asia-Pacific vice president for Habitat for Humanity International. “Shelter is a crucial form of assistance. The long view is on developing long-term shelter intervention programs with an emphasis on building disaster-resilient homes, in partnership with the Indian government and the private sector for all four states.”

“We are actively coordinating with the government and field partners involved in the relief operations. The need in the affected states is huge, and it will only get worse as the continued monsoon rains and resulting floods threaten to affect more families,” said Rajan Samuel, Habitat for Humanity India’s managing director. “Over the years, Habitat for Humanity India has served more than 180,000 disaster-affected individuals in India through its Disaster Risk Reduction and Response program by providing immediate relief, repairing damaged houses, and reconstructing new homes. We aim to serve 20,000 flood affected families in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam, and Manipur.”

Reshma Feroz Batti, was the only adult in her family’s home when the flood waters started to rise. She managed to save her four siblings and a neighbour’s two children who were with her at the time. “I have never seen such heavy rains and flooding before,” she said. While all her family members survived, the floods have destroyed the grains that they have harvested and stored in their home.

With your support, Habitat for Humanity will be able to help flood survivors like Reshma and her family. To make a donation, please visithttp://bit.ly/Donate-HabitatIndia.

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