Grand Opening of 'Shanghai Zhongke Runda Precision Medical Laboratory', which is Collaboratively Launched by Yestar, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Runda Medical
Sep 09, 2017

(Hong Kong - 9 September 2017) Yestar Healthcare Holdings Company Limited ("Yestar" or the "Company" together with its subsidiaries, the "Group", stock code: 2393.HK) is pleased to announce that the Group collaborates with Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences ("Chinese Academy of Sciences") and Shanghai Runda Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd ("Runda Medical") to launch Shanghai Zhongke Runda Precision Medical Laboratory ("Zhongke Runda"), an independent third-party medical examination laboratory, had its grand opening ceremony in Shanghai on 8 September 2017. Zhongke Runda carries the mission to become the benchmark for precise medical examination centers in Shanghai and marks the milestone of creating a leading integrated healthcare services platform for the Group.

In light of the progressive reform of the medical and healthcare industry in China, the categorized medical system and centralized testing of regionalized healthcare have become the major driving forces, propelling the demand for independent third-party clinical laboratories and market development. Therefore, the Group allied with Chinese Academy of Sciences and Runda Medical to launch Zhongke Runda, an independent third-party clinical laboratory, in order to seize the opportunity and fill gaps in the market. Zhongke Runda is located in the Zhejiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone, Hongkou, Shanghai and imports the international standard system with high quality, adopting the most advancing LIMS system in the world and co-operates with elites in the medical testing field. Facilitated with the leading automated testing equipment, Zhongke Runda is enabled to accumulate massive sample and clinical information on precise medical testing. Embroidered with these advantages, Zhongke Runda will strive to earn clinical and scientific research projects and provide healthcare institutions of each level with services such as medical examination, pathology testing and research. Together with cloud data management technology, Zhongke Runda will be able to offer a platform of standardized data and contribute towards the healthcare management.

On the other hand, Zhongke Runda and Roche Diagnostics co-operated and built three "Roche Model Lab". Adopting equipment with leading testing technology and advanced management concepts for laboratories, they will jointly build world's leading medical examination laboratories, featuring high quality and automation. They are also the first healthcare institution in Shanghai to employ equipment for after-treatment

Regarding the co-operation, Mr. Wong Fatt Heng, General Manager of Roche Diagnostic (China), commented, "Roche Diagnostics has always valued the co-operation with independent third-party clinical laboratories in China. We wish to enhance the testing quality and efficiency of laboratories while bringing the best diagnostic technology and testing projects with valuable clinical values to China. It is also our goal to expand the coverage to more mid-to-small sized and community hospitals and serve patients with individualized healthcare management. Today, we are very delighted to collaboratively build three "Roche Model Lab" with Zhongke Runda, featuring functions such as biochemical immunoassay, molecular testing and pathology. This collaboration will allow us to provide the market with more comprehensive solutions for laboratories and support the elevation of general standard of the Chinese laboratories, as well as speeding up its convergence with the world."

Mr. James Hartono, the Chairman of Yestar Healthcare, stated, "Being one of the leading distributors of the high margin consumables and equipment in China, Yestar has been strengthening its current foundation of In-Vitro Diagnostic segment while continuously exploring new businesses that form synergies with its diagnostic segment. According to Industry Whitepaper and analyst report, IMS analysis, Industry Experts Interview, China Independent Clinical Laboratory (ICL) market forecast will keep its 22% CARG growth from Year 2015 to Year 2025, reaching RMB 74 billion, due to further implementation of the Chinese goverment's medical reforms initiatives. As the supplement for the current healthcare sector, independent third-party clinical laboratories aid to enhance the overall testing standard. Zhongke Runda as Yestar's first investment in the field of independent third-party clinical laboratory projects (currently owns 39% equity interest in Zhongke Runda), has received great support from parties such as Shanghai Government and Roche Diagnostic. Zhongke Runda has also brought in the most advanced system of automated operation lines and automated equipment for testing, for providing patients with high quality, efficient and convenient testing services and setting the highest standard. This will enable Zhongke Runda to contribute through driving the reform of the medical and hygiene industry in China and promote the health development of the public."

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About Yestar Healthcare Holdings Company Limited
Yestar Healthcare Holdings Company Limited (formerly known as Yestar International Holdings Company Limited) is the largest distributor of Fujifilm products in the PRC and have been transformed itself into a high margin medical consumables manufacturer and distributor in the PRC since 2014. Targeting the booming domestic healthcare industry, the core business of the Group focuses on high margin and fast-moving healthcare consumables namely, IVD products and medical imaging products.

About Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences ("Chinese Academy of Sciences") is the highest academic institute in natural science, the most prestigious science and technology consultancy and an integrated research and development center for natural science and high technology in the PRC. The institutes assembles elites and high-tech equipments, providing technical support for Zhongke Runda.

About Shanghai Runda MedicalScience and Technology Co., Ltd
Shanghai Runda MedicalScience and Technology Co., Ltd("Runda Medical") (Stock code: 603108)is a provider of integrated solutions for medical laboratories. Runda Medical has become one of the leading companies in both domestic and overseas IVD product circulation and service industry.

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