Goldpac Group Limited:Goldpac introduces the JD Gold Card, China's first-ever internet savings bank card
Sep 05, 2017

4 September 2017, the world's fourth largest and China's top ranked payment solutions provider, Goldpac Group Limited ("Goldpac" or the "Group", stock code: 03315.HK) announced that Goldpac is providing the JD Gold Card, the first internet-driven banking card in China, to Industrial Bank and JD Finance. As the first-ever internet savings bank card in China, the JD Gold Card provides comprehensive financial services inclusive of savings, wealth management and commerce for cardholders.

An innovation along the traditional debit card, JD Finance users can transfer funds between their bank debit card current account and the JD Small Vault account after activation of their JD Small Vault and the JD Gold Card services. The account balance will be automatically managed for higher returns and earnings than current account interest rates, thus, benefiting users through this innovative financing method.

The JD Gold Card is born from the central government's regulatory bolstering and represents the fusion and cohesion between traditional financial institutions and internet financial organizations. By working together with traditional financial institutions, internet financial organizations are able to improve security and compliance, enlarge their customer base and realize the swift and convenient switching between both online and offline domains. Capitalizing on security and reliability, banking cards are able to keep a dominant position in the financial payment system.

As a major provider of the JD Gold Cards, Goldpac provided Industrial Bank and JD Finance with a one-stop solution, efficiently freeing both parties from their traditional industrial barriers and innovating along traditional service channels and business models. Leveraging creative Fintech, Goldpac is accelerating Offline-2-Online synergies between traditional financial institutions and internet financial organizations to build a creative financial model of security and convenience. This exemplifies the concepts and practices in Fintech innovation. Goldpac will continue its efforts in developing creative business models to fulfill its role as leader and pioneer of financial data processing. Goldpac will continue to assist traditional financial institutions and internet financial organizations to build boundaryless financial, consumer and lifestyle models and scenarios. This will in turn realize crossover synergies and mutual cooperation, further driving the financial payment industry.
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About Goldpac Group Limited (Stock Code: 03315)

With more than 20 years of successful experience and a leading global technology portfolio, Goldpac is honored to be ranked China's No.1 and the world's No. 4 corporation in the secure payment industry.

Committed to its core vision of Making Transactions More Secure and Convenient, Goldpac is specialised in delivering embedded software and secure payment products for global customers while leveraging innovative Fintech to provide data processing service, system platform and other total solutions for a wide business range of financial, government, healthcare, transportation, and retails.

Inspired by the China government's Belt and Road initiative, Goldpac is now extending its superior solutions and services to an even wider geographical network, delivering convenient, secure payment experiences to people around the globe.

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