The Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Best Design Winners are Announced!!
Nov 29, 2018

November 29, 2018, Taipei, TAIWAN --( ASIA TODAY )-- Earlier this evening, the highly anticipated Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Grand Ceremony took place at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park’s Multi-Showcase Hall. A total of 34 Best Design and 3 Special Annual Award winners in the Golden Pin Design Award, along with 3 Best Design winners in the Golden Pin Concept Design Award were revealed on stage at the ceremony. The Best Design winners came from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong to accept their awards this evening, delightedly taking home the Golden Pin trophy and certificate. In addition, the three Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2018 Best Design winners each received a generous US$13,000 cash prize.

Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Best Design and Special Annual Award

Of the 34 Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Best Design winners, there are 12 in the product design category, 11 in the communication design category, 8 in the spatial design category, and 3 in the integration design category. Additionally there are 2 Special Annual Award for Green Design winners and 1 Special Annual Award for Social Design winner. One Best Design winner also won the Special Annual Award. Among the Best Design and Special Annual Award winners are 23 from Taiwan, 9 from China, and 4 from Hong Kong. One of the Special Annual Award for Green Design winners is WOWMOON, a glassware collection made for the moon festival celebrations at Taipei W Hotel’s WOOBAR. Among the Best Design winners is Prismverse, a branded installation created for Dr.Jart+, and The Affairs newspaper that was founded by the editor-in-chief of The Big Issue Taiwan.

Looking back after judging, the jury members gave their comments on the Best Design winners. Chief editor of Fountain magazine, Tieh-chih Chang feels that the standard this year is really high, especially in the communication design and spatial design categories. He remarks on this year as a real breakthrough for those categories. Senior Vice President of Compal Electronics Inc., Shikuan Chen comments on the rise of artificial intelligence. He sees a lot of consumer products using AI, particularly educational products for children. Honorary Chair Professor at the Department of Industrial Design in Shih-Chien University, Kuan Cheng-Neng notices that many of the winning designers are catering to trends in our aging society. His examples include medical products and communication designs for social impact.

Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2018 Best Design

The 3 Best Design winners of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2018 are RobloX, Printing on the Tiny, and NET GUARD. Each concept audaciously attempts to utilize the most progressive forms of design in its given discipline. RobloX is a prefabricated building block, made from advanced UHPC (ultra-high-performance-concrete), and designed for robotic assembly. Printing on the Tiny is a book, which teaches design graduates and freshman about printmaking, featuring beautiful prints of insects as examples. Finally, NET GUARD is an autonomous UAV drone that rescues people from high altitude emergencies, such as fires in high-rise buildings.

After judging, the jury members gave some advice for future entrants. Creative Director of SAMURAI Inc., Kashiwa Sato recommends that when you think about a concept, you must harness your motivation to think deeper. For him, the question of why comes first, and how comes later. CEO of backer-founder, Tahan Lin encourages designers to consider the feasibility of their concepts actually becoming real. He asks, does your concept address the user’s real needs, and does it reflect real social issues? Founder of bod design corp., David Wang appreciates simplicity. He says, when you work on a concept, just think about one thing, and don’t complicate it. Your concept should be straightforward and easy to understand, and it is also important that you communicate your motivation when pitching to the judges.

Preliminary, Secondary, and Final Selection

This year’s jury was the biggest in the awards’ history. A panel of 76 design experts scrutinized the entries over three rounds of judging. A combined total of nearly 7000 entries were received in the Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award before the call for entries deadline in June, and Preliminary Selection began in July. Secondary Selection took place from August to mid-September in Taipei, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, and Shanghai, whittling down the entries to just 742 Design Mark winners, 91 of whom passed through to the final judging stage. The Final Selection jury convened in Taipei at the end of September to decide on the Best Design winners.

Ceremony Opening Video by Bito

Nature Knows is Bito’s concept for this year’s ceremony, emphasizing the importance of cycles in nature and sustainability in design. The opening video at the ceremony echoes this concept, featuring a girl who finds pollution, and sets out on a journey with the pollution through jungles, oceans, and outer space. In the end, she plants the pollution in the ground as a seed that grows into tree, representing a cycle in nature. The opening video’s message to designers at the ceremony is to promote sustainability in design. It took Bito six months to create the video, using 3D animation techniques.

Ceremony Host, Interval Performance, and Installation Art

Mickey Huang hosted the award ceremony for a third consecutive year. As ever, Huang brought his charm and humor to the event, along with his vast knowledge of Taiwan’s design industry. During the ceremony interval, Taiwanese singer-songwriter Crowd Lu performed three songs to much applause from the audience. Lu has risen to fame in Taiwan over the past decade and it was an immense privilege to have him play at the ceremony. The audience also had the opportunity to appreciate installation art by WHYIXD in the ceremony reception. The kinetic sculpture entitled X Land is made from recycled Brightness Enhancement Film, inviting onlookers to rethink the relationship between sustainability and design.

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