Golden Pin award group declares 2016 Finalist list in advance of December 1 Best Design award ceremony
Oct 06, 2016

TAIPEI --(ASIA TODAY)-- Following gruelling Final Selection judging sessions held in Taipei on September 28 and 29–chaired by Oki Sato of famed Japanese design studio Nendo and Tony K.M. Chang, Regional Adviser for the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)–a total of 66 Golden Pin Design Award Finalists and 8 Golden Pin Concept Design Award Finalists have been announced.

After already being awarded a coveted Design Mark, all Finalists are in the running to take home a Best Design trophy, certificate, and in the case of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award, their share of a total of NT$300,000 (approx. US$9,500 at time of release) in prize money, presented at the stunning Golden Pin Award Ceremony held in Taipei on December 1.

On September 28, with the eight Final Selection jury members for the Golden Pin Design Award gathered under the vast ceiling of the National Taiwan University Sports Center in Taipei’s Da’an District, the Golden Pin team prepared for an all-day judging marathon of 465 Design Mark recipient products and projects.

By late that evening, the 66 Finalist products and the Best Design recipients for 2016 had been selected, with the majority of the products and projects coming from Taiwan. Other recipients came from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, and Switzerland, and were spread across the four award categories–Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Packaging Design, and Spatial Design–with Product Design substantially dominating.

“I was expecting to see strange objects, but to be honest, I think that I felt this kind of [huaren] culture and heritage within every single detail,” noted Oki Sato, Founder and Chief Designer of Nendo and Jury Chair for the Golden Pin Design Award. “Of course there’s more [of that in], for instance, a Chinese tea pot, it’s more obvious, but even when you see a USB stick, there is a kind of uniqueness that’s [only] seen in Chinese speaking areas.”

Examples among the Golden Pin Design Award 2016 Finalists include:
• Urchwing, designed by Fuyue International Ltd in Taiwan, is a convertible seating system with four functions–baby dinette, children’s high chair, and a short stool and rocking chair for adults. The chair is named after the German word for Archaeopteryx, which its overall shape and coloring is based on.
• Reflective Windbreaker by Rema Sports Inc. in Taiwan is entirely locally made using the latest innovations in garment manufacturing and design. The jacket features pioneering synthesized reflective textiles and seamlessly sewn double layering.
• The Building Which Can Tell Stories: His Design Creative Building was designed by Chinese studio Suzhou His Design & Construction Co. Ltd as their headquarters. Taking inspiration from the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, old walls, skiffs, and pillars were incorporated into the space design.
• Artistic Conception of Chinese is a series of posters created by Chinese firm Hanqingtang Design for Gan Lu, a tea house specializing in Longjing tea. The graphic images, inspired by China’s iconic bamboo forests, are Chinese characters explaining different stages in the tea making process.
• A bell called Kokororin from Japan’s Pear Design Studio has been tuned to make sounds that represent each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, taking its reference from the words written by Han Dynasty historian Sima Qian in his Records of the Grand Historian.
• Tin toys such as robots and cars inspire nostalgia in people from the Greater China region, and Hong Kong company Marxu International Ltd is trying to revive these high quality playthings with their Saint John Tin Toy range.

In the early morning of September 29, a five-person strong Final Selection jury settled into the Creative Theatre at the historic Songshan Cultural and Creative Park for a long day of judging 43 design concepts in the Golden Pin Concept Design Award.

In the late afternoon, the jury had made their difficult decisions, and the 8 Finalist products and 3 Best Design recipients for 2016 were selected. Only entries from China and Taiwan in the Product Design and Visual Communication award categories featured in the Finalist list. Examples include:

• “Judges of Internet” by Taiwanese designers Fu Yi Hua, Hsu Kai Shiang, and Ao Weng Si applies the Chinese religious concept of the "Eighteen Levels of Hell” to an interactive book that attempts to combat the problem of cyber bullying.
• “Mended” by Taiwanese designer Eason Yang takes a traditional Taiwanese technique of mending damaged porcelain tableware with discarded metal and uses it to create a series of modern-day vases for the home.
• “One Book One Garden” by Chinese designer Peilingxuan transforms the landscape gardening concepts laid out in the Chinese book Yuanye, or The Garden Treatise, into modern book design layout. First published in 1631, the book is the garden architecture monograph in the world, and has been used as a philosophical reference by Chinese gardeners for centuries.

The Golden Pin award group–which comprises of the three-decades-old Golden Pin Design Award, the Golden Pin Concept Design Award, and the Young Pin Design Award–is the only award system in the world that celebrates designs created for and within huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities, or designs that take inspiration from huaren philosophy and culture.

This year, the Taiwan Design Center, the executive organizers of the Golden Pin award group, received a record-setting 3,005 entries from 13 countries and regions in the Golden Pin Design Award, and 3,380 entries from 11 countries and regions in the Golden Pin Concept Design Award. Following Secondary Selection judging, which was held in Taiwan and China, a total of 465 entrants in the Golden Pin Design Award and 45 entrants in the Golden Pin Concept Design Award were named 2016 Design Mark recipients.

The Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2016 Best Design winners will be announced in a grand ceremony held in Taipei on the evening of December 1, with a forum exploring the topic of huaren design and a winners’ exhibition opening on the same day.

The Golden Pin award group is administered by the Taiwan Design Center and organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Ministry of Economic Affairs acts in an advisory capacity.

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