Global Unicorn Fair and Global Sharing Economy Forum Tells Current Situation and Future of Global Economy
Dec 02, 2019

VIENNA, Austria--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zhuge Academy is an international Chinese language education platform that belongs to Beijing Lanxum Technology Co. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: SZ300010). In September 2019, it opened its second branch in Silicon Valley. As one of the first publicly traded companies in the China Growth Enterprise Market, Zhuge Academy was eager to participate in the Global Unicorn Fair (GUF) held by ToJoy Shared Holding Group (ToJoy) to pursue opportunities in and win-win business deals in the new sharing economy.

The GUF was held in the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna, Austria on November 28th. The GUF is an efficient business conference designed for investors and entrepreneurs around the world to share business opportunities. ToJoy applies principles of resource sharing and business without borders to promote cooperation between enterprises around the world. The idea for this conference was to coordinate development worldwide and provide strong support to many companies on their way to becoming unicorns. Leaders from different countries and diverse industries including former the President of Serbia, Boris Tadić, attended the event.

Zhuge Academy also attended the Global Sharing Economy Forum held on November 29th, along with the founding ceremony of the Global Alliance of Sharing Economy (GLASE). GLASE is an international non-profit and non-governmental economic organization based on a global vision of sharing economic opportunities and business without borders. 33 former world leaders serve as Co-Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Senior Advisors of GLASE.

ToJoy is a major GLASE sponsor, and has practiced the Great Sharing concept pioneered by GLASE for decades. Over the past 28 years, ToJoy has successfully built a comprehensive and highly efficient online-to-offline platform for business incubation, acceleration, and professional services. This platform consists of over 300 large-scale investment opportunity symposiums annually, 24x7 online roadshows, numerous business conferences, and a global network with a comprehensive suite of business services.

On its platform, ToJoy has already helped more than 100 enterprises to succeed in the business world. One of these, Hanbond Tailoring, is one of the first companies offering personalized tailoring services to men in China. Since cooperating with ToJoy, Hanbond has grown from a small-scale company with 4 offline stores and 50 million RMB in market value to one of the largest men's tailoring brands in China with 128 stores and over 1 billion RMB in market value.

Joining the GUF offers new development opportunities to Zhuge Academy. Through a global sharing platform, Zhuge Academy could share premium education resources with students worldwide and transform itself into an international online education platform. Also, through ToJoy’s global resource sharing platform, Zhuge Academy aims to collect global education resources to offer customized content. Shared education resources eliminate timing and collaboration restrictions and provide equal opportunities for global students who are pursuing a better education.

The sharing economy concepts championed by ToJoy and GLASE present a bright future for the business world. This model enables right of use for needed resources without necessitating stakeholders to commit large amounts of capital to secure outright ownership. This increases the number of available services to the public. These sharing economy practices advocate for sustainability and could lead to increases in utilization of existing resources, while decreasing resource latency or waste. As ToJoy and GLASE develop new technologies and processes for more efficiently deploying project resources worldwide, companies like Zhuge Academy will increasingly be able to leverage resources worldwide to accelerate their businesses.

GUO Xiaoyu
Public Relation Head
Global Alliance of Sharing Economy

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