GastroSummit presents exciting competitions and a unique vegan study
Aug 28, 2019

More vegan food in schools! This is what food blogger Gustav “Jävligt Gott” Johansson is hoping for. That is why he arranged a study together with GastroSummit and food supplier Sandborgen where more than 4,000 school children will be given the opportunity to try vegan food.

Two large national competitions will also be held during GastroSummit: Junior Culinary Championships and Culinary Championships, both of which will have the theme “street food” and are in cooperation with Swedish Chefs Association.
GastroSummit, Sweden’s new gastronomic forum, will be held at Stockholmsmässan on September 3–4.

Unique vegan study at schools in Stockholm

More than 4,000 school children from just over one hundred schools and preschools in the Stockholm area will be served vegan food for lunch on two occasions in August. The recipes were created by food blogger and cookbook author Gustav “Jävligt Gott” Johansson. Some of the teachers and students will be asked to provide feedback about the food.

“We want to find out what school-aged youth think about vegan food, or plant-based food as I call it. Many react negatively when they hear the word “vegan” without ever having tasted this kind of food, and there are also preconceptions that it isn't good from a nutricional perspective,” explains Gustav.

Can you give an example of something on the menu?

“One of the dishes is inspired by salmon pasta, which we know many students like, but the salmon taste will come instead from an algae broth. We want make sure the children are served good, plant-based food, because if it isn’t good it won’t be strange that they won’t like it.”

Why should schools serve plant-based food?

“There are many reasons. Good, plant-based food is cheaper than good, animal-based food. It is also easier to take into consideration special diets and allergies if the food is gluten- and lactose-free from the start. Another aspect is the impact on the climate, which is significantly lower for vegan food. There is also a health aspect, even if it is a bit more complex.”

The vegan study is being conducted in cooperation with the catering firm Sandborgen, and the results will be reported at GastroSummit. Seminar participants will also be able to taste the meals from the study.

Swedish Chefs Association’s Junior Culinary Championships
The maximum age to compete is 23, and this year these three junior chefs have made it to the final:
Robin Lund, Bjuv.
Samuel Petterson, Växjö.
Victor Hiller, Uppsala.
The competition will be held on September 3 at 1PM.

Swedish Chefs Association’s Culinary Championships
Here, the focus is on “food for many,” and every team makes 100 portions. These six teams are in the final:
Konga Allhus
Team Sodexo School Restaurants
Uppsala Municipality
CLV Kronoberg Växjö
Stora Hammars School Höllviken
Växjö Municipality
The food that is prepared is offered to GastroSummit’s guests, in total 600 portions. The competition will be held September 3–4.

GastroSummit – a forum for future food challenges

The event has been divided into an inspirational part and a seminar part at which leading names from the industry share their knowledge and insights. Presentations, trends, debates and panels will be combined with fast and lively start-up pitches.

Entry to the inspirational part of GastroSummit is free for the industry, and visitors will be able to enjoy trends, company presentations, foodtech start-ups, a speaker’s corner and a buzzing competition area.

One of many exciting program points is New York-based photographer Charlie Bennet’s outstanding and innovative photo exhibition “From Soil to Table”, where he follows raw materials all the way to the dinner table.

The seminar program at GastroSummit consists of four half-days featuring relevant themes: Sustainability, Innovation, Health, and Inspiration & Success. Tickets may be purchased for one or multiple of these half-day seminars to match individual interests.

We have invited one international foodtech speaker together with start-up pitches for each of the themes, we are arranging a panel debate on a highly relevant topic, and we will present a trend report from Food & Friends as well as a Generation Z study together with Kairos Future. The public will also be able to weigh in on controversial topics using mentometers, so we promise to keep your pulse racing!

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