Food of the future worms, grasshoppers, or human flesh
Jun 26, 2019

Are humans too selfish to be able to live sustainably? Is cannibalism the solution to future food supply needs? Does Generation Z have the answers to the world's food challenges? Is it possible to trick consumers into making the right choices?

The food challenges we will face in the future pose many questions. Some of them will be answered at GastroSummit – where you will also be able to learn about the latest scientific findings and meet leading experts. September 3–4 at Stockholmsmässan.

The program for this fall's forward-looking GastroSummit industry event is starting to take shape, and it is already clear that it is something that no one in the food business should miss. GastroSummit is Sweden's new gastronomic forum and meeting place to discuss the food of the future.

The event is split into two parts, inspiration and lectures, that focus on four hot topics: Sustainability, Innovation, Health, and Inspiration & Success. Leading names from the industry will share their knowledge and insight. Presentations, trends, debates, and panels will be mixed with fast-paced pitches from start-up companies.
As a bonus, several exciting food-related contests will be held, e.g. the Swedish Junior Cooking Championships and the Swedish Community Catering Championships with the theme "street food".

Members of the food industry are welcome free of charge to the inspirational area at GastroSummit, which offers discussions on trends, corporate presentations, food tech start-ups, a speaker's corner, and a lively contest area.

One of the many exciting program highlights is New York-based photographer Charlie Bennet's amazing and refreshing photo exhibition where he, together with a group of leading contemporary chefs, interprets the food of the future through the lens of his camera.

The lectures at GastroSummit consist of four half-days that focus on the latest themes, and you can buy tickets for individual lecture based on your particular areas of interest. For each lecture topic we have invited an internationally renowned speaker and a start-up company, and there will be a panel debate focusing on a hot topic, the presentation of a trend report from Food & Friends, and samples from our vegan study conducted in schools throughout Sweden (see below). In addition, audience members will be able to express their opinion on controversial issues using audience response meters, so a highly charged atmosphere is guaranteed!

Below is just a sample of what promises to be a packed lecture program.

Gustav Johansson, author of the Jävligt Gott blog, presents GastroSummit's unique vegan study that involved thousands of Swedish schoolchildren.
"Green is the new black" – trend expert Lotta Ahlvar talks about how sustainability has become "hot".
Stella Galan – a network created by women for women that aims to promote the interests of female professionals within Swedish gastronomy.

Cecilia Hertz, who has collaborated with a number of organizations, including NASA, designs food for use in space – and the future.
"Exceptional raw material" – what is needed in order to produce an exceptional product? You will also be able to taste-test new products!
Johan Swahn from Sense Lab presents the latest food research that will tantalize all the senses.
Kairos Future takes the pulse of Generation Z.

CEO of Beteendelabbet Ida Lemonie talks about how you can "push" people into making the right food choices using "nudging".
"Can you trust influencers?" A panel discussion involving Sweden's foremost food and drink influencers.
The Swedish Chefs Association asks politicians some hard questions.
Expert talk: Are "bars" healthy workplaces?

Theme: Inspiration & Success
Panel discussion "From start-up to millions in sales" featuring super-entrepreneur Stefan Ytterborn.
Sebastian Wussler, founder of Chefs Talk, about the journey of creating the most successful food industry social network in the world.
Visit Sweden on the importance of culinary tourism to the Swedish economy.

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