"The flowers are blooming, and the hope is dawning": Fosun donates 22,000 pieces of medical protective supplies to South Korea
Mar 07, 2020

HONG KONG, March 6, 2020 -- After a simple and warm donation ceremony, the first batch of 22,000 pieces of medical protection supplies donated by Fosun has officially transferred to Seoul Metropolitan Government. The donation made in the name of Fosun Foundation to support their local anti-epidemic works.

It is Fosun's second batch of medical protection supplies since Fosun has kicked off its second phase of operations against the coronavirus. Before that, in the morning of March 6 Hokkaido time, Hokkaido government officially received the first batch of 36,000 pieces of medical protection supplies from Fosun Foundation. Meanwhile on March 4 Milan time, PAREF team from Fosun officially delivered 5,000 surgical masks to Milan city government on behalf of Fosun Foundation.

These 22,000 pieces of medical protection supplies landed in Korea include 3,000 pieces of facial masks that were cleared for use in the red zones of hospitals, 3,300 pairs of protective goggles (including 300 pairs are permissible in the red zones of hospitals), 10,000 pairs of medical gloves, 5,000 pieces of waterproof protection clothing and 700 pairs of protection shoe covers. This batch of supplies delivered from Pudong, Shanghai, and arrived at Incheon International Airport, Korea at 2:50 a.m. local time.

A verse of classical Chinese poetry "the flowers are blooming, the hope is dawning" was printed on the packing box of the medical protection supplies shipped to South Korea.

The first half of the verse is from the letter written by the King of Wuyue to his wife. It reads "The flowers are blooming. It's time for you to come back without haste" to express the sentimental tenderness towards the returnee amid spring blossoms. The second half of the verse was recomposed according to the blessings from Chen Ruyan, a poet in Ming Dynasty, in his poem "Farewell to Archive Officer Zhou Zhongzhan" as bless to his friend who was assigned to Goryeo as an ambassador. The poem reads "The sea is tranquil and clear. The sky appears to be approaching with shining stars". The adaptation also represents Fosun's best wishes for the Korean people.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Fosun has stood at the forefront of epidemic prevention, with its global procurement network covering 23 countries. As of March 1, Fosun purchased and collected 2.963 million pieces of medical protection supplies across the world, including 1.12 million pieces of protection suits, 1.55 million pieces of facial masks, 93 thousand pairs of protective goggles, and 200 thousand pairs of medical gloves, along with 900 respirators.

At present, Fosun's hospitals and a number of medical workers are still fighting at the front line against the epidemic in China. With extensive anti-epidemic support, Fosun's headquarters and its portfolio companies are resuming their work and production and restoring normal operation.

As a global enterprise rooted in China, Fosun stays focused on further efforts to prevent and control the global epidemic. On March 1, Fosun officially started the second phase of its operations against the coronavirus and established its anti-epidemic working group in South Korea on March 2.

At present, Fosun has established 24 anti-epidemic regional working groups across the world, covering a number of overseas countries and regions including Japan, Italy, South Korea, France, North America, South America, the United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Portugal, Russia, India and Africa. Currently, Fosun is devoting its effort to deploy protective medical resources to support the countries with rapid outbreak and the most in need.

Source: Fosun