Filipinos Spend More Than Ten Hours Online Per Day – World Record
Feb 08, 2019

The Philippines are topping the global country ranking of Internet usage per day with an average ten hours and 2 minutes of screen time. The country was joined in the top five by Thailand and Indonesia, according to findings in a new report on online habits released by HootSuite and We Are Social.

Filipinos are also the world’s most voracious users of social media, spending around four hours and 12 minutes on various social media platforms every day. Based on the latest report, Internet users in the Philippines raised their average daily time online from nine hours and 29 minutes last year.

Filipinos’ latest average daily use of the Internet also far exceeds the global average online time of six hours and 42 minutes daily. Social media usage is also now nearly double the global daily average of two hours and 16 minutes.

Ranked third, people in Thailand were found to spend an average nine hours and 11 minutes online each day, while those in neighbouring Indonesia also devoted more than a third of their day to screen time, clocking in at eight hours and 36 minutes on average.

Developing nations from Southeast Asia and Latin America dominated the Internet usage index, with Brazil and Colombia ranked second and fourth, respectively.

Asia also featured at the other end of the spectrum, with people in Japan spending the least amount of time online – at an average of three hours and 45 minutes.

“Asia is one of the world’s fastest-growing regions for Internet and mobile usage, and with that comes a huge appetite for technological adoption, foreign investment and digital innovation. Brands and companies are recognizing this opportunity and demonstrating a strong sense of urgency to integrate digital and social media into their business,” said Roger Graham, Hootsuite’s head of Asia.

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash