FactoryTalk VantagePoint Update Speeds Development of Manufacturing Intelligence Systems, Access to Key Production Data
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Nov 19, 2015

New Mobile Interface Provides Frictionless Access to Logix-Based Data

For manufacturers, making swift use of big data just got easier. The addition of import and configure mobile-based work flows in the FactoryTalk VantagePoint enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) v7.0 software from Rockwell Automation enables the one-time configuration of a manufacturing intelligence solution. Rockwell Automation showcased EMI solutions at the 2015 Automation Fair event in Chicago on 19 November.

This latest FactoryTalk VantagePoint software provides users a seamless way to access their Logix-based data by providing a simple, guided work flow to store and visualise information. Everything from installation, configuration and visualisation has been enhanced and consolidated – so users can interact with their Logix-based control data from their device of choice: PC, tablet or smartphone. To promote intelligent decision-making, the new work flows enable authorised users to store and visualise specific data views and trends, and easily share these views with collaborators across the enterprise.

“The FactoryTalk VantagePoint experience now provides access to manufacturing information faster than ever,” said Angela Rapko, Product Manager, EMI Software Portfolio, Rockwell Automation. “For users, this more cohesive and intuitive experience is a significant step forward. The less time operators spend configuring systems, the more they can focus on how their plants are actually functioning. We have truly reduced the time to trend data with this release.”

Additionally, FactoryTalk VantagePoint software will now silently install with FactoryTalk Historian SE software from Rockwell Automation. Upon completion, the user will be greeted with a VantagePoint mobile Web page, including the new import and configure options.

From any PC or tablet, a user can browse through the FactoryTalk Directory server to an online controller; select the tags from which they aim to collect associated data; and configure scan rates and additional historian parameters. Once this process is complete, the selected tags are stored in the FactoryTalk Historian solution and automatically configured for the FactoryTalk VantagePoint software. By simultaneously configuring tags, a user within the VantagePoint mobile work flow makes a few simple selections in order to begin collecting data, and creating dashboards and trends.

The FactoryTalk VantagePoint v7.0 update also includes enhancements to the overall platform. The software now provides a vertical or horizontal bar chart, updated indicator widget, logarithmic trending, improved mobile navigation and Windows 10 support.

Also new, FactoryTalk VantagePoint v7.0 software offers SQL Server Express with install. This removes complex licensing options from the install process. Attendees of the Automation Fair event can see the latest updates to FactoryTalk VantagePoint software at Booth 1035.

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