Exports of Taiwan’s Electronic Process Equipment Continue Increasing Despite Coronavirus Pandemic
Apr 25, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on all aspects of life around the world, and Taiwan's manufacturing industry is no exception. Based on the Industrial Technology Research Institute’s statistics, regarding the structure of Taiwan's manufacturing industry, it is composed of machinery, petrochemicals, steel and metal products which account for about 90% of the output value. Most are produced in Taiwan, and the sales of end assembly products are mainly within Europe, America and Taiwan's domestic market. If the pandemic does not continue to worsen, the impact on Taiwan's manufacturing industry will be manageable. Driven by 5G, and founded on the needs of data centers and AI, market demand for electronics and ICT products, and key components semiconductors, IC, panel is still forecast to bounce back rapidly which will, in turn, drive market demand for electronic process equipment.

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited) is the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, AUO (AU Optronics Corporation) and Innolux (Innolux Corporation) rank third and fourth in the global panel market, and Acer and Asus are world-famous electronics and ICT products brands, which are truly glorious marks of distinction for Taiwan. This island has these renowned semiconductor, panel, and electronics and ICT products manufacturers, but there are many hidden champions waiting to be recognised in these fields, too. Taiwan Excellence award-winning companies, TA LIANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, and ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP., among others should not be overlooked. Not only is their export performance of semiconductors, IC, panels, and electronics and ICT products remarkable, but so too is the export performance of their process equipment factories. The annual export value has reached 3.22 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.5% over 2018. Even given the impact of the pandemic at the beginning of this year (2020), exports were still soaring. The export value from January to February this year (2020) reached 497.4 million US dollars, an increase of 1.4% over the same period last year (2019). The increase can be directly attributed to companies such as TA LIANG, and ATMA.

TA LIANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is the manufacturer of PCB making machines, PCB drilling machines and touch panel process machines; to name only a few. The company works with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and its core technology of self-developed and manufactured controllers has facilitated the development of top-quality drilling machines, forming machines and other equipment. The main characteristics of the controller are used to reduce the vibration of the molding machine and improve the drilling accuracy. Notably, the CNC PCB DRILLING MACHINE(DG6M2) won Taiwan Excellence Award in 2020. It possesses an outstanding drilling accuracy of ± 0.02mm and a drilling depth accuracy of ± 0.025mm. Moreover, the machine’s X, Y axis movement speed is capable of 60M/min, and the maximum acceleration has been increased from 1G to 1.4G. The Z axis moves up and down and each axis is independently servo controlled while the ascent speed reaches 30M/min, thereby improving the process output and enabling customers to stabilize mass production.

ATMA CHAMP ENT. CORP specializes in screen printers & ink jets, and its Taiwan Excellence 2020 Award-winning product, the Automatic Cover Lens Screen Printer (Tray Carrier)( ATMATIC 25PAT), possesses 4 servo motor +high lead screw rod transmission that ensures the complete accuracy of replicated movements. Specifically, the displacement is communicated by the vision system and the PLC to allow the absolute precision of the mechanism. The rapid displacement of the frame can be automatically controlled after the calculation of the error value by the imaging system, and the repeated positioning accuracy of the vision system means perfect results every time.

Even during this terrible pandemic, while facing the cancellation and postponement of some exhibitions, and a prohibition on overseas travel, The Taiwan Excellence team still continues to promote Taiwan’s brands. We are using AR and VR technology to model Taiwan Excellence award-winning products in 360-degree 3D, creating the “Digital Taiwan Excellence Pavilion", so that buyers and consumers around the world can access these products from anywhere at any time. In addition, the "Taiwan Excellence 366 Digital Calendar" was launched earlier this year, which combines MR digital technology and an annual calendar, showcasing the diversity of Taiwan Excellence Award-winning products and practicing the brand concept, “Taiwan Excellence, Everyday Excellence”.

To learn more about Taiwan Excellence award-winning products, check out our "Taiwan Excellence 366 Digital Calendar" by visiting Taiwan Excellence’s official website  https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en