Europe’s fruit exports to Singapore benefit from demand for Western flavours
Oct 19, 2019

As exports increase, Singapore likely to become increasingly important to European fruit producers, says Spanish trade exhibition Fruit Attraction

MADRID, SPAIN, 01 OCTOBER 2019 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Imported temperature fruits, from apples and pears to oranges and plums, are growing in popularity in Singapore as wealthy consumers gain more Western tastes, according to a leading European trade exhibition which is looking to develop year-round ties with importers and marketers from Singapore and across Asia. In particular, products such as persimmon are gaining a real foothold in Singapore, with the Spanish persimmon association reporting exporting more than 2 million kilos of the product to the country in 2018. The global trade market is at its most volatile for many years, and Singapore’s pivotal position in south east Asia is offering new opportunities to European producers.

According to Raúl Calleja, Director of major European trade event Fruit Attraction, which takes place in Madrid, Spain from 22-24 October, apples, stone fruit (peaches, plums, apricots), kiwifruit and persimmon are expected to experience increasing demand in Singapore. “European Union fresh produce exports to Singapore have grown by 6% over the past four years, reaching 24,247 tonnes in 2017, with the total value of the exports rising by 60% to 35 million euros,” said Calleja. “The main products exported during this period were apples, kiwifruit and persimmon in terms of fruits, as well as onions when you look at vegetables.”

Spain, the source of much of this production, recorded 9.5 million euro’s worth of exports to Singapore in 2017 (up from 4 million euros in 2014); exports which were largely concentrated in persimmon (1.9 million euros), blueberries (1 million euros), as well as major volumes of lemons, peaches and plums.

Key element – a new era of European-Singapore trade
As a sign of the growing importance of Singapore to the European fresh produce sector, the country has been named – along with India – as an Official Guest Country at the forthcoming 2019 edition of Fruit Attraction.

Considered one of the most open and business friendly nations in the world, thanks to low to zero tariffs on many products, as well as an essential hub economy and distribution centre for the rest of Asia, Singapore is a key element in many European companies’ Asian strategies. However, there are concerns that the global trade slowdown, and geopolitical tensions could impact on Singapore.

With the ongoing trade war likely to impact across Asia, Fruit Attraction’s backers believe European and Singaporean produce companies could benefit alike from increased cooperation over the coming years.

“Singapore is on the one hand a major importer of food products, but on the other it is also an important distribution centre for the whole region,” added Calleja. “Moreover, the European Union-Singapore Trade and Investment Agreement, which was finalised in February, could well act as catalyst for greater exports to both Singapore and across Asia.” Many expect this could lead to a new dawn in trade between Europe and Singapore.

About Fruit Attraction
The 11th edition of Fruit Attraction, which is organised by Spanish trade exhibition specialist IFEMA and fresh produce export association FEPEX, will be held from 22-24 October in Madrid, Spain. Fruit Attraction 2019, forecast to be largest edition yet, is expected to feature more than 1,800 exhibiting companies and attract over 90,000 professional visitors from 130 countries. More information about the event can be found

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