Er Dong Pictures Enters Overseas Markets to Build a Global Business Matrix
Mar 19, 2019

March 19, 2019 04:34 PM Hong Kong Time - HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On March 18, 2019, Er Dong Pictures held a large-scale press conference at the 23rd Hong Kong International Film & TV Market. The theme was “Aspiration for Sailing”, referring to Er Dong Pictures aim to be based in domestic business in the future while expanding its global market.

Dr Albert Yeung Sau Shing, Chairman of the Emperor Group; Mr. William Li, Chairman of I DO Cultural Corporation; Mr. Bak-Ming Wong; Chairman of Pegasus Motion Pictures; Mr. Kang Li, COO of Entertainment Plus (Hong Kong) Limited; and Ms. Nancy Xu, Vice President of the American Branch of Starlight Culture Entertainment were invited to attend the event. Other participants included Mr. William Gersh, representative of the Gershs, and Mr. Brett Norensberg, senior agent and the partner of the Gersh Agency; Mr. Chris Lee, Mr. Gianni Nunnari, Mr. Harald Kloser, and Mr. Patrick Wachsberger, senior Hollywood producers.

At the conference, Er Dong Pictures Group, the Emperor Group, Entertainment Plus (Hong Kong) Limited, I DO Cultural Corporation, and Pegasus Motion Pictures released a joint deep strategic cooperation plan to expand their cooperation in all aspects of the entertainment industry in the future.

In the “Riding the Winds” session, Stanley Tang, Vice President of Er Dong Pictures Group, announced a list of key projects for the coming year, including P Storm, and the suspense movie “Powerful Four”.

As well as these two film, Er Dong Pictures also released several upcoming film projects: Song of Youth, Once Upon Time in Northeast China, Line Walker: The Prelude, Sons of the Neon Night, IP Man 4, Fatal Visit, Invitation From USA, Cold Detective, Crime Scene, and Dynasty Warriors.

At the conference, William Gersh and Brett Norensberg, on behalf of the Gersh Agency, well-known Hollywood talent Agency, launched an in-depth cooperation programme with Yuki Zhang, the general manager of Er Dong Pictures.

Alongside this key partnership with the talent agency, Er Dong Pictures announced its cooperation with Starlight Culture Entertainment Group, which include the creation of film projects with global directors. The film list released includes 12 projects featuring 10 top Hollywood directors such as Sentinel with James Wan, Smooth Stones and Empty Bones and Autoerotic with Sam Raimi, Melody with Jon M. Chu, and Special Forces with Sylvester Stallone.

Erica Xue
Er Dong Pictures Group

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