EQS Group opens up further growth potential with its new whistleblowing solution - Expansion into the areas of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
Jul 25, 2017

EQS Group, the market leader for digital IR solutions in Europe and Asia, is expanding into the adjacent growth areas of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) with its COMPLIANCE COCKPIT. After the success of its cloud-based compliance solution INSIDER MANAGER, now used by over 500 customers throughout Europe, EQS is further expanding its product portfolio in this business area.

EQS's COMPLIANCE COCKPIT, with its whistleblowing solution SAFE CHANNEL, will go live within the coming months. This informing system, which is already mandatory for listed companies in the USA and recommended by the German Corporate Governance Code, allows employees, clients and business partners to report anonymously, safely and unbureaucratically any legal violations within the company. With EQS's SAFE CHANNEL solution, a company's management gives its employees and external stakeholders the assurance that corporate compliance is taken seriously. By recognizing risks at an early stage, companies can avoid serious damage to reputation, financial penalties and sanctions.

"We are really pleased to have so successfully entered the Governance, Risk & Compliance segment with our INSIDER MANAGER. Now, many of our compliance customers want to work with new EQS integrated and secure cloud solutions in other areas of compliance. We are confident that EQS's COMPLIANCE COCKPIT is the next chapter in our success story," said Achim Weick, founder and CEO of EQS Group.

The US research institute Gartner Research forecasts double-digit growth worldwide by 2020 for cloud-based compliance platforms. As such, compliance is one of the major growth areas in the digital world, not least due to ever-increasing demands on companies to comply with national and international laws and companies' voluntary commitments.

"The COMPLIANCE COCKPIT will be the central platform for the work of compliance managers by facilitating the fulfillment of their obligations, and streamline and ease documentation and monitoring. Our goal is to help our customers firmly anchor the issue of compliance to corporate culture," explained Moritz Homann, EQS Group's Director Compliance Services.

The platform's newest versions will be expanded to include policy management for employee education and training as well as comprehensive reporting functions.

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About EQS Group

EQS Group is a leading international technology provider for Digital Investor Relations. More than 8,000 companies worldwide trust EQS's products and services to securely, efficiently, and simultaneously fulfil complex national and international disclosure and compliance requirements to the global investment community.

The EQS COCKPIT, a cloud-based IR workflow platform, digitally maps the work processes of IR Officers, communicates with the company's website, and distributes company releases via one of the most important financial newswires. With additional products such as websites, IR tools, digital reports, and webcasting solutions, EQS Group is a digital single source provider.

EQS Group was founded in Munich, Germany in 2000 and has developed from a start-up to an international group with offices in the world's key financial markets. The group employs more than 350 professionals globally.

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