ELDEX Asia Embarks on Further Programmes for Silver Industry
Sep 30, 2019

Singapore, 27 September 2019 --( ASIA TODAY )-- ELDEX Asia today announces a suite of new strategic partnerships that culminates towards an ecosystem for the growing silver industry. To support upskilling of the workforce in the sector, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is participating for the first time, as a Skills Partner, together with training partners, such as HMI Institute of Health Sciences ( www.hmi-ihs.com), and Tsao Foundation ( www.tsaofoundation.org), to showcase the training programmes available. SSG will also feature the recently launched Skills Frameworks (SFws) for Healthcare and Social Service that provide key information on career pathways, and the skills and competencies required for various job roles in the sector. In addition, Nanyang Polytechnic’s (NYP) School of Health & Social Sciences is also curating a feature area — Therapeutic Living Spaces at ELDEX Asia. Together with ten of its partners[1] and space transformation specialist, IM Space Pte Ltd, the feature area will showcase how smart technology when incorporated into living spaces can make them aged-proofed, especially for dementia care.

Dr Michael Fung, Deputy Chief Executive (Industry) of SSG said, “We have developed the Skills Frameworks for Healthcare and Social Service sectors to help build a skilled workforce that is essential to supporting a fast growing healthcare sector. Current and future healthcare and social service professionals can tap on these frameworks to identify and acquire the necessary and emerging technical skills and competencies required. SkillsFuture Singapore is also working closely with our training partners and key industry stakeholders to ensure that courses and training programmes remain relevant to changing business needs.”

Dr Bryan Chua, Director of Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Health & Social Sciences, shared, “It is important for the elderly to live in an environment that is therapeutic, engaging and safe. Through ELDEX Asia, NYP continues to showcase its expertise in understanding what works best for the elderly. For example, we are able to recommend best practices in designing more inclusive living spaces. We also encourage healthcare professionals and lifelong learners to join our education and training programmes to better understand how to care for our ageing population holistically.”

In line with identifying new technologies and solutions to do more with less in labour-tight Singapore, the organisers of ELDEX Asia have teamed up with the Japan Science Technology Agency (JST) to curate a Japan pavilion comprising companies with new technologies. “ELDEX Asia’s vision and value proposition fits squarely with platforms sought by JST to incept more Japanese technology companies into Southeast Asia,” observed Ms Emi Kaneko, Director, JST Singapore Office. “We are excited to work closely with the organisers to raise greater awareness of how Japanese companies can enable productivity in providing care for seniors. Japan and Singapore share similar demographic trends of an ageing population and low fertility rates. Through ELDEX Asia, there can be greater bilateral exchange among businesses to explore future collaboration.”

Mr Joseph Yeo, Event Director, ELDEX Asia, shared, “We are grateful for the strong support from our various partners, in particular JST. Japan will be the inaugural country of honour at ELDEX Asia. There are many best practices that we can emulate from Japan, and other countries with greater experience in managing ageing population. Furthermore, to facilitate more social enterprises participating at ELDEX Asia, we are grateful that the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) is sponsoring a pavilion for its members, such as Generation Connects, Health Partners, HMI Health Institute, and Caregiver Asia. We are also appreciative of SATS for sponsoring the ELDEX Asia medical conference, and Enterprise Singapore for its strong support of the Food for Elders pavilion as part of its Food Innovate Programme. ELDEX Asia aims to create a forum to catalyse businesses to either pivot towards or enter into the rapidly burgeoning silver industry.”

Mr Kerry Mok, Executive Vice President, Food Solutions, SATS, said, “Combining our culinary expertise with innovation, SATS enables more people to eat well by providing healthy, nutritious and great-tasting meals for the communities we serve, including the elderly.”

Yeo continued, “ELDEX Asia also aims to engage other like-minded stakeholders to engender an ecosystem for eldercare. We welcome the support of Society for WINGS – a social service agency that aims to empower older women to age and live well, Singapore Nurses Association (SNA), and Alzheimer’s Disease Association. We are delighted that with SNA’s support, all registered nurses attending the medical conference on 8 November will receive up to four CPE points. Dr Kanwaljit Soin, Founding President of WINGS, will be officiating at the opening ceremony of ELDEX Asia. We are also pleased to share that six out of 43 winners[2] at the Brands For Good (BFG) awards, which honours companies for their sustainability achievements, announced recently, are ELDEX Asia exhibitors. There are strong philosophical and ethical underpinnings between BFG and ELDEX Asia, as both organisations aim to do good for our customers. This is why we decided to partner with BFG. We also collaborate with Care Envision to identify new and interesting products and solutions launched outside Singapore. We will continue to be open and welcome potential partners, including charities, to deliver an inclusive and integrated approach for eldercare.”

Ms Marieke Bink, Chief Executive Officer, Cycling Without Age Singapore, concluded, “We are thrilled that ELDEX Asia has decided to adopt CWA Singapore as its charity. Like ELDEX Asia, we believe in ensuring that any gaps in eldercare are suitably plugged. Providing seniors with the opportunity to venture beyond their usual confines into the community, with the help of volunteers that engage in meaningful conversations and story-telling, has proven to be highly effective in reducing isolation and loneliness in seniors. Apart from trishaw rides, CWA Singapore offers training programmes on ageing simulation and communication, longevity and caregiver wellness as part of its holistic approach to building an ecosystem of empathy for seniors. As CWA’s first chapter outside Europe, we are excited to be part of the social and economic fabric that ELDEX Asia is striving to weave.”


About Fireworks Muziyi Media Pte Ltd

Fireworks Muziyi Media Pte Ltd (FMM) is a recently established joint venture between Fireworks Trade Media ( www.asiafireworks.com) and Muziyi Advisory ( www.muziyi-advisory.com). FMM was set up to organize B2B2C shows as that is an emergent trend in the exhibitions business with the disruption of distribution channels and increasing proximity between brands and manufacturers to end-users and consumers. Fireworks is one of Singapore’s largest independently owned trade media company established since 2008 with offices spanning 13 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Muziyi is a boutique consultancy specializing in the trade and consumer shows industry. Together, the founders of FMM have amassed over 25 years of experience in organizing trade and consumer events in many geographies across multiple industry segments.

About ELDEX Asia

ELDEX Asia is a B2B2C show that creates a comprehensive and effective marketplace for international silver economy suppliers of eldercare products, technology and services to meet and engage with Asia Pacific trade visitors including distributors, retailers, buyers (such as hospitals, retirement homes and hospices), and end-users. ELDEX Asia focuses on active aging and provides a holistic ecosystem for the marketplace by building continuing education platforms and curating workshops, product demonstrations and seminars to drive greater awareness and brand equity. ELDEX Asia further aims to catalyze industry growth by bringing start-ups in the eldercare space to interact with and pitch to potential investors, particular where gerontechnology is concerned. For more information, please visit  www.eldexasia.com. ELDEX Asia is supported by a host of international, regional and local organizations. Some of them are set out below.

About SkillsFuture Singapore

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) drives and coordinates the implementation of the national SkillsFuture movement, promotes a culture of lifelong learning and strengthens the ecosystem of quality education and training in Singapore. Through a holistic system of national SkillsFuture initiatives, SSG enables Singaporeans to take charge of their learning journey in their pursuit of skills mastery. SSG also works with key stakeholders to ensure that students and adults have access to high quality and industry-relevant training that meet the demands of different sectors of the economy for an innovative and productive workforce. For more information, visit  www.ssg.gov.sg.

About Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST)

JST is a government-affiliated organisation in Japan with an annual budget of about 114 billion yen (1.4 billion SGD), its three activity pillars being the planning and proposal of R&D strategy co-creating the future, creation of knowledge and transformation to economic and social value, and promotion of future co-creation and the nurturing of human resources.

The Singapore office is a gateway connecting Southeast Asia and South Asia to Japan's universities, research institutes and companies, and vice versa.

About International Council on Active Aging

ICAA, a professional association that leads, connects and defines the active-aging industry, supports professionals who develop wellness facilities, programs and services for adults over 50. The association is focused on active aging—an approach to aging that helps older adults live as fully as possible within all dimensions of wellness — and provides its members with education, information, resources and tools. As an active-aging educator and advocate, ICAA has advised numerous organizations and governmental bodies, including the US Administration on Aging, the National Institute on Aging (one of the US National Institutes of Health), the US Department of Health and Human Services, Canada’s Special Senate Committee on Aging, and the British Columbia (Canada) Ministries of Health and Healthy Living and Sport. For more information, please visit  www.icaa.cc.

About CommonAge

CommonAge was established in 2013 by a group of professional leaders in the aged sector and is an accredited Commonwealth civil society organization. Its aim is to ensure elders in all Commonwealth countries are supported to enjoy the highest possible quality of life in their senior years. From Australia and Antigua to Vanuatu and Zambia, through its growing networks it is sharing ideas, creating connections, and combating ageism across the 52 countries of the Commonwealth. For more information, please visit  www.commage.org.

About SilverEco.org

 SilverEco.org, a major actor in the French Silver Economy and the international portal of this sector, is spreading internationally and taking the 2nd edition of its International Awards to Tokyo. Silver Economy and Ageing Well International Awards aim to bring together all Silver Economy international stakeholders on the occasion of a gala event on June 13. An Ageing Well Japan Study Tour has been organized around the Awards Ceremony. The tour will provide a four-day opportunity to meet International  SilverEco.org, Ageing Well stakeholders and discover the Silver Economy “made in Japan”. For more information, please visit  www.silvereco.org.

About the Gerontological Society of Singapore

The Gerontological Society of Singapore was founded in March 1986 by a multi-disciplinary group consisting of geriatricians, psychiatrists, social scientists, physiotherapists and other professionals. The mission of the Society is to “assist people in understanding the physical and psychological effects of aging as well as the sociological effects of a graying population.” The Society’s objectives include: (a) promote and encourage cooperation between organizations and individuals interested in gerontology; (b) promote the interests and influence of organizations concerned with gerontology; (c) promote, improve and encourage training in gerontology; and (d) promote gerontological research. For more information, please visit  www.gs.org.sg.

About French Chamber of Commerce Singapore

Established in 1979, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (FCCS) is a non-profit organization, self-financed, helping business in their development. We assist companies at every stage of their project in Singapore and the region, since their first market approach to their implementation and growth of their business in Asia. With more than 600 company members, the majority of which covers the whole of ASEAN and Asia Pacific, our team can rely on a network of experts and valuable contacts to help French SMEs to approach the Asian market. For more information, please visit  www.fccsingapore.com.

About Singapore Nurses Association

Founded in 1957, the Singapore Nurses Association works towards recognising and enhancing the professional contributions of nurses. The Association strives to raise the profile of nursing in Singapore, and facilitates and supports nurses’ contributions towards improving and enhancing the health of the population. The Association was admitted as a member of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in 1959.

About Society of WINGS Singapore

Vision — Ageing Well, Living Well
Mission — We empower women to age well, fulfilling their aspirations by being socially engaged, staying healthy, being financially secure and embracing enriching experiences.
About Us: Society for WINGS is a non-profit Institution of Public Character focused on empowering women to embrace ageing with confidence.

We serve and impact a growing number of older women by educating them to take charge of their own health (and that of their families), become self-reliant and financially independent. They are encouraged to stay connected to the community through volunteerism, especially to the disadvantaged members of society.

About Nanyang Polytechnic

Established as an institution of higher learning in 1992, Nanyang Polytechnic’s (NYP) seven academic schools offer quality education and training through more than 35 full-time diploma courses. NYP also has a full suite of continuing education (CET) options for lifelong learning, ranging from specialist and advanced diplomas, to SkillsFuture modules and courses. NYP’s Asian Culinary Institute and the Singapore Institute of Retail Studies are CET institutes set up in partnership with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to champion and transform Singapore’s F&B and retail sectors respectively. A third NYP CET institute - the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning – also set up in collaboration with SSG will spearhead the development of progressive workplace learning strategies and programmes for companies here.

Through its strong network of industry connections, NYP empowers learners for work and life through relevant curricula and deep capabilities. NYP strives to be the innovative polytechnic, creating a nexus of future-ready learners, ready to take on new challenges and contribute to growth and sustainability. Nanyang Polytechnic is a recipient of Singapore’s top organisational and business excellence awards: the Singapore Quality Award, the Innovation Excellence Award and the People Excellence Award. For more information, please visit  www.nyp.edu.sg.

About SATS Ltd.

SATS is Asia's leading provider of food solutions and gateway services.

Our food solutions include airline catering as well as central kitchens for food service chains and institutions. Our comprehensive gateway services encompass airfreight handling, passenger services, ramp handling, baggage handling, aviation security services, aircraft interior and exterior cleaning, as well as cruise centre management.

SATS is present in over 60 locations and 13 countries across Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

SATS has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since May 2000. For more information, please visit  www.sats.com.sg.

About raiSE

raiSE was set up in 2015 through a cross-sector collaboration between the Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Council of Social Service, Social Enterprise Association and Tote Board as an apex body to develop the social enterprise sector in Singapore. raiSE was officially launched by Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, President of the Republic of Singapore on 27 May 2015.

As a sector developer, raiSE seeds and nurtures new enterprises by providing advisory services, programmes, training and resources. We enable existing social enterprises to grow and become sustainable by providing financing options, capacity building expertise and business mentorship. Where possible raiSE seeks to connect with social enterprises and intermediary bodies in the region to share best practices with each other.

raiSE’s mission is to create awareness for social enterprises and shed light on the impactful contributions they make towards unmet needs within the society. As a membership body, raiSE supports over 300 members through their social enterprise journeys, from set-up to growth and expansion. Ultimately, raiSE hopes to build a vibrant eco-system of social enterprises with aspiring social entrepreneurs, supportive organisations and passionate individuals through various initiatives and events. By growing this active network, raiSE contributes towards a more caring and inclusive society in Singapore.

About Brands For Good

Brands For Good is a non-profit organization with threefold purpose – firstly, helping “good” brands differentiate effectively and create transformative value by their intangible assets; secondly, making waves with ASEAN brands-for-good stories so as to inspire the world; and thirdly, building a global community of responsible and inclusive business. To achieve our purpose, we organise the Brands For Good Award & Gala dinner annually and we work with our knowledge and network partners to bring value to our community members.

About Cycling Without Age Singapore

Cycling Without Age is a movement started in Denmark in 2012 by Ole Kassow. Ole wanted to help the elderly get back on their bicycles, but he had to find a solution to their limited mobility. The answer was a trishaw and he started offering free bike rides to the local nursing home residents. Since then, Cycling Without Age has spread to 42 countries around the world.

In October 2015, Singapore became the first country outside Europe to have the Cycling Without Age movement. Today, we have a growing organisation of volunteers and senior care centres that work together to give more seniors the experience of trishaw rides and the right to wind in their hair. From one trishaw and a handful of volunteers, we now have over 600 volunteers and 15 trishaws in Singapore as of September 2019. Currently, more than 10,000 seniors have experienced free trishaw rides, and the CWA team aims to give more seniors in Singapore this experience through long-term partnerships with senior centres and philanthropic corporates.
Read more about our movement through  www.cyclingwithoutage.sg.

About Care Envision

Care Envision is an advocator and enabler of the silvercare market, with the aim of helping family caregivers adopt innovative eldercare product/services so that caregiving journey can become more manageable, less manpower-reliant and better connected to peer support resource/network within the community. It collaborates with various stakeholders of the eldercare market to bring effective, innovative eldercare product/services to the hands of users – family caregivers. Today, it operates an online sourcing concierge service ( www.carequips.com) which features eldercare products, collates collective knowledge and wisdom from experts and community of family caregivers, thereby enabling fellow family caregivers to learn, experience and buy eldercare products with confidence and convenience.