Different Ways Technology Has Impacted Modern Day Marketing
Nov 01, 2018

Have you ever thought about the role that technology has played on the marketing industry? A long time ago, the common way of reaching an audience was through print media, whereas now, online sources often dominate anything else. In fact, do you still know many people who read the physical newspaper every single day? The younger generations are not as likely to do this, and they are often a big part of the consumers that companies want to target.

Understanding how marketing has changed, and the way it will continue to change, is something that will help any organization come up with the best possible campaign, as well as to be successful in achieving various business goals. Here’s how technology has impacted and altered modern day marketing.

Online marketing

The online world is continuing to change, and for this reason, online marketing is as well. Even a few years ago, Instagram did not exist and was not a common platform to use to reach one’s audience. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular choices available, and it has thus changed the way social media marketing is performed.

In addition to this, there are constantly new gadgets that are released on the market that are changing the way companies operate every single day. Examples of this include augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence machines, and much more. Consider Pokemon Go, and how it impacted everyday life and revitalized a beloved game from people’s childhood.

Product creation

The steps for creating a product is further one of the biggest ways that technology has changed marketing. Only the appropriate product can sell off the shelves and be talked about by people on a widespread scale.

Many companies nowadays opt to set up their factories overseas in order to reduce manufacturing costs, and this has become easier with the various resources that are now available. In addition to this, the quality of products has changed for the better. There are now more opportunities for testing due to various software programs and apps that can do exactly this.

Of course, the necessary steps will always depend on what type of product you are creating. For instance, if it is a technological gadget, you need an electrical engineer to guarantee the efficiency of the product by using Altium’s CircuitStudio PCB design tools, all of which are easy to use and cost-effective. The end result is creating an item that consumers will love, and businesses will profit from when they release it on store shelves.

Data collection

Collecting data on consumers and market research overall has changed. Given that there are now many options available for companies to reach people, asking for customer feedback and thus tweaking products or services for the next release is a common occurrence. Moreover, it is easier than ever to determine exactly what the likes and dislikes of your audience is, especially considering the fact that they can be analyzed on the various social media platforms they spend their time on.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash