The Credit Card Gets Its Voice -The First Voice Credit Card in China by Goldpac and CMB
Dec 19, 2016

The world's fourth largest, and China's top ranked payment solutions provider, Goldpac Group Limited ("Goldpac" or the "Company", together with
its subsidiaries the "Group", HKSE stock code: 03315) announced today that it has delivered the DiDi Voice Credit Card, the first voice credit card
in China for China Merchant Bank (CMB). Goldpac launched this innovative and cross-field secure payment product following the delivery of the first
LED credit card in China for CMB. The retail banking industry is increasingly becoming more and more energetic and vigorous as the credit card industry welcomes the introduction of innovative products that meet the diversified demands of the consumer market segment. Goldpac has proven its leadership advantage again, this time through its unique thinking and expertise in assisting the banking segment's cross-selling efforts.

Goldpac is demonstrating its appreciation and understanding of the younger, trendsetting consumer group by providing safer, easier and seamless payment experiences.

DiDi Voice Credit Card is co-issued by CMB and DiDi, who is now disrupting the taxi business in China like Uber has done in the US. It is expected that in the future, CMB and DiDi will expand their cooperation to wider areas covering capital investment, settlement, financial services and marketing. Represented by a city map and DiDi's logo, the DiDi Voice Credit Card artwork design is clean yet sophisticated. Embedded with a voice module, cardholders will hear the familiar sound of DiDi's famous jingle when the card is swiped, indicating that the transaction is safely completed. What the DiDi Voice Credit Card brings, is not only a brand-new user experience, but also the increasing payment safety.

As a leader in global smart payment solutions, Goldpac adheres to the philosophy of "creating more value for the customer". This philosophy is
based on strong innovation and R&D capabilities and more than 20 years of extensive industry experience, allowing Goldpac to continuously deliver
innovative products and services. Additionally, by being integrally involved in the development of banking Internet finance, Goldpac is committed to delivering safe, easy, modern and individualized secure products and one-stop innovative marketing solutions. Capitalizing on its leading position in the industry and innovative products and services, Goldpac is well positioned to assist banks in differentiating against today's competition, foster technological innovation, and to push forward the integration and sharing of industry resources and market demands to build a win-win internet finance eco-system.

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