Consistent with commitment to be eco-friendly, PT Mowilex Indonesia achieves Gold rating in Green Label Indonesia certification
Jan 31, 2020

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 31, 2020 -- PT Mowilex Indonesia has been awarded Green Label Indonesia (GLI) certification based on decisions (nos. 062 to 066/GLI/CP/2019) released by the Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI) on December 20, 2019. These letters state that based on the certification process review, GPCI awarded the GLI certificates with Gold rating for five wall paint products from PT Mowilex Indonesia which were made specifically for professionals.

Testing was done by PT IAPMO Indonesia on five wall paint products made specifically for professionals: : Mowilex Pro Interior I-1000, Mowilex Pro Interior I-2000, Mowilex Pro Interior I-3000 which are all emulsion wall paints, Mowilex Pro Interior I-4000 which is for painting drywalls, and Mowilex Pro Exterior E-1200 through the GLI-01-CP-2004-2018 evaluation standard.

PT Mowilex Indonesia Chief Marketing Officer, Anna Wibowo, said that, "We're proud to prove, through the tests done by PT IAPMO, that our products are environmentally friendly, and that the final results of the evaluation show that we've received Gold rating."

The handover of the Green Label Indonesia certificates were done at an event at PT Mowilex Indonesia's head office, with the certificates being handed by Hendrata Atmoko, Chairman of Green Product Council Indonesia to representatives from PT Mowilex Indonesia, being Niko Safavi, President Director; Rio Angkoso, General Manager of Project Sales; Jusri Sidik, Director of Sales; Novina Tjahjadi, Director; and Anna Yesito Wibowo, Chief Marketing Officer.

Hendrata Atmoko, Chairman of Green Product Council Indonesia at the handover event congratulated PT Mowilex Indonesia in his speech. "Congratulations to PT Mowilex Indonesia for achieving Gold certification with an extraordinary - and highest - rating of 98 [out of 100]."

Hendrata Atmoko added that Green Product Council Indonesia also appreciated PT Mowilex Indonesia's paints which had 0% lead detected, or in other words, did not contain any lead based on the tests carried out.

"PT Mowilex Indonesia has successfully achieved Carbon Neutral certification, which was then boosted with the Green Label Indonesia certification. For our division, which has good relations with professionals, such as developers, architects, and contractors, it is very important to have this initiative which is in line with PT Mowilex Indonesia's commitment to produce eco-friendly products," said Rio Angkoso, PT Mowilex Indonesia General Manager of Project Sales.

After becoming the first Indonesian manufacturing to be certified Carbon Neutral by Natural Capital Partners, and then receiving Singapore Green Label certification from The Singapore Green Labeling Scheme (SGLS) for Mowilex's main retail products, PT Mowilex Indonesia continues their commitment to have environmentally friendly products also available for professionals with the Green Label Indonesia certification.

"We are proud to continue the company's legacy of producing water based paints which are environmentally friendly since we started operating. We went through a series of rigorous tests and received the Gold rating for Green Label Indonesia which is evidence that our research and development team has created paint products which do not contain dangerous metals that produce lead. This is a milestone for us to continue our commitment to our Mowilex Sustainability Initiative," adds Niko Safavi, President Director of PT Mowilex Indonesia.

Source: PT Mowilex Indonesia

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