Communication: What Today’s Workforce is Lacking
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Apr 22, 2019

Communication is the key to build a relationship. It is s a basic human need to connect, the foundation of every relationship, it’s the judge, the jury, the executioner. However, many amongst us are still unable to communicate effectively. Somehow words and gestures are lost along the way. With the advancement of technology, physical interaction among humans is decreasing. We no longer meet face-to-face with our client, everything is done through email, text, voice call, video call, etc. So where does that leave us with communication and building relationship?

One important thing to point out is that you do not have to meet face-to-face with anyone to be able to build a good relationship. These days, non-face-to-face communication is good enough to build a relationship as long as both parties are committed and establish channels to communicate on a regular basis through email, video call, text messages, etc. The medium chosen depends on the person – there are some things that are better-done face-to-face rather than through the net such as delivering negative feedback or where a personal approach is much more appropriate or desirable – therefore the medium is the message and establishing common ground.

Every ingredient gives the cake its excellence – so what defines a good relationship There is, of course, a myriad of answers, but to name few trust, respect, self-love, honesty, safety, teamwork, compromise, understanding and connecting. But there is one thing that sets the tone for all of these – COMMUNICATION.

Of course, to reach that level requires practicing - although some people might be born with it.

Just know that at any point in your career, you can always ask for help in sharpening your communication skill. I am a strong believer that communication skill will take us far.

Communication can have an effect on all our life areas such as level of stress, relationships with others, level of satisfaction with your life, our productivity, the ability to meet our goals and achieve our dreams but also the ability to solve problems.

These are some simple ways you can improve your communication skills:

1. Listen to what people have to say and show empathy - pay attention and ask for clarifications if you are unclear of what was said. Don't be shy or feel reluctant to repeat what the person says - if needed.

2. Be aware of your body language - don't give any perception that you are not engaged in the conversation or not interested. Remain eye contact to show respect. Any human being deserves respect regardless of their gender, ethnicity, race, religion, etc.

3. Give feedback - people value feedback. Show neutrality and read non-verbal cues whether the person can accept your opinions. Remember to not go too strong on your own belief system because we live in a very diverse world.

Above all that, please be polite. A simple universal law is: be kind, show and treat others with respect.

But why does our current workforce lack substantial communication skilled people? The best bet is many people do not realize their deficiencies in communicating. Hence why selfawareness is very important, because it allows us to acknowledge our weakness, take control and make necessary changes.

How would you rate your self-awareness? There are courses offered these days to help us (to) dive deeper in order to find the truth about ourselves; what our strengths and weaknesses are, what and how we can do better to reach the fullest or best version of ourselves. Are you ready to be better than you were yesterday or now?

JMAMONI Lifestyle & Etiquette Institute offers a variety of courses to help people be the better (best version, if possible) of themselves. Self-awareness is one of the main soft skills that I always preach during my training and coaching session. Courses can be found here ( ).

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