Chinese Men Top In Spending On Valentine's
China Knowledge Online
Feb 15, 2017

Feb 14, 2017 (China Knowledge) - Chinese men spend USD 310 average on gifts for Valentine's Day according to a report by MasterCard. The average figure of RMB 2,130 calculated shows Chinese men who purchased gifts for their loved ones rank these men first in Asia. Hong Kong men rank second with average spending of RMB 1,940 (USD 282).

Though urban and young Chinese, even with millions studied overseas, the tradition of men footing the bills and having larger financial responsibility is still common practice in the country.

From surveys conducted in four major Chinese cities, cosmetics encompassing skin care products and makeups top the list of items purchased during Valentine's Day, follows by costume jewellery, handbags, precious-stone jewellery, electronic gadgets and wrist watches. Like in most western countries, during this period big-ticket dining and other entertainments will usually see high spending.

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