China's Credit Card Market Welcomes New Opportunities Goldpac celebrates MasterCard's 50th Anniversary with the World Elite Credit Card
Dec 12, 2016

On December 8, 2016, MasterCard, one of the first international banking card organizations to enter the China market hosted its "50th Anniversary and 30th Year in China" celebration at the Great Hall of the People. During the ceremony, the World Elite Credit Card, delivered by Goldpac, was unveiled by MasterCard and the Bank of China. This brand-new credit card is especially tailored by Goldpac for China's higher-end cardholder base to fulfil their increasing desire for the perfect experience in payment and convenience when overseas.

As a pioneer who has witnessed the rapidly evolving industry over the last 30 years, Mr. Edward Hou, Chief Executive Officer of Goldpac recalled the exciting and significant moments in China's credit card history. Mr. Hou explained how the achievements of China's credit card industry over the past three decades is attributed to the continuous commitment and endeavors of the entire industry including financial institutions, payment organizations and solution providers. He also pointed out that with the further opening up of banking clearing houses, international credit card organizations like MasterCard will welcome new opportunities for rapid development. Banks will also reinforce the credit card business to bolster card issuance and improve credit card services levels, which are undoubtedly bringing innovative, more convenient and safer payment experiences to credit card holders.

As a partner to the creation of China's credit card history, Goldpac has kept a long-term and close cooperation with MasterCard to deliver products and services in compliance with MasterCard's standards to over a hundred million cardholders in 19 countries across the world. Since 1997, Goldpac has been recognized as the first MasterCard compliant product and service provider in China. Over the past two decades, Goldpac has already delivered close to 200 million MasterCard banking cards to the global market. At present, Goldpac is leveraging its significant strengths in credit card personalization capabilities and capacities to accelerate Fintech innovation via its GCaaS cloud platform to extend its world-leading personalization services to a wider overseas markets.

Looking forward, Goldpac remains committed to its philosophy of "Making Transactions More Secure and Convenient" and will continue to strive, together with its partners, for the benefit of the payment industry.

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