Bringing History Back to Life
Feb 08, 2017

From first grade through graduation, we all study history. We study how America became a country, the president’s names (usually by rhythmic song), and how the entire human race survived from the beginning of documented time. As children on field trips, we were one of the 850 million people that visited American museums each year. As we progressed from first grade history to more advanced subjects, we realized that there is something special that connects us to our ancestors. With our developed knowledge we started to connect the dots between people that seemed so far away and ourselves. Congratulations if you are one of the lucky ones that can see the beauty behind all of the mistakes and successes of the people that shaped our world into an amazing, technologically advanced piece of art. Once you realize that life is an ever winding spool of thread, you will be able to see history in everything you do. If you have made studying and admiring history into a passion, you may ask yourself how you can deepen your connection to the past. Well, instead of letting you wonder, I will give you some helpful advice so that you may take delight in all that this world has to offer.

Buy one of a kind, valuable memorabilia.

The most exciting thing that someone can do is buy some sort of personalized, one of a kind memorabilia that no one else owns but you. For instance, there are few places that you can go to find historical autographs for sale. If you are looking for a deep connection between you and the past, you will definitely be able to find it by viewing old, handwritten documents that help you better understand history. Not only is it nice to look at and admire but it is a great way to dissect what may have been going through the mind of the person who wrote it. Having a document may help you truly bring a person back to life as you uncover the meaning and purpose for these records in world history. Not only is this an amazing thing to own for yourself but it is also something very unique to pass down to generations after you, it is something that can be cherished, all because you took an effort to preserve history for your family.

Find out how your family directly connects to important people that shaped our world.

Another great way to connect yourself with history is by finding out how your direct ancestors played a role in making it. There are many great search engines that you can find online to help you discover your ancestors. As you discover your forefathers, you can start connecting the little things between past events that played a big role on the present. You may even find out that you were a direct decent from one of our many amazing world leaders. The exciting part is that once you begin searching, there is really no telling what you’ll find!

Take a class at a college, just for fun.

Another enjoyable way to bring history to life is by taking a college course just for fun. Most people dread taking general education classes but when you decide to take it just for your own personal knowledge, you begin to appreciate it more. Since most professors normally encounter students who don’t show an interest in their class, you may even be able to develop a personal relationship with your professor. You may be able to debate history, get more information than is taught in the class and you will finally be able to talk to someone that has as much enthusiasm about the past that you do. You will be surprised at how much knowledge you can gain from a college professor. It will be like having your own personal history book to talk to at any given point and time. Not only will you learn a lot but usually each professor has a specialty in which they teach. Once you figure out what class interests you and which era or country you find the most interesting, you will be able to find a professor that shares the same interest easily.

Take an educational trip to visit historic sites.

Another unique way to connect with the past is by taking an educational trip to a known historic site. Everything is historic and important in its own way, but there is something very interesting about learning and visibly seeing the places where important events occurred. You can travel across the world or you can just drive up the street. Start where you live so you can see how your hometown made an impact on the world. From there begin to travel to places that you find the most interesting. The great part about this is you can use the steps listed above to help you research your destination before you go. Maybe you will want to find a place that your family was directly connected to. Maybe you will find a place that a formal document was signed in which you own. Maybe you will want to find a place that your college professor talks highly of. Wherever you go, you are bound to have a fantastic time exploring the different cultures while you appreciate the history behind it.

Written by Jane Brown