The Brave New World of eSports in Education – Skills Development
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Sep 30, 2019

There’s an increasing focus on eSports in schools which will shape the education market! Tointegrate technology and to make learning more attractive to today’s students, schools establish game-based learning in classrooms. Game-based learning, or gamification, refers to the teacher’s use of video games or physical games to instruct students on concepts aligned with the curriculum.

Teachers who have used games in their lessons prove that games increase the likelihood of students being more motivated to learn. Not only are students more motivated to learn, but also, they show greater willingness to work with peers and engage in problem-solving. This way, students are on the right path to sharpen their communication and networking skills that will be very useful to equip them in the workforce and society. Besides benefiting from the lessons, students will also greatly benefit from using the right tools, like a 13 inch gaming laptop during their lessons.

To say eSports is booming would be an understatement . Just like traditional sports, eSports teams in schools and universities can motivate students to stay on the straight and narrow. Today, middle and high schools are embracing eSports, not only as a way to foster soft skills but also to help students access scholarships . eSports can develop soft skills universities and employers like to see in a student graduating from high school.

As the market continues to grow for eSports, opportunities for post-secondary education as well as for prospective employment will increase. It will expand College and Career opportunities especially in the field of STEM learning. The popularity of eSports is growing in the workforce and schools as educators and parents start to pay closer attention to activities outside classrooms. School is very important, and curricular activities are shaping children’s personality and skills too.

The Benefits of eSports in Schools

Educators know that taking part in extracurricular activities boosts students’ success, a lot, regardless of the activity. Among the benefits are:

● Involved kids will miss less school and graduate at a higher rate

● Students learn valuable skills playing eSports in school such as Inclusion which is good for the community

● Teamwork – working with others to boost communication skills, collaboration, assertiveness, compromise, conflict management, active listening, and respect

● Social skills - these interpersonal skills don’t come naturally for many students, participating in a school eSports team will provide them an environment to learn and practice their social skills

● Strategic thinking and planning - eSports require students to set goals, assess the competition and consider their individual strengths and weaknesses. As a member of a team, students learn to establish tactics, put together game plans and adjust execution as needed. Thinking quickly and strategically is part of any sport

● Managing success and failure -Team eSports teach the tough lesson that life isn’t always fair. No matter how hard you prepare, you won’t always come out on top. This helps them become resilient and prepare for any possibilities that may happen

● Time management - To qualify to participate on school teams, students need to maintain their academic standing which requires learning and applying executive function skills like organization and time management

● Travel skills - School eSports teams typically travel to tournaments several times each season. This provides the opportunity to plan, pack, budget, schedule, and manage the many ins and outs of travel. It may present the need to use public transportation, adjust to different regional cultures and share space with a roommate. Travel builds critical thinking skills, adaptability, and fortitude.

● Pro-social values - such as standards of behavior like good sportsmanship, fairness, and respect. Persistence, honesty, fun, and healthy competition. These values can buoy students throughout their lives

● Open children’s minds to new interests - as children are allowed to explore deeper to other subjects outside of the classroom, they may find interest in these things that they did know they have.

Soft skills development apply to anyone in any industry. Whether you are in the top or lower position in any organization, you are held responsible for your actions. For more information on eSports Education Curriculum and Soft Skills Development please contact me at or meet me at at XLIVE eSports summit Middle East at the ADNEC Abu Dhabi on 23-24 October 2019.

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