ASA and NEO to held Architect'20 "Refocus Heritage"
Dec 09, 2019

Bangkok, 3 December 2019 --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Association of Siamese Architects Under the Royal Patronage (ASA) and N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. (NEO) held a press conference to launch the 34th edition of Architect Exposition, ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition. Titled ‘Architect’20, “Refocus Heritage”’, this edition will focus on architectural heritage and its conservation. The exposition is set to take place between 28 April - 3 May 2020, at Challenger Halls 1-3, IMPACT Arena, Exhibition & Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani.

Ajaphol Dusitnanond, President of ASA, commented on the organization of the event: “ASA held its first edition of the Expo in 1986 and has maintained it over 3 decades. The Expo has evolved and expanded over the years and became the largest exhibition for architecture, materials, and construction technology in the ASEAN to date. The original goal of the Expo still remains: to showcase the potential and performance of architects in the society.

As for the theme of this edition, it has been chosen to bring back the architectural heritage from the past, as well as the conservation and maintenance of heritage sites for the next generations. Seeing conservation of architecture being the mission of the association, the Expo adopted the title of ‘Refocus Heritage’ for its 2020 edition.”

Dr. Vasu Poshyanandana, the chairperson of the Architect’20 committee spoke about the details of the event: “‘Architect’20 - Refocus Heritage’ aims to raise public awareness and understanding on the concept of ‘heritage’ in several dimensions. Many might suppose that conservation and maintenance of heritage sites is limited to government officers or conservators, and therefore is not relevant to them. However, it is present in everyday life and concerns everyone regardless of the jobs and roles that we hold. The owner of an old house in need of a maintenance, for example, will need information on the right materials and construction to use, as well as the cost incurred. Similarly, the renovation of an old building to create new business opportunity, can generate value added for the community and society, as we can see from the several creative communities that arose from the old quarters throughout the country.

Architect’20, which spans the space of 75,000 sq.m., is divided into 2 sections. The first section houses exhibitions from over 850 international exhibitors, while the other displays Thematic Exhibitions by ASA, covering the space of 5,000 sq.m. The latter is constructed with environment-friendly materials and adopts a contemporary design, representing the forms of the past. Visitors will enjoy
different exhibitions, including:

Workmanship and Heritage Exhibition where rare traditional materials and technology in construction are displayed. Curious architectural knowledge from the past centuries is also put on exhibition in this section. Stop by the Film Screenings section to enjoy 63 heritage short films from 63 interviewees on the topic of heritage site conservation. The screenings will take place in a theatre made from bamboo - a local savoir-faire of the past.

Heritage Crisis on Online Platform Exhibition deals with the hot topics on social media including the dismantling of heritage sites, uninformed maintenance or renovation of temples etc. It aims to raise awareness of and invite the public to question the current heritage events, as well as provide relevant professional information.

The annual Architecture Competition for this event will be promoted to the National Architecture Competition, under the theme of ‘Everyday Heritage’. The organizers aim to include every sector of the public, especially school students with creative ideas, and for the competition to serve as a platform for further development.

Other exhibitions in the event include: 2020 ASA Award Exhibition, where the works of ASA-award recipients are displayed; Art and Architectural Conservation Award Exhibition, whose criteria this year has been developed to align with the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards, and Heritage in Danger Exhibition, where local architecture students are given space to exhibit their ideas on the recovery and maintenance of existing heritage buildings in the neighboring areas of their schools.

Other activities include ASA Clinic (Mobaan ASA), where architects, engineers and other professionals are available for advice and information on design and construction; ASA Place, an activity area for the public, where talks and workshops are available in rotation throughout the 5 days of the event. Demonstrations on the latest technology for conservation including 3-D object scan are also available.

The visitors, especially architects, can join ASA Forum, for talks on the newest happenings in the international architecture scene. ASA Club returns as always for ASA members to gather and mingle. ASA shop and ASA Book Club also return with the newest titles from all over the world and book launches.

The theme “Refocus Heritage” invites the public to look back on the heritage, as well as sharpen our vision and awareness on the topic. The theme also deals with the flexibility of the coexistence between our society and the heritage sites, in order to preserve the values of the old buildings and the vivacity of their contemporary counterparts. The Expo aims to widen the public’s focus on architecture and lend dimensions to the vision of the visitors of various age and background, encouraging them to re-consider their ownership of the heritage, and their contribution in the conservation and legacy of these valuables heritage of the future.”

Sakchai Pattarapreechakul, President of NEO and one of Architect’20’s committee members, revealed the latest progress of the event. “This year, NEO has been able to strategically promote the event into the status of international exhibition for architecture, material and construction technology. We are managing up to 75,000 sq.m. of exhibition space. Presently we have improved our insurance and IT Solution offers to support both international and local exhibitors. We have exhibitors from the Europe, USA, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, India, China and the ASEAN; accounting for 850 companies. 70% of our space has already been reserved at present by the leading international and local companies, including AT EAST DESIGN, BANGKOK ROAD LIGHTING, CERAMIQUE, CHAMPACA, CNP PLASTIC INDUSTRIES, CRISTINA VRH, COTTO, DP CERAMIC, DELTA, DOS, DURAGRES, EDL, EE&C, EPSON, FORMICA, HAFELE, HI-KOOL, HP, LAMINA FILMS, JORAKAY, KOHLER, LAMPTITUDE (PEMCO), LED ON HOME, LEOWOOD, LIGMAN LIGHTING, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC KANG YONG WATANA, OPPLE, PANASONIC, POLYMER MASTER, SATS, SCG,

The event also includes Inno-talks, panels where gurus will make appearance to discuss the latest technology in architecture and construction. The visitors can also join the Buyer Program and meet with the exhibitors to learn more about business opportunities and become the local distributors for international suppliers in the expanding market of Asia. Visit Architect’20 to learn more about the world’s heritage, the latest technology and innovation in architecture, and enjoy interesting activities at this annual event”, invited Sakchai.

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