Anyue Hosts the First World Lemon Industry Development Conference
Sep 18, 2019

ZIYANG, China, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A Report from China News Service:

The first World Lemon Industry Development Conference (WLIDC) kicked off on Tuesday in Anyue, China's largest lemon producer, and aims to exchange ideas about the future cooperation of lemon trade.

The event was organized by the Chinese Citrus Society and attended by dozens of experts from 10 countries, who had discussion on various topics relating to standardized planting and marketing innovation.

"Lemon is good for heath and fits the theme of the World Food Day," Zhang Zhongjun, the representative of U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said in his speech.

Anyue is one of the five main lemon producing bases in the world, covering a planting area of 58,000 mu (9554.74 acres), with the sales reaching 11 billion yuan, according to the conference bluebook.

The largest lemon producer has cooperated with research institutes including China Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Sichuan Agricultural University to make the best of modern technology to promote quality development of the lemon industry.

Chairman of the Chinese Citrus Society Deng Ziniu hailed Anyue's achievements in lemon industry saying improvement in scientific agriculture would lead to an increase of product added value.

Wu Xu, Mayor of Ziyang, said that Anyue Lemon is a remarkable brand of Sichuan's dominant agricultural industry.

"As China's Lemon Town, Anyue expects more opportunities of all-round international cooperation, not only focusing on the agricultural communication," Wu said.

Anyue would collaborate with professionals from all around the world and research institutes such as Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM, the Technical University of Madrid) and related American companies, according to the Ziyang government.

"Anyue would put great emphasis on the development of tourism, cultural and creative industries," Wu said.

Annesandra Gandil, professor of the Universita degli Studi di Catania, said that China has extensive cooperation with Italy in the lemon industry, and both sides could have more communications in terms of development ideas and deep processing of products.

The town would take on the responsibility of accelerating the development of the world lemon industry, and contribute to the prosperity of international collaboration and exchange.

Source: China News Service