Alibaba Cloud and Ubitus Build Strategic Partnership to Launch Global Public Cloud Gaming Total Solution
Sep 26, 2019

TAIPEI, Sept. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Alibaba Cloud and Ubitus today (Sept. 26th) officially launch a total cloud gaming solution based on public cloud architecture at the Alibaba APSARA Conference, enabling game industry around the world to onboard their game titles through GDK cloud solution easily and quickly launch to the Alibaba Cloud platform. This offering provides a rapid way to convert games into video streaming and promote the best gaming experience and massive revenue growth via multi-screen globally.

Ubitus, a leading pioneer in cloud gaming since 2012, operates as the largest GPU gaming cloud platform in Japan. Leveraging its years of accumulated of GPU virtualization and low-latency streaming technology, Ubitus offers two business models for the game industry: One is to provide cloud gaming platform technology license to game companies by which companies can publish and promote its own games; the other is to help game companies manage platform operations via Ubitus' GPU-as-a-Service (GaaS) platform, even partnered with overseas companies to help expand opportunities for new market expansion. Through deep collaboration with Alibaba Cloud platform, Ubitus is expanding globally beyond the Asian market to deliver innovation and value to customers.

Leading adoption of GPU Public Cloud Service with global scalability via Alibaba Cloud
Through integration with Alibaba Cloud, Ubitus will provide a GPU public cloud gaming solution that not only reduces the deployment time in half vs other public cloud solutions, but also ensures fast rollouts and instant scalability to major gaming markets. Ubitus plans to use Alibaba Cloud service such as Elastic GPU service, Object Storage, and Quick BI to further improve its service quality and improve customer experience. Such integration combines Ubitus' own GPU cloud technology with Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to expand from China to a global scale.

Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus said:
"Ubitus is constantly focused on ways to help our customers roll out their titles quickly and successfully. We were impressed by the deep and rapid support from the Alibaba Cloud team. Today, I am very honored to announce the global public cloud-based cloud gaming total solution with Alibaba Cloud at the APSARA Conference. Alibaba Cloud helps us offer instant scalability and faster product updates to serve the global market. This solution will make our platform more robust, reliable, scalable, and competitive. Additionally, the strategic partnership with Alibaba will present other important growth opportunities for Ubitus when 5G network is introduced to the market at scale."

About Ubitus

Ubitus operates the world's best GPU virtualization technology and cloud streaming platform, and is dedicated to providing a superior user experience via its advanced technology. As long as users are connected to a broadband network, they can enjoy AAA gaming experience across various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, and personal computers.

With its comprehensive GDK (game development kit), Ubitus provides a fast-to-market onboarding solution to support game companies in Japan and overseas, who are interested in cloud gaming. Ubitus partners with telecom carriers, online service providers and game publishers around the world.

Meet Alibaba Cloud

As a business unit of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to power both our international customers' online businesses and Alibaba Group's own e-commerce ecosystem. In January 2017, Alibaba Cloud became the official Cloud Services Partner of the International Olympic Committee.

By harnessing, and improving on, the latest cloud technology and security systems, we tirelessly work towards our vision - to make it easier for you to do business anywhere, with anyone in the world.

Source: Ubitus

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