ACCEL BaaS has released a new function, Contract Marketplace, that allows anyone to publish and trade smart contracts
Mar 02, 2019

In commemoration of ACCEL BaaS’s new function release, we have introduced our 10-million-yen smart contract purchase campaign!

TECHFUND (Address: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Peaske Kawahara, Yuta Matsuyama) has released its new function that allows for the publishing and trading of smart contracts that have been developed by project engineers in “ACCEL Baas,” an accelerator for blockchain application development.

Projects that utilize blockchain technology have gradually been on the rise. However, familiarity on how to use each blockchain language and auditing to check security vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of customer outflow have been necessary in order to use smart contracts up until now. Furthermore, the introduction costs were quite high.

The “Contract Marketplace” may now upload smart contracts that have been individually created by blockchain engineers and has the function to enable anyone to use them after opening to the public .

A portion of the transaction fee generated while using these contracts is returned to the developer.

ACCEL Baas aims to create a platform that can be applied to various services.

Moreover, additional functions that allow users to write ratings and comments on published smart contracts will be released in the very near future. This will hopefully ensure the durability of smart contracts while ratings and comments increasing opportunities of being viewed by engineers.

Through these functions that simplify the deployment of smart contracts, we provides support for those who are creating new services in the blockchain business world.

How to use the new function “Contract Marketplace”

■ Top screen of “Contract Marketplace”

Within contracts that have been uploaded, you can choose a contract that best suits your own business field and check the details.

■ Detail Screen of “Contract Marketplace”

Here, you’re able to view the contents of uploaded contracts. It is also possible to confirm what kind of value can be taken in the contract setting value.

■ Deploy Screen of “Contract Marketplace”

You can set the properties that match your project and deploy smart contracts on the blockchain.

■ Contract Upload Screen

You can upload the original contracts and publish them within the market place. If you’d like to only use it toward your project, you are also able to set the contract t not to be disclosed to the public.

About ACCEL BaaS

ACCEL Baas is a cloud service that makes the development of simple blockchain applications possible by calling the API regardless of the programming language.

ACCEL Baas is a cloud service that makes the development of simple blockchain applications possible by calling the API regardless of the programming language.

The number of projects which have utilized “ACCEL BaaS” have surpassed 200\. There are more than 12,000 transactions, and this service has been used by engineers around the world such as the U.S., Germany, China, and Singapore.

In addition, we are predicting a general blockchain use case and are currently preparing the following as a “smart contract template” that can introduce a blockchain function by simply setting the preferred value on the screen.

・Settlement function (Escrow and e-mail notification at the time of settlement are also possible)

・Issuance of tokens

・Cloud sales

・Distributed storage (KVS)


・Lottery, random generation

We currently support a testnet at no cost for a limited period of time.

Details for the smart contract 10 million yen purchase campaign

In commemoration for the release of ACCEL BaaS’s new function, we are offering a smart contract 10 million yen purchase campaign!

In commemoration for the release of ACCEL BaaS’s new function, we are offering a smart contract 10 million yen purchase campaign!

◎Participation Requirements: Engineers who have an original smart contract

◎Participation Method:Access and register at

◎Flow all the way up to purchasing:

1\. Please send a smart contract file and an overview of the contract to from the e-email used at the time of registration.

2\. Our management team review the code

3\. We report the assessment result and assessment fee (0 yen up to 100,000 yen)

4\. Please upload the smart contract on to BaaS

5\. Ethereum equivalent to a maximum of 10 million yen will be placed into your Baas account

※This is limited to up to 100 members (or 100 smart contracts).

※More than one application per person is also possible

※Campaign may end once the purchasing limit has been reached and without notice.

※Campaign Period: Until April 30th, 2019

Who we are?


Based on the vision of making the entrepreneurship a major occupation, The TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATOR launched on October 09, 2014 (Tech Day). The ACCEL PROGRAM (formerly known as the SUNRIZE PROGRAM) was implemented as the world's first technological investment fund that assists startups through technological investing (*1) in lieu of money. We have worked in providing mentoring and due diligence for over 250 teams and carried out technological investment for six companies. Since the following year of the founding, we have launched our “ACCEL PROGRAM for businesses “ACCEL PROGRAM (formerly the SUNRIZE PROGRAM) for Biz)” and contributed to the innovative creation of over 30 projects.

As of 2019, we currently provide and develop the operation of the ACCEL PROGRAM, which support the blockchains and token offering projects, and “ACCEL Baas (Blockchain as a Service),” a service that accelerates the blockchain application development for blockchain startups and enterprises.

※1 Technological investing: An investment method that invests technology instead of money and assumes equity in return. It is called "sweat equity" overseas.



「ACCEL PROGRAM Startup page」

■ Company Overview

◎ Company Name:TECHFUND INC

◎Address: #202 AURA Omotesando, 4-22-7, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

◎Establishment Date: October 9, 2014 (Tech Day)

◎Capital:120,000,000 Yen (including reserve capital)

◎Representatives:Peaske Kawahara, Yuta Matsuyama

◎Business Contents:Operation of technology investment program for entrepreneurs, operation of large enterprise innovation program, development and provision of blockchain cloud services, and ICO / STO related businesses

◎Home Page:


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