The 51st Supermarket Trade Show 2017 (Food Table 2017) in Tokyo Opens on Feb 15
Feb 15, 2017

TOKYO --(ASIA TODAY)--The New Supermarket Association of Japan will hold the 51st SUPERMARKET TRADE SHOW 2017 from February 15 (Wed) to 17 (Fri), 2017, in Makuhari Messe. The event provides a venue to disseminate the latest information on supermarkets and the distribution industry.

With the environment surrounding supermarkets in a state of constant change, a diverse range of issues are coming into labor shortages in the retail industry, shopping refugees in term for those who have difficulty shopping because of their health or lack of shopping facility, responding to inbound consumption, and other local problems, to more global issues such as the TPP and the weak yen. Supermarket Trade show will be 51st time show, which has continued to play a key role in finding solutions to such varied issues. Setting "SOU NIPPON – Creation Japan" as the main theme, we hope the tradeshow will contribute to the building of abundant regional communities in Japan through the efforts of the exhibitors and visitors from throughout the country.

With 2,054 companies and organizations exhibiting and 3,340 booths (as of January 31, 2017) the tradeshow will surpass the previous year in scale. This year, over 1,494 companies will exhibit due to the coordination of municipalities and local financial institutions from across Japan. A total of 146 overseas companies from 15 countries are participating with 171 booths introduces a wide selection of products from various countries.

From this year, the venue is changed to Makuhari Messe. Along with changes in the venue, floor layout is allocated in the exhibit category and setting up a lounge for buyers where they can use for breaks and information sorting purposes for business meeting preparation. “SMTS Product Search (only in Japanese)” is also available on the official website. Visitors can search more than 3,800 exhibited products information including exhibitors from 3 concurrent exhibitions on this system by searching exhibitor name. It can help visitors to prepare their visiting plan in advance by focusing on targeting booths among many other ones.


Moreover, special organizer’s project “Future Store “NOW” –Study of Continuing Future Supermarket-“will be held. From consumers and retailers’ point of view, supermarket industry of near future has been studied continuously based on mid-long terms focusing on the theme “Issues to be solved now corresponding to near future situation”. The solution will be offered through the exhibition booths, seminars and exhibit panels.

Furthermore, continuing from last year, three specialist exhibitions will be held together under the comprehensive title FOOD TABLE in JAPAN (FTJ): the 12th Kodawari Food Fair 2017; Delicatessen Trade Show 2017; and GAISHOKU FOODTABLE 2017. The aim of these exhibitions will be to produce new innovation and contribute to the development of the Japanese food industry by enabling the mutual exchange of information between visitors and exhibitors in various industries and business categories, crossing over the barriers of the retail, ready meals and food service industries. We look forward to seeing you at the event.


  • Name:The 51st Supermarket Trade Show 2017
  • Date:February 15(Wed.), 16(Thu.), 17(Fri.), 2017 10:00a.m.–5:00p.m. Closes at 4:00p.m. on the last day
  • Venue:Makuhari Messe
  • Theme:"SOU NIPPON – Creation Japan"
  • Organizer:New Supermarket Association of Japan
  • Official website:
  • Admission:JPY5,000( * Trade only, free with invitation ticket, under 18 not allowed to enter
  • Exhibitors (As of January 31, 2017):2,054 companies and organizations, 3,340 booths
    (from overseas 15 countries, 146 companies and organizations,171booths)
  • Co-Exhibition:
    ・Kodawari Food Fair 2017 [Organizer:Japan Food Industry Association]
    ・ Delicatessen Trade Show 2017(DTS2017)[Organizer:Delicatessen Trade Show Executive Committee]
    ・GAISHOKU FOOD TABLE 2017 [Organizer:GAISHOKU FOOD TABLE Executive Committee]

    Special Project
    Future Store “NOW” –Study of Continuing Future Supermarket-
    From consumers and retailers’ point of view, supermarket industry of near future has been studied continuously based on mid-long terms focusing on the theme “Issues to be solved now corresponding to near future situation”. The solution will be offered through the exhibition booths, seminars and exhibit panels.

    Organizer’s Project
    Japanese Regional Product Zone -New Product Display [Hall 9-11] 2F Esplanade
    About 350 New products picked up from the exhibitors in “Japanese Regional Product Zone” will be displayed at Hall 9-11 Makuhari Messe.

    Products we want to buy at the supermarket! "30 attractive food products 2017"
    In this program, 30 products of interest from the consumer’s perspective are selected from the entries in a document and tasting inspection by judges comprising the managerial dietitian, culinary researchers, and other professionals. All the selected products will be displayed at the venue and related discussion sessions will be held on FTJ stage.
    Official website:


    This program invites overseas buyers such as importers, retailers and restaurateurs from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and provides visit tours during the show and business matching meetings. While giving an overview of SMTS and introducing the latest information in the presentation booths, business matching meetings with domestic suppliers will be held. It broadens exhibitors’ possibilities to expand sales channels not only in Japan but also in overseas countries.

    Business Matching @FTJ2017 [Hall 11]
    Feb.15 (Wed.) ~Feb. 17(Fri.) Pre-registration is required.
    The organizer: New Supermarket Association of Japan, The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    9th Best Store Manager Award
    Excellent supermarket managers in Japan will be selected and publically recognized, followed by a panel discussion with the aim of improving the status of supermarkets.

    Stage Programs [Hall 1 1st day:FTJ Stage/ 2nd & 3rd day:SMTS Stage] *Performed in Japanese only
    Feb.15 (Wed.)
    10:00a.m.~11:10a.m. <SMTS Speaks>
    Title: ENDEAVOR Starting from Zero
    Speaker: Kiyoshi Yokoyama (Chairman of New Supermarket Association of Japan / CEO of ARCS COMPANY, LIMITED)

    Feb.15 (Wed.)
    11:30a.m.~1:00p.m. <FTJ Special Conference>
    Title: “Get motivated! Measures of praise learning from prosperous store”
    Presenter: Takayoshi Nishimura(Hometatsu Association of Japan / Representative Director)

    About Organizer

    New Supermarket Association of Japan
    Sakurai Bldg.4F, 3-19-8 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047
    Tel:03-3255-4825  Fax:03-3255-4826
    Foundation: 1958 (Became an Incorporated Association in 1963. Renamed from Japan Self Service Association in Sep. 2010.)
    Chairman: Kiyoshi Yokoyama (CEO of ARCS COMPANY, LIMITED)
    Members: 328 regular members, 865 supporting members (as of Nov. 2016)
    Contents of Business Operation: Conducting surveys, research, educational training and qualifying examination, issuing publications, organizing exhibitions, business matching project and etc. all concerning supermarkets.

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