5 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Business
Apr 05, 2017

Every organization has a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint whenever possible. Not only can eco-friendly services help to improve the planet, but it can also help your business attract more customers and clients.

You might not realize it, but a 2014 global survey found 55% of consumers are happy to pay a higher rate for products or services from companies who utilize eco-friendly practices. So, you can help the planet while boosting your profit margins.

So, if you want to help grow your company whilst preserving planet Earth, read our top five tips to creating an eco-friendly business.

1. Cut Building Emissions

One of the best ways to embrace an eco-friendly environment is by taking steps to cut your building emissions wherever possible. For example, you could triple-pane windows, install geothermal systems and insulate your walls to retain heat. Solar power could also be an effective way to power your company while reducing your energy bills.

If you are building a property from scratch, we recommend investing in modern energy-efficient appliances and features. It could even be worth finding out if there are any rebate or incentive programs in your area regarding energy efficient systems, installations or solar panels.

2. Telecommuting

One of the best ways a company can reduce their carbon footprint is by allowing their employees the flexibility of telecommuting. The less time a person has to drive to work, the fewer carbon emissions that will pollute the air. With many online conferencing applications and mobile devices allowing employees to connect from anywhere at any time, it has never been easier for employees to work from home – which can boost their morale and, in turn, their performance levels.

3. Cloud Computing

One way to aid the telecommuting experience is by integrating cloud computing services into your daily operations. For example, Bytes can provide Office 365 cloud services, which allow a business owner and employees to access various Microsoft applications on any device from any location – if they have an internet connection.

As a result, this can reduce travel costs, as people will not have to come into the office to use the business applications – and it also allows clients to enjoy an online conference via Skype for Business. Also, as employees can collaborate on the same files and calendars, it will eliminate their reliance on hard document copies.

4. Reduce Water Usage

If you would like to conserve water and save money on your utility bills, you should encourage your employees to reduce their water usage in the office. You can, therefore, lead by example by fixing any dripping taps, resolving any plumbing issues and installing low-flow toilets and faucets. You should also avoid running the water for too long or leaving the tap on when not in use.

5. Eco-friendly Procurement

If you want to become an eco-friendly company, you must only work alongside suppliers who share your commitment to our planet. We, therefore, encourage you to source goods and services sourced and supplied by sustainable means. For example, you should source local suppliers over competitors across the other side of the country.