The 2020 BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations for East Asia are released
Nov 17, 2020

Hong Kong - Nov. 17, 2020 - BASES, a Nielsen Global Consumer Business, released its highly anticipated Top Breakthrough Innovation winners for 2020. This year’s winners from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea showcase the winning strategies adopted by companies as they extended their existing product lines to deliver exceptional product experiences. Aside from the above markets, BASES also announced breakthrough achievements in FMCG from the Japanese market.

This year’s Breakthrough Innovations have reached success with a formula made of true devotion to consumers’ needs, marketing savvy, and the right balance of speed and rigor. And when the Covid-19 outbreak determined a change in consumer behavior, marketing activation adapted to serve the innovations optimally. It is noteworthy that up to 25% of new product launches shrink an existing brand franchise. Some of this year’s winners grew the brand and the category by expanding into new consumption occasions or attracting new buyers, some others by capitalizing on a trend or differentiating with a premium positioning. Other winners broke the mold with out-of-the-box development and activation.

“BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations celebrate successful new product launches that at their foundation pair good ideas and product delivery with the right in-market activation. These stories highlight the diverse strategies that lead to winning new products. Few of these strategies include stretching beyond traditional category boundaries, targeting a highly engaged consumer segment, and differentiating on emerging benefits and ingredients," says Gautam Seth, Nielsen BASES Leader for Asia Pacific. “Despite a changing and challenging environment of lockdowns, restricted movement, and social distancing, consumers are still always going to seek out innovations that resolve a point of tension in their lives. Manufacturers that recognize and adapt to the altered consumer needs can quickly turn adversity into an opportunity,” adds Seth.

Current FMCG market trends indicate innovation possibilities in the near future will rest on new trending themes like ‘plant-based’, ‘sustainability’, and ‘personalization’ along with the emergence of the new normal post the onset of the pandemic.

According to a recent survey by BASES, the most significant aspect consumers want to know while buying FMCG in the food category is nutrition details inside the pack. Additionally, consumers are also seeking to treat themselves while buying premium and tasty products and wherever possible they wish to replicate at home food that they were used to buying before COVID -19.

“Furthermore, consumers’ consciousness towards health and well-being, environmentally friendly products is paving the way to manufacturers to address emerging needs and a holistic approach to meet demand both offline and online,” concludes Seth.


Coca-Cola Plus® and Sprite Plus™

NESCAFÉ® Cold Brew 

Häagen-Dazs® Seasonal Flavors 

Trappist® Sippa and Spoona Yogurt 

Dettol® ProFresh Body Wash and Dettol® ProSkin Shower Cream

Kotex® Dreamate Overnight Pants 

Vinda® 4D Deluxe Bathroom Tissue

About Bases Top Breakthrough Innovations, Powered By Nielsen
The brands that made the 2020 list reflect a wide range of products and approaches that succeeded in making meaningful connections with consumers, an impressive feat within an increasingly crowded marketplace. Beyond BASES requirements for products that reflect strong, distinct qualities such as mass potential, longevity, brand incrementality, category distinction or appeal toward a specific consumer target, this year’s list includes all six of Nielsen BASES’ activation profiles.

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