2017 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition Rounds Off with Record Attendance
Aug 29, 2017

The Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE) as well as the first edition of Drone Taiwan, held at TWTC Exhibition Hall 1, came to a satisfactory conclusion on Aug. 19. According to organizer TAITRA, the three-day exhibitions drew more than 30,000 domestic and international visitors, including 277 foreign buyers from 37 countries, up 5.8% from the last edition. Top ten source countries (and regions) in descending order: the U.S., Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Korea, Bulgaria and Russia.

Taiwan's aerospace and defense product offerings are both diverse and comprehensive, having won praise from many overseas buyers. Major Turkish telecommunication company Profen Group met with a number of Taiwanese vendors during the exhibitions, expressing its satisfaction with the meeting results. Russian defense contractor Artech Systems spoke highly of Taiwanese vendors' capabilities to provide products that meet its needs. US company Jamco Aerospace, which is participating for the first time at these exhibitions, was deeply impressed with the shows and promised to come back again next time. Reporters from the UK's AERO SPACE magazine and the French LE JOURNAL DE L'AVIATION magazine were invited to cover these exhibitions, and they unanimously indicated that overseas exhibitors at this edition outnumbered those from the previous edition, claiming these shows were more international than ever, thanks to a wide variety of products on display.

The Ministry of National Defense Pavilion prepared by the Ministry of National Defense remained a key focal point. Among the 114 product items on display, 80 were new products, fully echoing with the main exhibit theme of "Autonomous National Defense; Building Up the Country's Muscle". In particular, a scale model of a new advanced flight training aircraft designed partially based on the Taiwan Blue Magpie made its debut at these shows. The second-generation "Clouded Leopard" armored vehicles also inspired widespread discussions with its significantly revamped functionality and exteriors. Radiation-resistant unmanned aerial vehicles as well as the ASRD MALE UAV equipped with additional first-aid equipment showcased the NCSIST's R&D capabilities. In addition, the area for simulation systems installed this year not only showcased digitalized simulation training results by Taiwan's armed forces, it also drew the most inquiries from visitors as many attendees stopped by to pay a visit.

A number of exhibitors also concluded these shows with considerable gains. AIDC was granted the Technical Standard Order Authorization for aviation seats by the Civil Aviation Administration, as it signed procurement agreements with four suppliers during these exhibitions, generating around NT$1.8 billion worth of orders and business opportunities. Aviation parts manufacturer Alljack Tech, which took part in these exhibitions as an exhibitor for the first time this year, fielded many inquiries from foreign buyers and was very positive about its participation. Getac Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of military-grade computers, not only drew buyers from the U.S., Russia and Thailand to meetings, but also managed to familiarize more people with its brand and products via its exhibits. On the other hand, Lockheed Martin from the U.S., making its fifth straight appearance here, was very pleased with the fact that it was able to touch base with many important people during the show, expressing their approval to organizers for their thoughtfulness. Meanwhile, first time exhibitor Honeywell has expressed its willingness to expand its presence and booths at the next exhibition.

The biannual "TADTE" and "Drone Taiwan" are organized by TAITRA and co-organized by the Committee for Aviation Industry Development, MOEA and Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association. The next edition of these exhibitions is scheduled to take place in August 2019. More details will be made available on the official website:www.TADTE.com.tw

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