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June 30, 2013


Masilun is an American who is living in China's capital, Beijing, where he works as a professional photographer, photography instructor and contributor to Getty Images. Masilun is fluent in Chinese, which facilitates his work in China, and travels widely throughout Asia Read full story

Boost your success with boutique Taiwan products at Taiwan Hardware Show 2013 

Taiwan ranks 3rd in global export value of the hardware industry. It is famous for high quality and innovative products with competitive prices. It also holds the position of the world's top industry cluster according to the 2012-2013 Global Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Read full story

Record Number of Exhibitors Expected for July Book Fair

Cultural July will take place alongside the Book Fair. The month-long festival begins 25 June and continues through July. Cultural July will feature seminars, author sessions, cultural tours and other activities in venues throughout Hong Kong. Read full story

Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair and Office Expo Asia 2013 go Eco-friendly 

Together, SGPFair and OEA are Singapore and the region's leading platforms for corporate and office buyers sourcing for gifts, premiums and office solutions, as well as meeting the ambitions of the corporate business domain.  Read full story 

2012 Hong Kong Exhibition Survey: Resilient industry ready for new developments

The 2012 survey shows an easing of the steady growth of the previous few years as global uncertainties continued to make their presence felt. Overall, performance held steady year-on-year, with ongoing growth from China a firm reminder of the huge potential from that market. Read full story

Creating Integrated and Sustainable Gas Markets to Fuel Asia

Asia's growing reliance on imports and long-term contracts has raised doubts over the sustainability of its gas market. As the fastest growing gas market, the big question is, is the region able to move from it's traditionally oil linked price index to a more competitive and sustainable market? Read full story

9th Railworld Summit 2013 Tapping Into Local Potential, Myriad Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic, fast-growing regions in the world today. It offers a market of 590 million people, rich natural resources, skilled labor, and an export industry concentrated in global high-growth sectors - all tied together in the ASEAN free-trade area.  Read full story

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