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December 15, 2013

Getting Students to Want to Learn More

The Bio Potluck teachers' study group started by Chien Chih-hsiang has rallied biology teachers from around Taiwan to share innovative teaching methods that have students wishing class won't end.    Read full story

Retail Asia Expo is where retailers come to shop!
Held for the 6th year, Retail Asia Expo is an annual trade show and conference that caters to retailers in Asia Pacific. The award-winning exhibition consists of four focus areas: Retail Technology, Retail Design & In-Store Marketing, eCommerce World and Retail Property.   Read full story 

HKCEC celebrates 25 years of success with clients and partners
In celebration of HKCEC's 25th anniversary, HML has produced a designated mini-website featuring milestones of the HKCEC, and celebration activities for HML staff members, clients and partners, as well as the general public of Hong Kong, etc.    Read full story

ProWine China: The market is ripe for harvesting

Today's wine drinker in China is thirsty for knowledge, wants background information, and likes to experience new tastes and varieties. Pure consumption is developing into a true wine culture. The market is alive and in the process of being taken over by a new generation of young wine drinkers.   Read full story

Third Intellectual Property Forum Opens in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been one of the world's key trading economies and a global financial centre. Now, with mainland China taking off as an important IP supplier and user, Hong Kong is poised to become the Asian region's IP trading hub. Read full story

Environmentalists hail shark fin ban

Environmentalists hailed a Chinese government ban on serving shark's fin and bird's nest soup among other wild animal products at official functions on Monday, saying it will set a precedent that will help protect endangered species.  Read full story 

The Drive to Urbanise

The Chinese mainland's urbanisation policy has been spurred by empirical evidence from around the world showing that grouping populations in cities boosts production and productivity. Cities also encourage consumption, especially when it comes to nurturing a rapidly growing consumer class with rising purchasing power. Read full story

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