Shanghai HR Seminar 2015
Date : Jun 26, 2015
Opening Hours : 13:00 - 18:00
Venue : Four Seasons Hotel, Shanghai
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Country : china
Organizer : ZW HR Consulting
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Join a diverse panel of Human Resource experts for “What Keeps Human Resource Leaders Up at Night”. During the seminar, our keynote speakers will discuss the most pressing and relevant issues being faced by today’s HR professionals, such as:

- Processes to conduct successful recruitment
- Benchmarking salaries in China for 2015/16
- Talent Acquisition and E-Recruitment Systems
- Staff Retention & Attraction
- Succession Planning & Talent Management
- Managing and developing multiple generations in the workplace
- Dilemma of HR function in the current age of business changes
- Ways of regaining HR's credibilities as strong business partner
- How to stay motivated and engaged as an HR professional
- And much more!

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ZW Annual HR Seminar

Issues That Keep HR Leaders Up at Night

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