MatDispens 2019
Date : Nov 14, 2019 - Nov 16, 2019
Opening Hours : 9am to 6pm
Venue : Bombay Exhibition Center
Location Address : Goregaon East, NESCO, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Country : India
Organizer : Focussed events
Show URL :
Number of exhibitors : 84
Major Exhibits :

Material :
 Adhesives of all types - Acrylic, Epoxy resin, Cyanacrylate etc.
 Plural component materials such as Polyurethanes , Epoxies, Resins, Silicones
 Conformal Coatings
 Sealants
 Thermal Interface Material
 Thermally Conductive gap filling materials
 Potting compounds
 Coating
 Encapsulation materials
 Pastes
 Joint sealing compounds
 Adhesive Tapes

Lubrication :
 Industrial Lubricants
 Metal working Fluids
 Industrial Greases
 Automotive Coolants

Equipment :
 Dispensing Machines & Dosing Systems
 Quenching & Hardening Equipment
 Curing & Drying machines
 Powder Coating
 Dispensing Consumables and accessories - Syringes, cartridges, needles, barrels, bottles, nozzles, tips
 Metering & monitoring pumps
 Pressurized Fluid dispensers
 Hot melt application systems
 Mixing systems
 Spraying Systems
 Filling Systems
 R&D centers, Testing facilities
 Soldering Machine

Dispensing Automation :
 Dispensing robots and attachments
 Servo Controllers & PLC
 Vision Inspection Systems
 System Integrators

Introduction :

Right Material, Right Dispensing, Empowering Manufacturing Efficiency Today's manufacturing involves complex designs, new materials and an increased focus on Reducing Costs, Maximizing Productivity, Improving Quality. Today, reducing material wastage while maintaining accuracy is considered a key measure of efficiency in sustainable manufacturing practices, leading to highly advanced technological innovations, making controlled cutting-edge material dispensing possible. The Automotive, Aerospace and Electronics manufacturing industries are characterized by the high usage of innovative materials and more advanced dispensing systems across various production stages that include metalworking, joining and component assembly, and in India, favourable outlook on these industries is bolstering the growth of this segment.

Keywords :
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