e-Waste World 2013
Date : Mar 20, 2013 - Mar 21, 2013
Opening Hours : 8:20 AM to 5:00 PM
Venue : Shanghai
Location Address : 400 Panyu Road 200052, Shanghai, China
Country : China
Organizer : DEMAND-LED
Show URL : http://demand-led.com/ewaste/
Number of exhibitors : 150
Major Exhibits :

Ü Electronics Recyclers
Ü Electronics Manufacturers
Ü Recycling Equipment Manufacturers
Ü Certification Registrars & Consultants Ü Electronic Scrap Refiners & Processors Ü Logistics & Transportation Service Providers Ü Private Equity, Insurance & Venture Capital firms Ü Electronics Retailers, Resellers & Brokers Ü Information Technology Asset Managers

Introduction :

Electronic waste is becoming an increasingly pressing problem in China with the surging of the sales of electronics. It is estimated that the country will be producing more than 6 million tons of electronic discards in 2020.

Among all kinds of wastes, e-waste is one of the most dangerous types. To dispose them correctly, special recycling technology and equipment are required. Thus, Chinese government is firmly determined to control this problem in a sustainable manner. Against the background, e-Waste World 2013 will be held in Shanghai on 20-21 March.

E-waste refers to electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.” Computers, televisions, refrigerator, stereos and fax machines are common electronic products. Most of the e-waste contains toxic materials which can cause severe environmental pollution if not properly handled. The Chinese government has been encouraging recycling and centralized treatment of e-waste, because those staff can be turned into useful materials after refurbishment and extraction. Local e-waste recycling company will jointly funded by oversea company, bringing advanced technology and managing experience to the joint venture.
e-Waste World 2013 will offer you a unique opportunity to know the Chinese government incentives and policies, e-Waste management in Asia (especially in China, India, and Japan), real-life case study of OEM’s, unique perspectives from key players for recycling methodologies and dispositions.

This summit will also offer you a unique opportunity to showcase your products and services. You can take a leadership position within the global e-Waste management.

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