PaintExpo Headed for Record-Breaking Numbers
Nov 17, 2017

7th World’s Leading Trade Fair for Industrial Coating Technology from 17 to 20 April 2018 in Karlsruhe (Germany)

Oberboihingen --( ASIA TODAY )-- Where painting and coating processes are concerned, coating job-shops and companies with in-house painting operations around the world are facing the challenge of reducing costs, and at the same time enhancing the quality, the productivity, the flexibility and the sustainability of the painting process. Appropriate solutions will be presented at PaintExpo, whose exhibitor list already includes roughly 450 companies five months before the event opens (status as of 10 November 2017). The exhibition programme at the world’s leading trade fair for industrial coating technology at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from 17 through 20 April 2018 ranges from pre-treatment right on up to quality control and packaging.

Whether industrial manufacturing or the production of consumer goods is involved, industrial coating technology plays a decisive role as a key technology. Depending on the product and the task at hand, various functional and decorative requirements need to be fulfilled. Regardless of whether metals, plastics, wood and wooden materials, glass or composites have to be coated, demands placed upon quality and individuality are increasing continuously around the globe. And cost pressure is increasing at the same time. The competitiveness of coating operations will depend to a great extent on whether or not they succeed in painting at even higher levels of quality, and at the same time more flexibly, more ecologically and more economically, as well is in a more resource-conserving manner. PaintExpo, taking place at the Karlsruhe exhibition Centre from 17 to 20 April 2018, will present offerings to this end which are unparalleled anywhere else around the world. 450 companies have already made firm bookings for their booths, including all of the market and technology leaders. “Renowned companies who haven’t previously exhibited have also registered for the upcoming PaintExpo. And thus it’s already plainly apparent today that we’ll present the visitors with the world’s most up-to-date and comprehensive offerings for industrial coating technology, and thus for dealing with the challenges they’re faced with”, reports Jürgen Haußmann, managing director of event promoters FairFair GmbH.

Solutions Ranging from Pre-Treatment right on up to Final Inspection
Whether liquid painting, powder coating or coil coating is required, the exhibition program of the world’s leading trade fair covers the entire process sequence for industrial coating technology. Amongst other things, developments for the treatment of multi-metal substrates will be presented in the field of pre-treatment in addition to wet chemical processes such as iron and zinc phosphatising, as well as nano-ceramic systems. Due to their space-saving and resource-conserving modes of operation, as well as their ability to be integrated inline, dry pre-treatment processes like CO2 snow-jet and plasma cleaning are becoming more and more significant.

The trend towards ever smaller manufacturing lots, a growing multitude of colours and increasing individualization is being responded to by the manufacturers with system and optimisation concepts which are consistently laid out for flexibility and efficiency, and assure ideal coating quality. Innovative masking solutions are also generating savings. Painting robots and automation solutions which have been specially developed for the coating industry, as well as spray guns and high-speed rotary atomisers laid out for maximised efficiency, permit targeted application and reduced scrap, and thus cost reductions too. A further approach to reducing material consumption and increasing flexibility involves intelligent paint logistics with flexible paint feeding systems. Where efficient overspray scrubbing is concerned, demand is continuously increasing for dry scrubbing systems. New, optimised drying technologies and conveyor systems are making a contribution to reduced energy consumption, and thus to lower unit costs as well. They’re laid out to minimise the loss of conditioned air and heat.

In the field of liquid painting, the trend continues towards painting systems which permit a reduction in the number of required painting steps. Efforts to replace solvent-based paints with water-based systems also continue uninterruptedly. In the field of powder coating, low-temperature, thin-film and so-called “powder-in-powder” coating systems are promoting reduced consumption of energy and materials, as well as increased productivity.

Info Box
The 7th world’s leading trade fair for industrial coating technology will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from the 17th through 20th of April, 2018. PaintExpo’s exhibition programme covers coating equipment for liquid, powder, UV, immersion and coil processes, paints and enamels for all processes, application systems and spray guns, automation and conveyor technology, cleaning and pre-treatment, drying and curing, environmental technology, pneumatics, compressed air supply and exhaust purification, water treatment, recycling and disposal, accessories, masking, measuring and test technology, quality assurance, identification, paint stripping, job-shop coating, services and technical literature.

Further information and a preliminary exhibitor list can be accessed at

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Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology 2017 Concurrent Forums Analysed Building Internet of Things
Nov 14, 2017

SHANGHAI --( ASIA TODAY )-- The 11th edition of Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology - SIBT) ended on a positive note with a record-breaking number of visitors. The fair was held concurrently with Shanghai Smart Home Technology (SSHT) from 5 – 7 September 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Collectively, the two shows hosted 240 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions which displayed the latest intelligent building and smart home technologies. The 2017 edition also welcomed a record-breaking 27,275 visitors from 54 countries and regions, an 18% increase from last year.

Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, said: “The 11th edition of SIBT concluded with great success. We would like to express our gratitude to our industry friends for their generous support. China’s new urbanisation and development of IoT is having a huge impact on the building industry. Conventional buildings are evolving into intelligent buildings that can provide greater comfort and convenience and it is well understood that IoT will bring sweeping changes to the industry. In addition, a series of thought-provoking forums and seminars were held covering topics including connectivity, IoT, smart hotels, intelligent building and smart home standards. Expert speakers were invited to share information about the latest innovations and industry trends with fairgoers in the hope of fostering cross-sector collaboration and technological convergence.”

The Intelligent Engineering Branch of China Exploration & Design Association was one of the fair co-organisers. Ms Hu Ping, President, commented on the show as well as on the future development of the industry: “SIBT is an important fair with strong participation from leading brands and industry professionals. As technologies evolve, people demand better living standards. With the application of smart technologies, buildings not only provide safety and shelter for citizens but they make life more comfortable, greener and healthier.”

Comprehensive display of the latest innovations receives positive approval by fairgoers

Backed by steadfast support from renowned overseas and domestic companies over the years, the fair is dedicated to presenting innovative solutions. Participating exhibitiors included A-OK, ABB, ANJUBAO, Apollo, AVE-Leelen, Baiwei, CARLO, Dnake, DUEMMEGI, EnOcean Alliance, HDL, Honyar, HUTLON, KNX Association, Rishun, RUI XIANG, SAVEKEY, Security & Fire, SenseAir, Supcon, Systec, T-Touching, Taijeisai, WISTAR and ZF Friedrichshafen.

China Security & Fire IoT Sensing Co Ltd specialises in sensors. Mr Tang Fei, Manager, was pleased with the progress demonstrated by the industry over the past few years: “Although the intelligent building industry takes time to achieve technological breakthroughs, the speed of applying these new ideas into products is always stunning. I am glad to see many theories raised during the previous editions have been put into reality this year.”

Zhejiang Supcon Instrument Co Ltd focuses on design, research and development of intelligent buildings and smart cities. Mr Wang Kai, Chief Engineer, Building Intelligence Division, shared: “Our systems are particularly designed for commerical and public buildings. We exhibit at SIBT on a regular basis as we see the fair as a must-attend industry event. We also participated in the forum this year and the quality of the attendees was impressive. In addition to the integration and introduction of technologies, setting up a uniform standard is also vital to help the smart industry progess.”

Guangdong Digital Technology Co Ltd was a first-time exhibitor. The company engages in building intercoms, parking, access control systems and smart homes. Ms Zhang Shuming, Vice President and General Manager of Smart Integration Business Department said: “Intelligent buildings involve a wide range of disciplines including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, building and data communication. Only if every enterprise strives to perform at its best will the industry develop further. The visitor flow was far beyond my expectation. Visitors were able to fully experience the products and technologies on display during the show. SIBT is an ideal platform for business promotion.”

Concurrent forums analysed future industry trends with a spotlight on Building Internet of Things (BIoT)

The ever-changing intelligent building market creates an increasing demand for innovative technologies and ideas. This year, SIBT explored future industry trends with a spotlight on Building Internet of Things (BIoT). Influential decision-makers were invited to the fair to share their thoughtful insights:

* Intelligent buildings

Organised by Engineering Intelligent Design Branch of China Exploration and Design Association, Engineering Intelligent Design Branch of China Exploration and Design Association Shanghai Expert Committee, and Intelligent Building & Smart City Magazine, the forum “Intelligent Building.Smart Future--Intelligent Building Industry Integrated Development Forum 2017” discussed the technological integration, development and innovation of the industry. Ms Hu Ping, President, Engineering Intelligent Design Branch of China Exploration and Design Association, stated: “The forum was well-received and fully occupied, some attendees who were not able to get seats had to stand in the seminar area for the presentation. The forum was a great occasion for them to learn from the assembled experts and to learn about innovative technologies. The forum will not only help their individual work, but also assist the industry as a whole to make further progress.”

* Connectivity

Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) organised a seminar entitled “The Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Intelligent Buildings and Multi-Dwelling Unit Buildings”. Mr Greg Walker, Research Director, CABA, was invited as a speaker. He remarked: “The forum analysed the issue from the perspectives of different stakeholders. I think the content really matched what the industry needs. The questions from the floor reflected the quality of the attendees and their feedback was positive.”

* Intelligent hotels

Ms Helen Huang, Secretary-General of China Hotel Engineering Alliance, was invited to be one of the guest speakers of the forum “New Thinking on Intelligent Hotel - Increase in service value when hotels become intelligent”. Other speakers were from ABB, Eastsoft, Haier, Lutron, Tridium and VersLink. Ms Huang said: “The participating companies at the forum represented different sectors including wireless technologies, smart lighting and lighting control. Before applying smart products in homes, a lot of people gain firsthand experience of using these products when staying in hotels. The hotel industry is the pioneer of smart technologies. The attendees raised questions which identified the current challenges we are facing and it was an excellent occasion for information exchange and learning new ideas.”

* Intelligent building and smart home communication protocols

A diverse array of forums were organised to enhance the communication and integration among smart system providers. Participating organisations include EnOcean Alliance, KNX Association, LonMark International, Wi-Fi Alliance and Zigbee Alliance. As the speaker of “EnOcean Batteryless Wireless Technology for Intelligent Buildings and IoT - Embracing the Internet of Things in the New Era of Cognitive Buildings”, Mr Graham Martin, Chairman & CEO, EnOcean Alliance, commented: “In commercial buildings, users are not always concious of energy saving. Therefore, property owners are more determined to adopt energy-saving technologies to reduce operation costs. I am glad to see the forum was successfully held and a full-house exceeded my expectations. The forum acts as a highly efficient avenue for industry peers to learn about the latest market intelligence. Attendees can listen to their topics of interest and then go to the booth and talk to the experts in detail after the seminar.”

KNX Association organised “KNX Technical Seminar” to explore future developments in smart homes and smart cities through case studies. Ms Shen Pu, Executive Secretary, KNX China, shared: “In addition to helping audiences better understand our brand, we also provided new angles for the audience to view the industry. For example, the emergence of smart hospitals has allowed us to examine in more detail medical issues related to aging populations. The forum was well-attended and feedback from audience was positive.”

Wi-Fi Alliance elaborated on the application of smart living by presenting the topic “Wireless to Smart by Wi-Fi Alliance”. Mr Jerry Huang, Director, Greater China Region, Wi-Fi Alliance, said: “I would like to provoke new thinking by illustrating case studies related to chips, modules, solutions, strategy and end-users’ market. The forum was in line with the market’s expectation and the audience was highly engaged in the discussion.”

Zigbee Alliance introduced its technologies and illustrated the application through the topic of “Smart Inside, Beauty Outside”. Ms Laura Shang, China Regional Representative, Zigbee Alliance, said: “Most of the attendees were from the smart home sector which meets our expectation. The guest speakers we invited covered a full spectrum of the industry including chips and modules. It was an efficient platform for industry professionals to discuss the latest trends.”

Organised by a&s, the forum “Application of Intelligent Open Video Technology Innovation Forum” introduced security products and technologies with a wide range of smart features. These smart security solutions are able to be applied in many different ways for industrial and urban planning.

SIBT is jointly organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, Shanghai Hongshan Exhibition Service Co Ltd, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade – Shanghai Pudong Sub Council and the Intelligent Engineering Branch of China Exploration & Design Association. The next edition of the fair will be held from 3 – 5 September 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China.

SSHT and SIBT are both headed by the biennial Light + Building event which will take place from 18 – 23 March 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. Messe Frankfurt also organises a series of light and building technology exhibitions in China including the Shanghai International Lighting Fair, Parking China, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology. The company's light and building technology fairs also extend to markets in Argentina, India, Russia, the UAE and other countries and regions.

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Shanghai Smart Home Technology 2017 concluded with record-breaking visitor attendance
Nov 14, 2017

The concepts of ‘innovation’, ‘core technology’, ‘trends’ and ‘connectivity’ help illustrate future industry progression

SHANGHAI --( ASIA TODAY )-- The third edition of Shanghai Smart Home Technology (SSHT) concluded on a bright note. The fair was held concurrently with Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (SIBT) from 5 – 7 September 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai. Collectively, the two shows hosted 240 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions which showcased the latest smart home and intelligent building innovations. The fairs also welcomed a record-breaking 27,275 visitors, an 18% increase from last year, from 54 countries and regions.

Regarding this year‘s fair, Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, commented: “I would like to express my gratitude to our co-organisers, especially China Smart Home Industry Alliance (CSHIA) as well as all of our industry peers for their support. This year, SSHT elaborated on current industry movements through four concepts — ‘innovation’, ‘core technology’, ‘trends’ and ‘connectivity’. The development of Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud platform has changed our everyday habits and these ongoing developments are driving the smart home industry to go further. The fair successfully positions itself as a one-stop showcase platform covering a full spectrum of exhibits. In order to foster information exchange and collaboration, we organised a series of seminars and forums. To make smart living a reality we will require new ideas, hardware and above all a close-knit industry. We are confident to make SSHT an influential event to offer a comprehensive display for industry professionals.”

The concepts of ‘innovation’, ‘core technology’, ‘trends’ and ‘connectivity’ help illustrate future industry progression

Innovation – Gathering leading brands to exhibit the latest inventions As smart technlogies evolve, the market is continually searching for cutting-edge solutions. SSHT gathers renowned overseas and domestic brands to present their latest technologies. Featured exhibitors included ABB, ANJUBAO, Apollo, Atte, AVE-Leelen, backaudio, Baiwei, Cinemaster, Crodigy, CSHIA, Dnake, Dorlink, Eastsoft, EnOcean Alliance, Fantem, Haier, HDL, HEKR, Hi-Champ, Honyar, HUTLON, KNX Association, Konke, Moorgen, Ohosure, RAYING, Rici, Sonos, T-touching, Tijio, UIOT, Wensi and Wise.

* From individual smart home products to total solutions

Following the success of individual smart home products entering into homes, the growing demand for total solutions is pushing businesses to develop smart home systems that seamlessly connect multiple devices under one roof.

Mr Johnnie Lin, CEO of Hangzhou Konke Information Technology Co Ltd, exhibiting at SSHT for the second time, commented: “We would like to connect with system developers, engineers and building decoration companies. We met around 30 potential business partners on the morning of the first day. The significant application of smart home technologies can be well illustrated by the rollout of smart features within new-built homes. Undoubtedly, the fair is further facilitating the industry‘s development.”

Shenzhen Smart & Aspiration Co Ltd is a third-time exhibitor. Mr Zhang Zerui, Manufacturing Director, said: “Our company specialises in individual smart home products. By connecting individual products, a complete smart home system can be built. The visitor flow at our booth was exceptional. We generated over 100 sales leads on the second day alone. The fair is an ideal platform for opening up new markets.”

* Thriving development of smart home entertainment and audio-visual (AV)

Home entertainment and AV constitutes an important part of smart home and draws strong interest from the industry. Apart from functionality, visitors also have increasing demands for stylish design and higher levels of user-friendliness. This year, CEDIA organised a training course on home theatre design and a dedicated zone was set up to display the latest technologies from the AV and home entertainment sectors.

Sonos Inc is a smart audio company. Mr Mike Tian, Project Manager, said: “It is the first year for us to exhibit as an individual brand and we displayed our entire product line. Visitors were very interested in our products. On the first day of the fair, we obtained contact information from over 200 visitors. They kept coming to our booth and we received solid business enquiries. Smart AV has overcome the shortcomings of coventional audio equipments. The smart speaker race among Apple, Amazon and Google has revealed the huge potential of the sector.”

Crodigy International Technology Co Ltd showcased its diverse range of AV systems. Mr Chen Liang, Marketing Manager, said: “SSHT is a well-organised and important fair for our branding. Most of the industry peers in China took part in the fair. We met many distributors and partners. The future industry trend will be about developing technologies that make products more stable and user-friendly.”

* Smart door locks and home security are on the rise

Ample demand in the end-users market has contributed to a constant influx of new products into the smart door lock sector. Guangdong HUTLON Technology Co Ltd is one of those smart door lock exhibitors. Mr Liu Guanxian, General Manager, Marketing Centre, said: “We would like to meet distributors and integrators for strategic collaboration. SSHT is well-thought-out and there is a good chance to convert the enquiries into business. Industry peers should continue to focus on developing consumer-oriented technologies.”

First-time exhibitor, Guangdong Digital Technology Co Ltd, specialises in access control. Ms Zhang Shuming, Vice President and General Manager of Smart Integration Business Department, stated: “The visitor flow is impressive, which is favourable for expanding our business. Smart home technologies are already widespread in Germany, the UK and the USA. SSHT enables domestic buyers to see the technologies which they have only heard of before.”

* Smart home control systems

Control systems enable users to enhance the intelligence, safety, convenience, comfort and energy efficiency of their homes. Mr Chen ZhiXiong, Chairman of the Board, Guangzhou Vensi Intelligent Technology Co Ltd, shared: “Although the concept of smart homes is gaining popularity, it still takes time to raise the market’s awareness. SSHT is influential in China with excellent visitor flow. Next year, we would like to have our booth at the same location.”

* Pursue forward-thinking solutions

The ‘New Technology and Product Launch’ presentation with the theme of ‘Smart Home Inspires New Ways of Living’ was held to promote collaboration and provide industry insights for future development. Well-known suppliers that took part in the event include 4G Technology, ABB, ANJUBAO, Baiwei, Crodigy, CSHIA, Haier, Moorgen, Mountains Small, Ohosure, Sonos, UIOT and Umeinfo.

Mr Zhu Huihui, Project Manager of Taizhou Qianxi Smart Technology Ltd was visiting the show for the third time. He commented: “SSHT is one of the most well-organised smart home fairs in China. I am here to find out more about the latest trends. The new features of WeChat and robots in smart home systems were standout exhibits that caught my attention. Visiting the show was very thought-provoking.”

Core technology – Integrating cross-sector expertise to enhance competitiveness Technological convergence across different sectors is the key of success. Forums covering core technologies were organised to serve as an interactive platform to help industry peers keep abreast of new trends.

* Connectivity

HomeGrid Forum is dedicated to promoting technology, which is a globally recognised gigabit home networking technology. Renowned speaker, Len Dauphinee, Ph. D., Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Broadband Group, MaxLinear Inc, shared: “Smart homes begin with devices. The next level is to connect all the devices together at a low cost. It was really encouraging to see a full house during the forum and it was well arranged and interactive. Attendees actively engaged in the discussion and asked some good questions after the presentation.”

* Internet of Things (IoT) technology

The speaker of the forum “ARM Mbed: Internet of Possible”, Mr David Pan, Director of Marketing, Asia, ARM China, said: “It is important to arouse the audience’s interest by exploring the latest successful cases. IoT is no longer a fleeting idea, but a real business application. I believe the forum helped attendees better understand the convergence of smart home and IoT, and also its impacts on smart technologies.”

Trends – Keeping up with market intelligence to capture opportunities for growth Keeping track of future trends is important for industry professionals in a constantly changing market. SSHT invited domestic and overseas expert speakers to share new ideas during the seminars. Topics included:

* Information Security

One of the co-organisers of SSHT, CSHIA, organised “China Smart Home Industry Alliance (CSHIA) Eastern China Summit - The Information Security of Smart Home”. Mr Steven Zhou, Secretary General of CSHIA, stated: “Smart home security is now a reality with concrete technological applications. The forum focused on information security issues which can be of concern to many consumers. A wide range of solutions were displayed and industry viewpoints shared to help further enhance smart home security.”

* NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT)

Mr Ge Hantao, Deputy Director of Strategic Planning and Research Department, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), Chief Researcher of IoT Industry, CCTL, was the speaker of “NB-IoT and Smart Home”. He said: “The rise of smart homes can improve people’s lives by reducing the application cost of technologies. The forum was well-arranged with an impressive number of attendees. It is a great platform for exchanging market intelligence.”

* Robot

The speaker of “Tencent Qrobot (Second Generation) Intelligent Robot Strategic Launch and Industry Application Summit”, Mr Jin Fang, Director of Smart Device Product, Social Platform Department, Tencent, said: “Artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used among different sectors. Features such as voice and facial recognition require big data collected by robots. The quality of the audience was incredible which made the forum a great occasion to mingle with experts.”

Connectivity – Enhancing the communication between different smart system providers A diverse array of forums were organised to enhance the communication and integration among smart system providers. Participating organisations included EnOcean Alliance, KNX Association, LonMark International, Wi-Fi Alliance and Zigbee Alliance.

Wi-Fi Alliance elaborated on the application of smart living by presenting the topic “Wireless to Smart by Wi-Fi Alliance”. Mr Jerry Huang, Director, Greater China Region, Wi-Fi Alliance, said: “I would like to provoke new thinking by illustrating case studies related to chips, modules, solutions, strategy and end-users’ market. The forum was in line with the market’s expectation and the audience was highly engaged in the discussion.”

Zigbee Alliance introduced its technologies and illustrated the application through the topic of “Smart Inside, Beauty Outside”. Ms Laura Shang, China Regional Representative, Zigbee Alliance, said: “Most of the attendees were from the smart home sector which meets our expectation. The guest speakers we invited covered a full spectrum of the industry including chips and modules. It was an efficient platform for industry professionals to discuss the latest trends.”

KNX Association organised “KNX Technical Seminar” to explore future developments within smart homes and cities through case studies. Ms Shen Pu, Executive Secretary, KNX China, shared: “In addition to helping the audience better understand our brand, we also provided new angles for audience to examine the industry. Smart hospitals have aroused concerns towards medical issues related to aging populations. The forum was well-attended and audiences’ feedback was positive.”

SSHT is organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade – Shanghai Pudong Sub-Council, Shanghai Hongshan Exhibition Service Co Ltd and the China Smart Home Industry Alliance (CSHIA). The next edition of the fair will be held from 3 – 5 September 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China.

SIBT will once again be held concurrently with SSHT to showcase intelligent building technologies and solutions for building energy saving, the smart community and smart hotels. The fair is committed to presenting the concept of Building Internet of Things and driving the industry forward. This will eventually mean the concept of intelligent building evolving from an individual building to a cluster of buildings and moving further towards intelligent technologies and digitisation. Many hope that the idea of cognitive buildings will eventually be realised.

SSHT and SIBT are both headed by the biennial Light + Building event which will take place from 18 – 23 March 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. Messe Frankfurt also organises a series of light and building technology exhibitions in China including the Shanghai International Lighting Fair, Parking China, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology. The company's light and building technology fairs also extend to markets in Argentina, India, Russia, the UAE and other countries and regions.

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The Next Generation: New helium leak detector PHOENIX 4 from Leybold
Nov 08, 2017

After 15 years, Leybold is launching the PHOENIX 4, a new family of helium leak detectors to meet the increasing quality requirements. This innovative product is equally suited to the demands of research and development as for those of industrial applications - from securing the ultra-high vacuum demands in CERN's particle accelerator, to industrial applications such as leak detection in the Hyperloop vacuum transport system or for semiconductor production.

Functional design concept
With its ergonomic design and improved measuring characteristics, the fourth generation PHOENIX sets new standards - especially in terms of operating comfort, response times, helium sensitivity and reliability. Moreover, the stationary and mobile models are easier to handle and maintain than their predecessors. For example, it is now possible to change the filter without removing the housing. This compact, versatile helium leak detector is available in three classes, the PHOENIX Vario, PHOENIX Quadro, and PHOENIX Magno, which are designed for various customer applications with their different pumping speed configurations.

Optimized human-machine interfaces
The thorough facelift focused on improving the monitoring and control functionality, as well as the need to meet the increased demands on leak detection performance. Accordingly, the PHOENIX 4 can be operated comfortably via a color touch display or wirelessly with any Internet-capable mobile device, due to the integrated web server. The optimized design of the display allows users to intuitively navigate through the menu and the sensitive touch displays and push-buttons can be easily activated.

Extended by useful features
“In the PHOENIX 4, we have added useful features to the proven equipment features of the predecessor L300i," explains Dr. Sina Forster, the responsible Leybold product manager. For example, the number of interfaces for data acquisition, communication and system integration has been increased. Additional communication and bus interfaces are now integrated directly at the leak detector alongside with new, optional interface modules. These enhanced communication interfaces facilitate easy data export and the creation of test reports.

Uniform technology platform
In addition to the new design and the intelligent connections, the PHOENIX is also defined by its "inner values". The entire PHOENIX-4 series is based on a uniform technology platform and contains the identical measuring system, not least for economic reasons. The models and versions are differentiated by the backing pumps and pumping speed configurations.

Models for all cases
As the smallest in its class, the PHOENIX 4 Vario is a suitable space-saving system in special research applications. The designers went without an integrated backing pump leaving more flexibility, not least due to its low weight of 30 kilograms. The next variant in line, the PHOENIX 4 Quadro, has an oil-sealed TRIVAC rotary vane vacuum pump as backing pump. In the dry version of the Quadro, a diaphragm pump is used. This variant is perfect for use in analytical technology, the food and packaging industry as well as in automotive production. The model range is rounded off with the most powerful leak detector, the PHOENIX 4 Magno for large test volumes. In the oil- sealed version, the SOGEVAC rotary vane vacuum pump is installed, whereas in the dry version, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump SCROLLVAC is utilized.

Accuracy, reproducibility, speed
In addition to the sensitivity and reproducibility of reliable leak rate measurements, users of the PHOENIX-4 family benefit from the fast operational readiness and adaptability of the helium leak detector models throughout the range. “These performance characteristics are just as important in high-energy physics, e.g. at the Centre for German Electron Synchrotron DESY for basic scientific research in Hamburg, as they are in semiconductor production," says Product Manager Dr. Sina Forster. Forster concludes, "The two of the most important features of a helium leak detector in all modern applications are its accuracy over a wide measuring range and its time of response.”

The fourth generation of the PHOENIX, one of the fastest and most reliable leak detectors on the market, is now available to enhance user experience worldwide.

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53332 Bornheim
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15th parts2clean bigger and better than ever
Nov 07, 2017

Hannover --( ASIA TODAY )-- The 15th edition of the parts2clean show for industrial parts and surface cleaning was the biggest in its history, and also ranked among the best in terms of attendance. Held in Stuttgart, Germany, from 24 to 26 October, parts2clean 2017 featured 253 exhibitors from 16 nations. Its displays filled more than 7,300 square meters (78,500 sq. ft.) of space, making it the biggest parts2clean ever in terms of booked space. The end-of-show tally shows that parts2clean 2017 was also a major success in terms of attendance: Over its three-day run, parts2clean attracted some 4,900 trade visitors, i.e. nearly 20% more than for the comparable show in 2015. “These outstanding figures reflect the key importance of parts2clean for the industrial parts and surface cleaning industry,” commented Olaf Daebler, Global Director for parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. “Something of at least equal importance was the dynamic, upbeat mood that prevailed throughout the show,” he added.

The visitors came from a total of 41 countries and the share of attendees from abroad was 24% – an increase of 4 percentage points. After Germany, the top countries of visitor origin were Switzerland (16%) and Austria (12%), followed by France, Sweden and the Netherlands with 6% each. This broad international mix was reflected in the diversity of the contacts fielded by exhibitors. Here, for example, is what Detlef Lang, Technical Sales Optical Microscopy, Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, said: “We encountered a lot of international visitors – people from countries like France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Turkey. Most of them were here primarily in order to gather information, but there were also some with specific projects in mind who requested quotes right then and there.” About a third of the visitors from abroad opted to spend two to three days at the show.

Quality visitors with high degree of decision-making authority
The facts and figures only tell half of the story, the other half being the high level of exhibitor satisfaction generated by parts2clean’s top-notch audience. 26% of all attendees were top-level executives, and another 27% were from managerial backgrounds. Moreover, a very pleasing 87% of the visitors were professionals who play a major role in their organizations’ purchasing decisions. “81% of all parts2clean visitors come ready to invest,” Daebler noted. “And about 80% of their planned expenditures are pegged for realization within 12 months of the end of the show. Furthermore, about half of the planned purchases are for volumes in excess of 100,000 euros.”

For many exhibitors, this highly investment-ready audience translated into firm purchase orders signed right on site. Weber Ultrasonics AG is a case in point: “We presented our new ultrasound generator at parts2clean and attracted a great deal of interest on the part of customers and new prospects, alike,” explains Sales Director Florian Weber. “As a result, we were able to bring two projects to a successful close right here at the show.” Another company to successfully shake hands at parts2clean was acp – advanced clean production GmbH. CEO Hans-Jörg Wössner explains: “Throughout the three days of the show we found ourselves in constant dialogue with parties interested in implementing CO2 snow cleaning as an integral process in their production and assembly lines, thus testifying to the steady rise of this technology as an enabler for Industry 4.0. As a result, we generated a lot of high-caliber leads and fielded a lot of promising inquiries. Not only that, we also managed to sell a manual, turnkey cleaning system.” Alberto Tromponi, President of Italian parts cleaning firm Cemastir Lavametalli srl, was likewise very happy with the outcome of the show. “We’ve been exhibiting at parts2clean regularly for several years, and this year the show was excellent for us. We will definitely be back next year,” he said. Joe. A. Kennedy, Vice President of UK firm Andritz Powerlase Ltd, has also already decided to exhibit at the next show: “This was our first time exhibiting at parts2clean, so, needless to say, we wanted our showcase to be a success. Well, I’m pleased to say our expectations were met in every respect. The show was professionally run and very well organized, and we made a number of valuable contacts; so, yes, we will be exhibiting again in 2018.” In a similarly positive vein, Rainer Straub, Director Sales, Ecoclean GmbH (previously Dürr Ecoclean) had this to say: “We used this year’s parts2clean to appear under our new Ecoclean Group brand while at the same time demonstrating to visitors that they can expect the same professionals, the same technology and the same great quality they have come to know and value. The response was tremendous,. Practically every visitor at our stand was there with specific particulate or film decontamination projects in mind.”

Virtually every conversation transitioned rapidly to in-depth, detailed business dialogue, due in large measure to the fact that an impressively high 99% of the show’s visitors were industry professionals. That’s the message from the exhibitors, including Heiko Barth, European OEM Manager at Houghton Deutschland GmbH: “We got talking with many highly promising prospects who had come to us in search of solutions to the real-world challenges they are facing. They were from a very wide range of industries and countries, and the talks we had with them were a goldmine of information. What’s more, all the big-name cleaning plant manufacturers are represented here, so for us as manufacturers of cleaning media, there were plenty of opportunities to initiate and grow key relationships.” The U.S.-based chemicals supplier Kyzen shares this positive impression of parts2clean’s value as a networking platform. Its Chief Product Line Manager Industrial, Chuck Sexton, explains: “We’ve been exhibiting at parts2clean for 10 years. It’s the No. 1 event on our tradeshow calendar, and it always delivers. We always manage to meet up with customers and prospects from around the world, and we value the opportunity to network and discuss specific projects face-to-face with our European cleaning plant partners.”

Parts cleaning remains a growth area
This year’s international parts2clean trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning was attended by company representatives from a very diverse range of industries. The top industries of origin were mechanical engineering, chemical and process engineering, and surface finishing. The automotive industry also had a strong showing, holding steady at 32% of the total trade visitor turnout. 53% of the visitors surveyed feel that parts cleaning – and hence parts2clean as an information and procurement platform – is going to become increasingly important in their industries. This conviction was voiced by as many as 6% more attendees than at the previous parts2clean.

The growing importance of parts cleaning is not confined to the German-speaking world – a fact evident, among other things, in the strong interest among international visitors in the show’s English-language Guided Tours and in the simultaneously translated (German<>English) presentations at the parts2clean forum.

Deutsche Messe AG
2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Deutsche Messe AG, which was founded in 1947 with the staging of Germany’s first-ever Export Fair. Seven decades later, Deutsche Messe has taken its place among the world’s top organizers of capital goods trade fairs, sporting a rich portfolio of events held in Germany and around the globe. With 2016 revenue of 302 million euros, the company ranks among the five biggest trade show companies in Germany. Its portfolio includes such world-class events as (in alphabetical order) CEBIT (business festival for innovation and digitization), CeMAT (intralogistics and supply chain management), didacta (education), DOMOTEX (carpets and other floor coverings), HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technology), INTERSCHUTZ (fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue, safety and security), LABVOLUTION (lab technology) and LIGNA (woodworking, wood processing, forestry). The company also regularly hosts a number of internationally renowned events by third parties, among which are AGRITECHNICA (agricultural machinery) and EuroTier (animal production), both of which are staged by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), EMO Hannover (machine tools; staged by the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association, VDW), EuroBLECH (sheet metal working; staged by MackBrooks) and IAA Commercial Vehicles (transport, logistics and mobility; staged by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, VDA). With more than1,200 employees and a network of 58 sales partners, Deutsche Messe is present in about 100 countries.

Your contact for further information:
Tel.: +49 711 854085

For further information,

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BuildTech Asia 2017 sets new attendance record as it expands internationally
Nov 02, 2017

- Industry transformation and regional partnerships took centre stage at this year’s trade show

Singapore, 2 November 2017 --( ASIA TODAY )-- The 7th edition of BuildTech Asia concluded on 26 October with a record number of visitors and international participation since its inception. A key anchor event of the Singapore Construction Productivity Week, BuildTech Asia 2017 welcomed some 11,000 professionals, technology experts and distributors from the built environment sector.

Organised by Sphere Exhibits and hosted by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), BuildTech Asia 2017 featured a variety of cutting-edge technologies and solutions in Asia. Over 130 exhibitors showcased virtual reality, drones, smart solutions and other productive technologies in addition to staple exhibits such as construction machinery, equipment, building materials, architectural solutions, and quality finishes at the building technology trade show from 24 to 26 October 2017.

At the opening ceremony of the Singapore Construction Productivity Week, Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development, launched a Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM) for Singapore’s built environment sector. Recognising key global trends which impact the sector such as digital revolution, rapid urbanisation and climate change, the ITM identified Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), as well as green building as key transformation areas to address the challenges faced by the sector.

Mr Hugh Lim, CEO of BCA, said that the transformation process will lead to greater investment in capability building and more collaboration amongst firms to capture new business opportunities. It will also attract more Singaporeans to join the sector as a more technologically advanced workforce is needed.

Echoing the trend in industry transformation, Mr Chua Wee Phong, Chairman of Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd, said: “BuildTech Asia is proud to present a strong showcase of cutting-edge and advanced technologies for the built environment sector. We are heartened to see exponential growth in international attendance which is a strong indicator of the importance of regional industry collaboration, and co-operation between the government, trade industry and community. Such integration across construction markets in the region and beyond signals a strong interest in continued cross-sharing of knowledge and setting of common initiatives that will propel the industry forward.”

Bolstering and furthering regional knowledge exchange

The inaugural SMART Women in Built Environment Conference held alongside BuildTech Asia 2017 was attended by more than 100 industry professionals. Organised by the Prestressed and Precast Concrete Society, Structural Engineering World Congress and Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd, the conference provided a unique perspective on the current progression and empowerment of women professionals in the built environment sector in the region.

Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth, and Trade and Industry, was the Guest-of-Honour. She said that cities around the world including Singapore face pressures of resource scarcity, climate change and population growth. More than ever, we need innovative and sustainable solutions for urban living. As an integral part of the workforce, women have an important role to play in this transformation effort, as leaders, experts and professionals.

Er. Emily Tan, the Organising Chairman of the conference, said: “Regardless of the different practices in each country, both men and women have to be Skilled, Motivated, Articulate, Resourceful and Transformed for the industry to transform and become more productive. We hope that this conference has seeded motivation for more young women to press on, thrive and excel in an ever-changing built environment sector that is no longer gender-specific.”

Leading female professionals and Government representatives from Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore shared the challenges that women face moving up the career ladder in the sector, how they can use their skills to excel in their fields, and ways to retain and empower women in the industry. The conference also served as a forum for all professionals to share their experiences.

Ms. Vivien Ng from VB+E who attended the conference said: “The concept of developing women professionals to step up into the industry into leadership roles provided a different perspective whilst ringing a bell to those already in the force. It is good to have such a platform to inspire and encourage younger professionals to enter the industry confidently.”

A new Built Environment Summit organised by the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) was also held in conjunction with BuildTech Asia 2017. International and local industry experts and leaders discussed what it takes for the built environment sector to remain relevant, seizing opportunities in a growing regional construction market and maintaining business competitiveness.

Bridging industry collaborations between the East and West

Singapore has established itself as Asia’s infrastructure hub, with BuildTech Asia facilitating knowledge sharing in the region. Some 30 trade delegates visited The Wave at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, the first large-scale building in Southeast Asia built using Mass Engineered Timber. Delegates also visited Nanyang Crescent Residential Halls, one of the first few high-rise projects in Singapore to adopt Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC).

In addition to the wide range of associated trade activities, over 30 local and overseas trade mission groups visited BuildTech Asia and fostered business alliances through networking events. The trade show also seeded new partnerships in the region with European markets that were interested to explore more integrated business opportunities.

This year, BuildTech Asia has successfully garnered increased interest from developers as well as architects and interior designers who now see more relevance and the increased importance of their involvement on the trade floor.

Ar. Joan De Leon Tabinas, Chairperson of Architects Working Abroad (ASEAN) and President, Singapore Chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines, said: “We are happy to foster a partnership with BuildTech Asia as we explore more synergistic opportunities amongst our ASEAN counterparts. BuildTech Asia has established itself as a strong regional go-to marketplace for those involved in the built environment sector. Now that AEC is in force, integrated sharing of topics such as infrastructure development between countries will lead to mutual benefits to economies in ASEAN as well as the rest of the world. This will serve as a wide window of opportunity for the advancement of industry and profession towards global practice.”

A showcase of the latest building solutions and innovations

As the region’s leading building technology trade show, BuildTech Asia 2017 brought together an inspiring showcase of the latest building solutions and innovations from countries such as Austria, China, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

A bigger Singapore Public Sector Built Environment Leadership Pavilion showcased 10 public agencies in Singapore that have applied smart solutions and productive technologies in their projects. Visitors also witnessed a live demonstration of constructing building services with prefabricated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) modules at the new Productivity Technology (ProTech) Demonstration.

Innovations by 10 finalists of the second SCAL Productivity and Innovation Awards (PIA) were also showcased for public voting at BuildTech Asia 2017. The PIA is an industry initiative to raise productivity in the construction sector through a ground-up approach for innovative ideas.

The three winning innovations announced at the SCAL Built Environment Summit were:
• Gold: Koh Brothers Building and Civil Engineering Contractor (Pte) Ltd's Moveable Lifting Frame Wall Formwork
• Silver: CS Construction & Geotechnic Pte Ltd's Reinforced Concrete Pile Handler Machine
• Bronze: Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd's Easy Safe Adjustable Riser Platform

Mr Kenneth Loo, President of Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL), said: “SCAL will continue to champion the adoption of game-changing technology, innovative processes and capability building to improve construction productivity as contractors prepare for the future economy. The Productivity and Innovation Awards is an example of such an effort in our continued efforts to expand the foundation of the development of innovative yet practical solutions. BuildTech Asia has proven to be the ideal platform to showcase and broadcast these ideas and prototypes within the industry, in line with government collaborations in this sector. We are happy to continue to co-locate such efforts alongside BuildTech Asia and more importantly, encourage firms in the sector to develop a productive work culture as we strive to realise and deliver the Construction ITM towards a common vision in driving productivity and innovation.”

BuildTech Asia will return to the Singapore Expo in October 2018. Organisations which are keen to exhibit at BuildTech Asia 2018 are welcome to reserve their spaces early. Those interested in forming a trade delegation group are encouraged to email their inquiries to

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About BuildTech Asia 2017

Hosted by Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA), and held during the Singapore Construction Productivity Week (SCPW), BuildTech Asia 2017 is now into its 7th edition focusing on technologies that address the challenges of building and construction across different vertical industries. BuildTech Asia 2017 is 3-day trade event dedicated to make a difference to the future of the industry. For more information, please visit

About the Singapore Construction Productivity Week (SCPW)

Organised by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA), the Singapore Construction Productivity Week (SCPW) is an industry hallmark event for developers, architects, consultants, builders and suppliers to exchange ideas on construction productivity, as well as share the latest developments in new productive technologies, best practices and success stories. For more information, please

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SPH is in the healthcare sector, operating private nursing homes under Orange Valley.

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Shanghai International Lighting Fair acclaimed as an effective business platform by the industry
Oct 25, 2017

Visitors highly commend the engaging concurrent event programme and its thought-provoking topics of discussion

Shanghai -- (ASIA TODAY) -- The fourth edition of the Shanghai International Lighting Fair continued its streak of year-on-year growth by again recording increases in exhibitor and visitor numbers as well as hosting a well-received concurrent event programme. Held from 5 ‒ 7 September at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, the 2017 fair welcomed 238 exhibitors (2016: 124) and 12,147 visitors (2016: 11,958) utilising some 11,500 sqm of exhibition space.

Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, spoke of her pleasure at another successful edition of the fair: “I would like to thank the industry for once again showing its tremendous support during the fair. Each year the fair grows in stature and this year saw yet another great number of exhibitors and visitors. It was an honour to welcome the lighting community to gather once again in Shanghai and explore project-based business opportunities in the region. With strong growth in large-scale lighting infrastructure projects led by the Chinese state in recent years, I believe that there are plentiful opportunities for the industry to secure new business over the coming years.”

Fair receives strong support as an effective business platform by exhibitors and visitors

As the Shanghai International Lighting Fair continues to grow in calibre, more and more exhibitors are saving the date for a return visit. Mr Wang Hao, Project Manager, Beijing Yongdian Ouge Lighting Co Ltd, returns for each edition of the show safe in the knowledge his journey will be worthwhile: “We have been loyal exhibitors at Messe Frankfurt’s shows worldwide including the fairs in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Frankfurt. Our business specialises in outdoor waterproof LED fixtures and motion-detecting LED modules. We have been fortunate to meet some buyers during the fair that already have established design plans and are looking for manufacturers. As a result, we have received a number of production orders.”

Old friends and newcomers to the show were equally generous with their praise for the show’s capacity to help find new business partners and seek out new ventures. Mr. Lezhong Zheng, General Manager, Hangzhou Ou Chuang Lighting Technology Co Ltd, explained: “We specialise in outdoor lighting fixtures and we visited the fair to look for new products. This year, we found outdoor decorative lighting that was particularly attractive. Not only were the products equipped with superior practical functions, but they also had a uniquely beautiful aesthetic. We identified a number of product providers that we will have further discussions with. This was our first time at SILF but it has been a successful fair and I believe we will visit next year.“

Visitors highly commend the engaging concurrent event programme and its thought-provoking topics of discussion

In addition to showcasing the latest products from exhibitors, the Shanghai International Lighting Fair positions itself as a must-attend event to learn more about project-based business in the lighting industry. To facilitate such dissemination of industry knowledge, the fair’s concurrent event programme was greatly expanded. A diverse array of influential guest speakers were invited to deliver talks at four tailor-made seminars; “Lighting Design Agora”, “Human Centric Lighting Projects”, “Smart Lighting ‒ Keeping The Light On” and “Lighting +”.

The concurrent event programme was successful in attracting speakers and attendees from very different backgrounds in order to help promote a meeting of the minds and act as a platform for exchanging new ideas. Mr Matteo Magagnini, Head of Product & Project Solutions, Asia Pacific, iGuzzini Lighting (China) Co Ltd, was keen to explore how lighting professionals were able to arrive at such different solutions: “Since 2005, we have been providing lighting solutions to the China market. However, on this occasion of attending the show, our primary goal was not solely on selling products but to share what we believe is the culture of light. This was why we found the presentation session in the Agora particularly appealing. Not only could we share our knowledge and present forecasts for the industry, but we could also explore how architects and lighting designers from various cultural backgrounds arrive at solutions that greatly differ. The Agora really served as a melting pot of different viewpoints while all still speaking the ‘language of light’. At the end of the day, it is not the physical lighting fixture itself but the resulting light and environment from the fixture that is the most important. The seminar was a wonderful opportunity to explore that.”

Echoing those sentiments was Mr Pedro Pinto, Founder, Pinto Lighting Design, who delivered the talk “The Future of Smart Lighting in Small-Medium Projects” during the Lighting Agora. “The Agora was very practical as it brought together numerous experts from different backgrounds to stimulate a number of wide-ranging conversations. These days everyone is talking about smart lighting, yet professional lighting designers must remind themselves that technology is just a tool. Having a concrete and solid concept actually matters more when it comes to a project.”

A desire to see the various sectors of the lighting industry work closely together was a key theme remarked upon by attendees at the fair. Mr Johan Moritz, Lighting Designer, Streets and Parks Department, City of Malmo, Sweden, mentioned specifically the need for lighting designers to collaborate in a more coordinated fashion: “While a lot of thought goes into IoT and Li-Fi lighting fixtures, products from different companies still do not actually communicate well with each other. For an effective and reliable IoT in the future, the industry must work on a ‘USB’ like communicating network that can fit products of all brands. The Agora was very helpful for the industry, especially for those who wanted to understand the Chinese market better. It was a delight to see the audience was packed to the rafters, demonstrating that the industry in China has a strong understanding of high-level lighting installations.”

With such a concerted effort made to ensure that high quality exhibitors and speakers attend the fair, the desired end result for the organisers is always for attendees to see tangible benefits as a result of their time spent over the three days. Ms Feng Wenling, Lighting Designer, DDC Lighting Design Co Ltd, remarked on the number of new ideas she will discuss with her team. “I travelled to the fair to attend the Lighting Agora and I was very happy to listen to all the talks. The speakers raised a number of forward-looking topics that addressed the development of the lighting industry. I found a talk on ‘health lighting’ particularly interesting as it focused on the importance of changing the colour of the lighting to adapt to the biological clock of the user. It was a thought-provoking idea with practical applications. I would like to discuss this concept with my team and see if we can use this technology in the next generation of our products.“

In total, the concurrent event programme saw more than 30 speakers deliver engaging talks and participate in panel discussions. The organisers were delighted with the success of the revamped format of the programme and hope to build upon this for next year.

The next edition of the Shanghai International Lighting Fair will be held from 3 ‒ 5 September 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The Shanghai International Lighting Fair is headed by the biennial Light + Building event which will take place from 18 – 23 March 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. Messe Frankfurt also offers a series of other light and building technology events worldwide, including the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, BIEL Light + Building in Argentina, Light Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building in Russia as well as Light India, the LED Expo New Delhi and the LED Expo Mumbai in India.

– end –

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DCH and CITIC Pacific establish an investment fund
Oct 23, 2017

Increasing exposure to the consumer and healthcare sectors of Asia

Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited ("DCH", stock code: 1828.HK) announced today that it will partner with its parent company, CITIC Pacific Limited ("CITIC Pacific"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Limited, to establish an investment fund - Tamar Alliance ("Tamar Alliance Fund" or "Fund"). The Tamar Alliance Fund seeks long term capital appreciation through investments in companies in the consumer or healthcare sector. The Fund will initially have US$80 million contributed by DCH and CITIC Pacific equally and will seek for further limited partners.

Strategic Rationale

Increase exposure to growing market opportunity

The Asian market for consumer goods and healthcare products is large and growing rapidly, driven by rising demand from an increasingly affluent middle class across Greater China and Southeast Asia. It is also at the beginning of a long and rich development path. By combining resources with CITIC Pacific and other potential Fund participants, DCH is positioning itself to secure greater exposure to this significant market opportunity.

Build a more sustainable business

With nearly 70 years of experience working alongside over 1,000 brands, DCH is a leading player in the distribution of consumer and healthcare products in Asia. By establishing the Fund to invest directly into companies in this space, DCH will not only increase its exposure to the overall market, but build a virtuous circle in its existing distribution business.

Target companies that receive investment from Tamar Alliance Fund will benefit from more than additional capital. They will gain access to DCH's market knowledge and expertise. These target companies, in turn, will enjoy fully aligned interests when choosing DCH, their investor, as their distribution partner. As they grow, DCH's distribution business will accordingly expand in step, strengthening the company's business in the long-term.

Capture more value

In addition to reinforcing the competitiveness of DCH's distribution business, the establishment of the Fund will open up new revenue streams and opportunities for the Company. It enables DCH to capture investment return from the target companies themselves, as well as enjoy strategic access to a sustainable pool of distribution relationships.

Mr. Frank Lai, CEO of DCH, commented, "With the establishment of the Tamar Alliance Fund, DCH continues a rich history of serving Asian markets and consumers. Equity investment in select companies and the ongoing support of CITIC Pacific will enable us to strengthen existing capabilities and leverage our established regional network to benefit directly from evolving Asian economies."

This press release should be read in conjunction with the full text of DCHs HKEx Announcement dated 23 October 2017, which is available on

About DCH

Dah Chong Hong ("DCH", stock code: 1828.HK) is an integrated motor and consumer products distribution company operating in Asia with an extensive logistics network. DCH is a leading distributor and dealer of motor vehicles in Greater China and provides a full range of motor related services including maintenance, rental, repair and financing. DCH's consumer products business includes the distribution of food and FMCG, healthcare and electronic products as well as food processing, trading and retail.

Dedicated to bringing to quality products to consumers across Asia, DCH is the preferred partner of over 1,000 brands from more than 30 countries with operations in 10 Asian economies.

DCH is a subsidiary of China's largest conglomerate CITIC Limited (stock code: 0267.HK), DCH employs over 17,000 staff across the region. For more details, please

About CITIC Pacific

CITIC Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Limited (SEHK:267), a Hong Kong listed company and the largest conglomerate in China. CITIC Pacific's key businesses include special steel manufacturing, power generation and real estate development. It is also the majority shareholder of two Hong Kong listed companies, Dah Chong Hong and CITIC Telecom International.

Media Enquiries:

Ms. Gwen Walters
(852) 2768 2017

Ms. Katherine Tung
(852) 2768 2585

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A record-breaking of 17,965 visitors highlight the conclusion of ISH Shanghai & CIHE 2017
Oct 19, 2017

Shanghai -- (ASIA TODAY) -- ISH Shanghai & CIHE 2017, the premier HVAC platform presenting one-stop individual heating and home comfort solutions to East and Central China, ended on a positive note. The 2017 fair prominently featured state-of-the-art designs and technologies with energy efficiency and environmental protection key concerns. With an increasingly affluent population that aspires to greater living standards, simple yet effective heating solutions have become a top priority in order to handle colder winters in the region. Held from 5 – 7 September at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the fair was jointly organised by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, Beijing B&D Tiger Exhibition Co Ltd and Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co Ltd.

The fair maintained its position as an influential and comprehensive heating and ventilation event by receiving strong industry support, that was demonstrated by its largest visitor figures in recent years. The fair welcomed 17,965 visitors (2016: 16,527) – an increase of over 8.7% from last year’s exhibition. Reflecting the fact that ISH Shanghai is the industry’s leading event for HVAC industries in East and Central China, the fair welcomed 188 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions.

Ms Lucia Wong, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, commented: “ISH Shanghai & CIHE is one of the most important events for East and Central China’s HVAC market, and the strong business results for exhibitors and buyers this edition once again validates that. The amount of new business and industry feedback that was generated at the show, as expressed by many exhibitors, was the most pleasing aspect for us.”

European Pavilion, Premium and Diankou Zones offered quality products and fulfilled buyers’ sourcing needs

For 2017, the notion of comfortable living continues to be an important theme for ISH Shanghai & CIHE. Many overseas and domestic enterprises use the Shanghai fair as a springboard to penetrate the region’s promising HVAC market. The European Pavilion joined the fair for the fourth time to accommodate the growing demands for HVAC solutions in East and Central China by showcasing its state-of-the-art heating solutions. Furthermore, the returning Premium and newly launched Diankou Zones showcased some of the most innovative HVAC suppliers from China and international countries and regions. Aside from heating, fresh air and air purification as well as water treatment were the defining sections of the fair.

Heating sector

Emission reduction continues to be an important environmental goal for China. To achieve the country’s green objectives, the Chinese government has ordered the immediate implementation of the “Coal-to-electricity” and “Coal-to-natural gas” policies to accelerate China’s clean energy heating reforms. Capitalising on China’s new policies and incentives, Caleido Srl, an Italian company participating at the European Pavilion, promoted their high-quality products with contemporary design and functionality. Mr Alberto Armanelli, Export Manager, said: “As a loyal exhibitor at ISH Frankfurt, we are currently also expanding our business in China. This is our first year at the Shanghai fair and our main objective was to promote our brand and to make ourselves known. Not only did visitors to our booth show strong interest in our products, but also provided us with end-user feedback and ample market information.”

Veito, based in Turkey, shared very similar sentiments. Following on from their success at ISH China & CIHE earlier this May, the company returned to the Shanghai edition. Mr David Guan, General Distributor in Asia from the company, commented: “Thanks to the ‘Coal-to-electricity’ policy by the Chinese government, we could not have come to the fair at a better time. During the fair we received an overwhelming response not only from Chinese visitors, but also from buyers on a global scale who came to our booth to seek out quotations and learn more about our products.”

Fresh air and air purification sector

With air pollution being one of the most critical concerns in China, government officials are finally taking air quality issues seriously resulting in a range of measures being taken to tackle the problem. In addition to reducing pollutants released into the atmosphere, indoor air quality is equally important. Dedicated to clean air and promoting comfortable homes, CT Frontier Co Ltd from Japan participated at ISH Shanghai for the first time to showcase their latest air purification devices. Pleased with the fair results, Mr Tsuyoshi Sasaki, General Manager, expressed: “China is a very important market for our company due to its strong demand for air purification products. At the fair we connected with a number of potential clients and received many enquiries about our products, proving we are targeting the right market and buyer groups.”

Water treatment sector

High quality water is essential when considering the notion of comfortable living. Erie Water Treatment offers water purification equipment that helps ensure household water systems remain contaminant free and safe for consumption. Mr Wu Junwang, Operation Director, commended the fair: “Apart from being able to promote our brand, we also connected with target distributors representing floor heating, air-conditioning and smart home industries who wish to expand their service scope. We see great industry prospects in East and Central China’s water treatment industry and we will not hesitate to come back to the fair next year.”

Buyers seeking the latest technologies were not let disappointed. Returning buyer, Mr Jun Ouyang, Engineering Manager Asia Advance Technology Climate Technologies of Emerson Climate Technologies (Suzhou) Co Ltd, praised the range of products on show. “ISH Shanghai & CIHE is a reputable industry platform and we have been visiting the fair for the past few years to gain a better understanding of the region’s HVAC market. My company manufactures compressors and I came to get a better understanding of current heat pump technologies offered by both domestic and international suppliers. The fair covers a full spectrum of exhibits which continues to exceed my expectations year after year.”

Concurrent events facilitate exchange of market intelligence

A series of fringe events were also available to encourage debate amongst industry peers and possibly formulate new business strategies. A wealth of industry professionals gathered to network and exchange valuable market intelligence and technical know-how.

Mr Song Weimin, Chairman of the Chinese Building Metal Structure Association Comfort Home Branch, was one of the speakers at the forum. He remarked: “Improved living standards and a stronger awareness of environmental protection have both contributed to the exponential growth of the comfortable living industry. At the fair we noticed both dealers and sales agents transitioning their businesses into focusing more towards the comfortable living market. The conference helped reinforce the importance of energy-saving, environmental protection and comfort and hygiene, which further benefits the research and development, production and sales of such products.”

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Tank Storage Germany to provide insights into the fast-growing regional tank storage scene; 29 & 30 November, Hamburg Messe
Oct 10, 2017

As the biggest importer of oil in Western Europe, Germany boasts a thriving tank storage market, and has established itself as a key storage hub with over 100 terminals. The Port of Hamburg leads in terms of capacity, and – for the fourth year – Hamburg will play host to Tank Storage Germany, the dedicated exhibition and conference for the German bulk liquid storage industry. The event will take place at the Hamburg Messe on 29 and 30 November 2017 and is supported by the Port of Hamburg, FETSA, BremenPorts, TanQuid and VARO, with Emerson as the Official Online Sponsor.

Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition with more than 70 German and international suppliers who will be showcasing their latest cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art storage equipment.

Among these include well-known names such as Siemens, Falck, Protego, M+F Technologies, Krohne Messtechnik, Mascoat, Netszch Pumpen, Kaefer Industrie and Timm Elektronik, to name just a few. At the forefront of innovation, these span the entire tank storage supply chain, from tank design, construction and maintenance, through to advances in automation, loading equipment, inspection, safety, metering and measuring, pumps and valves and specialist certification services.

Running in parallel to the exhibition will be a two-day CPD-certified conference, featuring global authorities from the bulk liquid storage, finance and legal sectors. Experts will provide delegates with knowledge and insight into the current situation and outlook for Germany and neighbouring storage markets, tank storage customer behaviour, regulatory updates, safety requirements and fire prevention methods at terminals, and regional investment opportunities.

Among the 20 leading industry experts taking part will be:

• Ruprecht Brandis, Director of External Affairs, BP
• Lars Pantzlaff, General Manager, Ventspils Nafta Terminals
• Lucas Ruland, Co-Head Industries & Manufacturing, NIBC Bank Deutschland AG
• Jonathan Feys, Business Development & Sales Director, LBC
• Damir Vrbić, Assistant Director, Commercial Division, Janaf
• Bettina Enderle, Lawyer, Enderle Environmental Law
• Charles Daly, CEO, Channoil Consulting

Nick Powell, StocExpo and Tank Storage Portfolio Divisional Director said: “As product flows to Germany increase, so do the opportunities for growth, both in Germany and the surrounding region. Given this dynamic backdrop, I think this year we will see a lot of business being done on the show floor, and some fascinating and insightful discussions in the conference”.

Attendees will also be able to attend a variety of networking events which will be a chance to share experiences with peers, building new professional relationships and strengthening existing ones. In addition to the Networking Lounge at the heart of the show floor, there will also be an official exhibition networking reception on the first evening of the event.

Visitor registration is now open; anyone wishing to attend the exhibition or conference can register online.
For more information about Tank Storage Germany, and to register, please go to:

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