3i Infotech Signals Transformation with New Logo
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Feb 14, 2018

Mumbai, India -- 3i Infotech Ltd (BSE: 532628), a global Information Technology company, launched a new corporate logo that reflects both the evolution of the Company and its vision for the future.

Over the last two decades, 3i Infotech, with its long-standing domain expertise, has become a recognized leader in providing IP based software solutions and a wide range of IT services. Its offerings have empowered business transformation for numerous organizations across geographies by helping them improve their processes and streamlining their operations.

3i Infotech's new brand identity represents its successful and ongoing transition to a company with a distinctive portfolio of IT Products and Services that competes in key growth markets including Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Telecom and Healthcare.

Speaking on the rebranding efforts, Padmanabhan Iyer, MD & Global CEO, 3i Infotech, said "An ever-evolving business environment creates new possibilities for our clients. To keep pace with these changing times and technology, we at 3i Infotech remain ever sensitive to the needs of our customers, focused on providing them with solutions that comprehensively address their challenges, and unlock triggers to their growth.

"Our new brand identity represents our renewed commitment to our clients, our employees, and reflects how we want to be perceived - as a forward-thinking brand, dynamically keeping pace with the ever-changing technology landscape, which pushes boundaries and brings together the best of expertise, talent, products and services, creating outstanding results across the spectrum."

The new corporate logo brings to life the brand's refreshed promise of creating new opportunities and value for its clients and underscores the strength and focus of its products and services portfolio. The distinctive colours represent a fresh approach, bringing vibrancy and dynamism to the brand, and stand for a new way of creating results. The distinctive typeface lends a modern, clean look and highlights the values of innovation, insight and integrity that are at the core of the Company's DNA.

3i Infotech's new tagline, "Limitless Excellence" represents its passion and zeal to go beyond the expected and deliver extraordinary levels of performance using the combination of evolved products and services, exceptional customer engagement and deeper industry expertise.

Along with the revamp of its corporate brand, 3i Infotech has also repositioned its services portfolio with the name Altiray(TM). As an end to end IT service provider, delivering to perfection is at the core of the 3i Infotech team. The new name reflects this very strength and commitment to nimbly driving consistent, best-in-class outcomes for its services clients.

The brand mark will be rolled out seamlessly across all offline and online platforms, in the coming months.

About 3i Infotech
Headquartered in Mumbai since inception in 1993, 3i Infotech has been committed to driving business value across all industry verticals. The Company has a customer base in North America, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific, with products addressing the dynamic requirements of Banking, Financials, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Telecom and Healthcare. Please seewww.3i-infotech.com.

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The Establishment of Block Watch Develop a New Standard of Blockchain Financial Information Services
Feb 14, 2018

Being as the talk of the town in the entire world, the application of blockchain technology is rapidly developing and promoting social development. Along with an increasing number of companies engaging in this rapidly-growing industry, the industry risk has been pushed up. A series of intensifying problems of the industry are exposed and to be solved, including the varying quality of companies and products, instability of information source of the users, as well as tumble of the price of digital currency. Block Watch is believed to be the key for solving the exposed problems and to take the lead in the expanding blockchain industry.

In the era of information explosion, blockchain has become the most popular searching keywords on all the media platforms. However, lack of credible channel can be found to provide professional, trustworthy and specific information about blockchain for both the professionals and amateurs who are interested in blockchain technology. In the foreseeable future, Block Watch is going to be the next leading information seeking and consulting platform of blockchain-related financial information both at home and abroad. To catch up with some traditional media outlets, such as CNN and Bloomberg, it will provide more accurate information for financial practitioners and decision makers working in the industry through strong professional advisor and information network.

The progress of the newly-established blockchain industry is being bounded by incomprehensive understanding of traditional analysts towards the industry and limited communication channel for the experienced financial practitioners. They are confining both the exchange of idea among professionals and the way of public receiving valuable information. In response to the current constraints, Block Watch is going to create a community platform for the users while establishing the blockchain information platform, which allows people to make comments on hot issues and companies related to the blockchain industry. It will develop into a professional community of blockchain. Similar with some of the exiting professional financial communities, for instance, Seeking Alpha and Xueqiu (雪球), the community platform services as an idea exchange platform for professionals and a new learning channel for the general public.

Mr. Liu Huaiyu, co-founder of Block Watch, and senior financial and investment management expert said, "Recently, the blockchain-based digital currency such as Bitcoin, its price has fallen sharply and the phenomenon of air coin are derived from investors' incomplete information and lack of industry products' knowledge. Asymmetric information not only causes investors to suffer losses, but also causes digital currency's credit to be questioned, which will hinder the development of the industry." Based on the above ideas, Block Watch will strive for helping the industry embarking on a healthy development path. By providing professional credit rating services for enterprises, products, tokens, as well as provide more transparent investment and reference standards for industry participants. Block Watch is committed to develop an international blockchain credit rating agency that is comparable to S&P, Fitch and Moody's.

Following the business path set out by Dr. Zhang Lijun, Founder of Block Watch, Chairman of the Board of V1 Group, and former Chairman of the Board of China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group, "Block Watch sets information platform, providing one-stop access to blockchain participants, and offering communication venue to the industry and consulting channels to amateurs through communities. Meanwhile, the information platform also provides a more transparent credit channel through rating business, and will strive to be at the forefront of the blockchain industry in China and the rest of the world."


About V1 Group Limited

V1 Group was established in 2005, listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006, became the first Chinese video media enterprise listed in Hong Kong. V1 Group Limited was named the "China's Top 100 Internet Companies" three years in a row from year 2014 to 2016. After eleven years of rapid development, V1 Group's main businesses have fully covered the Internet and mobile terminals. In 2016, V1 Group successfully transformed from the new media industry group into a new economy in the internet industry, forming a strategic layout with media as the lead, financial investment as the driving force, and "digital + new culture and entertainment" as its core businesses.

V1 Group IR website:http://ir.v1.cn

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Doris Chan
Tel:(852) 2869 8966

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QIAGEN’s QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus gains approval in Japan
Feb 12, 2018

HILDEN, Germany & TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--QIAGEN N.V. (NYSE: QGEN; Frankfurt Prime Standard: QIA) today announced that Japan’s Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare has approved QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus (QFT®-Plus) as an in vitro diagnostic to detect tuberculosis (TB) infection. QFT-Plus is the fourth generation of QIAGEN’s market-leading QuantiFERON-TB technology, combining innovative CD4+/CD8+ design for comprehensive immune response detection with the most flexible blood collection workflow for efficient screening in large-scale TB control programs.

“QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus sets a new global standard for latent TB testing. The proprietary CD4+/CD8+ T cell technology of QFT-Plus, with the addition of specific CD8+T cell stimulating antigens, has the potential to provide important insights for high-risk patients such as contacts exposed to active TB or HIV-positive persons,” said Dr. Masae Kawamura, Senior Director, TB Medical and Scientific Affairs, at QIAGEN. “In 2015, the Japanese government set a goal to reduce the country’s tuberculosis incidence rate to 10.0 per 100,000 persons by 2020. We are very happy to contribute to achievement of that goal with QFT-Plus becoming an important tool for use in Japan’s comprehensive TB control efforts.”

Japan’s approval of QFT-Plus follows 2017 approval in the United States and successful uptake of the test in more than 75 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, where nearly two million of the new tests have already been used. QFT-Plus builds on the foundation of QuantiFERON-TB Gold® (QFT®), the third generation of QIAGEN’s world-leading interferon gamma release assay (IGRA).

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John Gilardi
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e-mail: ir@QIAGEN.com
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Dr. Thomas Theuringer
+49 2103 29 11826
e-mail: pr@QIAGEN.com

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ZeroStack Establishes Singapore Office to Meet Growing Demand
Feb 12, 2018

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ZeroStack, Inc., creators of a self-driving on-premises cloud, today announced formulation of ZeroStack Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd., to respond to rapid demand for its products in Southeast Asia. With more than ten partners signing up since late last summer, ZeroStack has now made the investment to form a separate legal entity to service the demand.

“Setting up a formal business presence in Singapore is a direct reflection of the demand we are experiencing across ASEAN,” said Joel Norton, Director of ZeroStack Technologies Singapore. “Having established a presence in the region, we now have a base from which to drive and support our continued growth.”

About ZeroStack

ZeroStack uses intelligent software to deliver a self-driving private cloud platform that enables agile DevOps practices with self-service creation of custom workspaces. With the ZeroStack private cloud, developers have one-click deployment of popular DevOps tools with appropriate compute, storage and networking resources while IT operations retains control over the underlying infrastructure. In addition, ZeroStack uses machine learning and AI techniques to deliver a self-healing architecture that minimizes IT overhead. Founded by senior engineers from VMware and Google, the company is funded by Formation 8 and Foundation Capital, and is based in Mountain View, California.

StoryPR for ZeroStack
Michael Schoolnik, 415-420-2391

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Guotai Junan International and CTICM Entered into Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Feb 12, 2018

(8 February 2018, Hong Kong] Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited ("Guotai Junan International" or the "Company", Stock code: 1788.HK) announced that the Company has recently entered into a strategic cooperation agreement ("the Agreement") with CTI Capital Management Limited ("CTICM"), a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Trust Co., Ltd. ("CITIC Trust") in Hong Kong. Mr. Chen Yisong, Chairman of CITIC Trust, Mr. Zhang Hao, Chief Executive Officer of CTICM, Dr. Yim Fung, Chairman and CEO and Ms. Qi Haiying, Deputy CEO of Guotai Junan International attended the signing ceremony. The strategic cooperation will fully integrate the competitive advantages in respective fields for both parties and enhance the whole comprehensive strength to create a win-win situation.

According to the Agreement, leveraging on in-depth knowledge of overseas markets and rich experience and advantages in cross-border businesses, Guotai Junan International will provide diversified services and products for CTICM through bridge financing, return swap, structured notes and other means to meet their overseas investment and financing needs. At the same time, Guotai Junan International's strong research team can assist CTICM to focus attention on all types of projects that meet the investment requirements, including mezzanine, Mergers and Acquisitions loans (M&A loans), bonds, equity, convertible bonds and funds. CTICM will make full use of Guotai Junan International's pricing power and advantages in the derivatives markets to provide product design and matched financing and risk hedging operations for its overseas and cross-border asset management businesses to enhance the scale of asset management and increase income on investment.

Guotai Junan International and CTICM have already had successful cooperation experience. China Hongqiao Group Limited ("China Hongqiao", Stock code: 1378.HK), the world's largest aluminum producer, was negatively affected by short selling reports published by a short selling institution on 28 February 2017. Then China Hongqiao's stock plunged and began suspension on March 22. Subsequently, China Hongqiao entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with CTICM, intending to place 10% shares to CTICM. Guotai Junan International contributed a lot in this Placing Shares project, tailored a comprehensive financing plan and provided financial support for this project at the crucial moment, contributing to supporting the long-term development of China's outstanding national enterprises. On 30 October 2017, China Hongqiao resumed trading successfully with rising by 31.91% on the first day. As of now, the share price of China Hongqiao has risen by 57% since its resumption of trading.

As a leading manufacturer among the aluminum industry, China Hongqiao owns the high-quality bauxite resources, the low-cost private power grids and the international advanced level of production lines with obvious cost advantages and gene of excellent enterprise. Meanwhile, China Hongqiao is also the advocate of environmental protection in the industry. Under the new environmental protection situation, China Hongqiao has fulfilled the environmental requirements with high standards, and the air in Binzhou City has been significantly improved. China Hongqiao has always responded positively to the macro-policy of national supply-side reform and capacity upgrade. Now the company has officially entered a new development stage, and "paying attention to environmental protection, lowering leverage and increasing dividends" has become the company's main strategic direction. On the other hand, China Hongqiao has introduced the capital of CTICM and other institutions, which also fully demonstrated its confidence in its future development and is more conducive to the company's leading position in the industry and its further development.

Dr. Yim Fung, JP, Chairman and CEO of Guotai Junan International, said, "Both companies have received satisfactory results in the past cooperation. We have cooperated to support outstanding national enterprises in the international capital markets and attack malicious short selling, laying a good foundation for cooperation and trust. More importantly, Guotai Junan International has always responded positively to the national's policy summons of 'getting rid of the financial bubble, guiding funds into the real economy', boosting the development of national industries. This is a milestone in supporting China Hongqiao by standing shoulder to shoulder with CTICM. In the future, we will expand in-depth cooperation with CTICM in more fields. Leveraging on both parties' rich experience and resources in the industry, we believe we will be able to achieve business synergies to seize new development opportunities."

- End -

About Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited

Guotai Junan International is the market leader and first mover for internationalization of Chinese Securities Company. The Company is the first Chinese securities broker to list on the Main Board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange by way of initial public offering. Based in Hong Kong, the Company provides diversified integrated financial services. The five core services include: (i) brokerage, (ii) corporate finance, (iii) loans and financing, (iv) asset management, (v) financial products, market making and investments.

The Company is one of the constituents of HSCI, Hang Seng Composite LargeCap & MidCap Index, FTSE HK index and FTSE HK ex H share index. Guotai Junan International has been assigned "Baa2 / Prime-2" and "BBB+ / A-2" rating from Moody's Investor Service and Standard & Poor's Global Ratings respectively.

Our controlling shareholder, Guotai Junan Securities Company Limited ("Guotai Junan", Stock Code: 601211.SH; 2611.HK), is one of the China's leading securities houses. Backed by strong operational support, the Company will be able to further explore the HK and the Asia-Pacific market.

For more information about Guotai Junan International:http://www.gtjai.com.

About CTI Capital Management Limited

CTI Capital Management Limited ("CTICM"), incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability in 2012. And its English name is CTI Capital Management Limited. CTICM is a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Trust Co. Ltd. ("CITIC Trust") and is also the first overseas subsidiary in China's trust industry approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission, carrying out both regulated and non-regulated businesses in Hong Kong financial markets and also participating in cross-border transactions.

CTI Capital Hong Kong Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of CTICM, holds SFC type 1 (dealing in securities), type 4 (advising on securities) and type 9 (asset management) licenses, providing securities issuance, securities consulting and asset management services for investors. In addition, the wholly owned subsidiary of CTICM also holds money lenders license (MLR No. is No. 1847/2017) and can engage in foreign loans businesses. "CTI Capital Global Opportunities Fund", the flagship hedge fund of CTICM, was selected and awarded the "Best New Asian Hedge Fund for 2017" by Eurekahedge, the world's leading hedge fund research institution.

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Taiwan's First Rooftop Solar System with NSP's Glory BiFi Solar Modules
Feb 08, 2018

Neo Solar Power Corporation ("NSP", or "the Company", publicly listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange, Ticker: 3576 TT), a world-class leading integrated PV solution provider with expertise in high conversion efficiency products and global solar system development capabilities in Hsinchu, Taiwan, today held the opening ceremony of its Bifacial rooftop solar system with Taiwan's "Workforce Development Agency (Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Regional Branch), Ministry of Labor". This system is the first case who was constructed with NSP's P-type Double Glass and Double Side generation modules ("Glory BiFi Modules") in Taiwan.

This 2MW solar system uses 6,500 pieces NSP's "Glory" BiFi Modules which has been certified by TUV Rheinland after passing the latest and severest IEC standards (IEC 61215, and IEC 61730, 2016). This system is installed on the rooftop of the Training and Employment Center of Tainan Government and can generate around 2.6 million kWh electricity annually (equivalent to 700 households' power usage) and reduce carbon emissions by 1,375 metric tons (equivalent to the capability of 5 Da An Forest Parks to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions) due to sufficient sunlight.

"NSP's Glory BiFi Module is the only one module product winning 3 important awards, "Voluntary Product Certification", "2017 Taiwan Excellent PV Award (4 consecutive years)" and "the 26th Taiwan Excellence Award" from 3 Taiwan's government departments, Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Bureau of Energy and Bureau of Foreign Trade respectively, representing the high output, high reliability and high quality of NSP's solar modules. To support Taiwan government's policy of promoting renewable energy, it can be expected that NSP's high efficiency solar modules will be applied to various solar systems worldwide and continue to enhance Taiwan's solar systems installation." says Simon Li, President of NSP System.

About Neo Solar Power Corporation (3576 TT) (NSP)
Founded in 2005 by Dr. Quincy Lin (former Senior VP of TSMC) and Dr. Sam Hong (former Director of ITRI Research Division), Neo Solar Power Corporation (NSP) is a leading manufacturer of high performance and high quality solar cells and modules. With core competitive advantages in quality, technology and customer service, NSP became the world's largest merchant solar cell manufacturer by volume in 2013. After selling DelSolar to NSP, Delta Electronics (2308, TT) became the biggest shareholder of NSP with a 19% holding. Leveraging current leading position in solar cell technology, NSP will further expand into the global solar systems businesses, aiming to become the leading solar system integrator in the world. For more information, please visit the company's website atwww.nsp.com

For further information, please contact:
Mr. Hao Huang
Investor Relations Dept.
Phone: +886-3-578-0011 ext. 20628
Email: hao.huang@nsp.com

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DB Schenker moves China's first fresh produce block train to Moscow
Feb 08, 2018

(Shanghai/Chengdu, Feb. 8th, 2018) --( ASIA TODAY )-- DB Schenker, one of the leading global logistics service providers, operates the first block train with shipment of 11 refrigerator containers carrying fresh produce, departing from Chengdu Qingbaijiang International Railway Port. The 9,000 to 10,000 kilometers journey will take 16 days, run through Erenhot port in Inner Mongolia and arrive at Moscow Vorsino Railway Station.

DB Schenker is the first Global 3PL in China operating the block train freight of perishable agricultural products for Rollink, which is a leading China-based B2B food trading company. DB Schenker’s first cooperation with Rollink started in early 2017, when DB Schenker successfully managed several air freight export shipments of fresh fruits from China to Russia. The business scope then extended to other trade lanes including Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

The goods of 160 tons fresh vegetable will be ready to sell to customers shortly after arriving Moscow. DB Schenker takes care of the rail freight services from Chengdu to Moscow and also the custom clearance in the destination as well as local distribution service in Moscow from port to door, ensuring the optimal conditions for the cargo through seamless temperature control throughout the journey.

By using DB Schenker’s global network, and well established infrastructure in Russia, Rollink is better positioned to serve more customers in existing and new markets.

DB Schenker pioneered the China - Europe rail freight solution, with an established service to and from Europe in place for many years, ”We are seeing strong growth in the next decade along with China’s one belt one road strategy, and I believe the entire development now through the new silk-road corridors will bring us good opportunities in developing multi-model solutions. This is an important milestone for us to achieve our leading market positions in the logistics of perishable goods in China,” comments Caraka Keung, Director, West China Region.

Marketing & Communication
Schenker China Ltd.
Tel. + 86 21 6170 8705

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TUV Rheinland Shanghai celebrates 10th anniversary of PV Laboratory
Feb 08, 2018

SHANGHAI, Feb. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 27, 2017, TUV Rheinland celebrated the 10th anniversary of its PV Laboratory in Shanghai. Nearly 100 experts and scholars, as well as enterprise representatives from the PV industry, attended the grand event and visited the nearly 2,500 square meter PV Laboratory at TUV Rheinland's Shanghai branch.

Empowering PV enterprises to globalise with localised testing support

One of six state-of-the-art TUV Rheinland's PV laboratories worldwide, TUV Rheinland Shanghai PV Laboratory was established in 2007 as China's first wholly foreign-owned laboratory, with an all-round localisation testing capacity. Over a decade's development, the laboratory has been equipped with more than 10 large and medium-sized pieces of environmental testing facilities, more than 20 sets of safety testing facilities and various performance testing instruments. It has developed related testing capabilities for PV components, modules, inverters and energy storage systems, and provides professional and accessible testing services for more than 100 domestic customers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Anhui, Guangdong and other provinces and 30 overseas customers from Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

  • At its inception in 2007, the laboratory was able to provide some testing in accordance with standards IEC 61215 and IEC 61730-1/2, together with testing and certification services for junction boxes and connectors.
    In 2007, the laboratory initiated testing and certification services for PV inverters.
  • At the beginning of 2009, the laboratory started to shape its all-round testing capacity, with NOCT and outdoor testing developed in Wuxi, Jiangsu.
  • In 2010, the TUV Rheinland PV Laboratory became the first CBTL in China accredited by the IEC.
  • In 2011, the laboratory received its qualification for all-round UL 1703 testing and launched IEC+UL testing packages.
  • Since 2014, the laboratory has offered PV backsheet testing and certification services.

    As a global leader in the certification and testing of solar power stations, PV modules, inverters, components and energy storage systems, and benefiting from 35 years' experience in the PV sector, TUV Rheinland now serves more than 80% of PV manufacturers worldwide. TUV Rheinland has set up a pool of nearly 300 PV experts, and runs six world-class PV test centres in mainland China, Taiwan, Germany, the United States, Japan and India, expanding its PV business to the major PV markets -- Asia, Europe , North America, etc.

    At the laboratory's 10th anniversary celebrations, Chris Zou, Vice President of Solar/Fuel Cell Technology of TUV Rheinland Greater China, explained that, "Due to the rapid growth of a global PV industry as an emerging renewable energy source, we will face ever more intense market competition and higher entry barriers as new materials, technologies and application models proliferate". However, he mentioned, TUV Rheinland's "spirit of sustained innovation and professional service provision" will enable the organisation to meet these challenges. "Over the last decade, TUV Rheinland has set up a state-of-the-art laboratory in Shanghai armed with the most sophisticated testing instruments and a cutting-edge technical team. The laboratory is well positioned to provide one-stop localisation services for PV enterprises in China and help them to improve their product quality, shorten their development and testing lead-time and smoothly enter overseas target markets". Mr Zou went on to describe the organisation's plans for future success. "Moving forward," he predicted, "TUV Rheinland will continue to support governments, institutions, peers and industrial alliances in related technical sectors while boosting the sustainable, high-speed and healthy development of the PV industry".

    TUV Rheinland Officially Inaugurates 2018 White Paper on the Development of the Energy Storage Industry

    As one of the highlights of the celebrations, Weichun Li, General Manager of Solar/Fuel Cell Technology of TUV Rheinland Greater China, and Ms. Jing Zhang, Secretary-General of the China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) officially inaugurated the 2018 White Paper on the Development of the Energy Storage Industry. Jointly drawn up by TUV Rheinland and CNESA, the white paper is scheduled to be released in March 2018.

    With the continuous increase in the installed capacity of distributed PV, topics such as BIPV and the integration of PV with energy storage systems have become the spotlight. "Energy storage", once deemed merely a fancy term for the ubiquitous battery, now symbolises a completely new industry. Energy storage in combination with distributed PV can reduce users' electricity costs via the time-of-use pricing mechanism; it can also offer power auxiliary services and increase returns, as long as power quality and safety are ensured.

    Anticipating an imminent explosion in the energy storage market, TUV Rheinland and CNESA have teamed up to conduct a systematic blanket investigation of the industry and collect relevant data. They hope to provide scientific insights for enterprises in the industrial chain, helping them to gain an overall understanding of the latest development trends in the energy storage industry and seize market opportunities. The 2018 White Paper on the Development of the Energy Storage Industry will systematically detail the size of the energy storage markets in all major countries worldwide, the countries' related policies and trends in the development of key energy storage technologies; provide a market forecast; and show how to select an energy storage system that is both safe and of a guaranteed high quality. TUV Rheinland hopes that this white paper will help enterprises to seize critical opportunities to commercialise their technical innovation.

    2018 "All Quality Matters" Solar Congress

    The winners of the 2017 "All Quality Matters" Awards were recognised again at the celebrations. Launched by TUV Rheinland, the "All Quality Matters" Award is renowned within the PV industry. Its aim is to standardise and set benchmarks for product quality. It also rewards enterprises for developing products of excellent quality. Over its 3-year history, TUV Rheinland's "All Quality Matters" Award has carved out an excellent reputation in the industry. The annual "All Quality Matters" Solar Congress is also a magnet for professional elites and represents the future of the PV industry.

    The fourth "All Quality Matters" Solar Congress and "All Quality Matters" Award Ceremony will be held in Wuxi, Jiangsu, from March 22 to 23, 2018. Emphasising "Quality, Brand and Benefit", three core areas for development in the PV industry, the Congress will offer PV enterprises advice on the most advanced and latest PV technologies and investment, financing and business innovation models appropriate to the PV industry, with the ultimate goal of creating a boom in the PV sector.

    Simon Hung

    Source: TUV Rheinland

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    Tanaka to Donate Pure Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to the Winners of Tokyo Marathon 2018
    JCN Newswire
    Feb 08, 2018

    TOKYO - (ACN Newswire) - TANAKA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Akira Tanae) will produce and donate gold, silver, and bronze medals to the top three men and women finishers of the marathon and wheelchair marathon events of the Tokyo Marathon 2018 (a total of 12 medals).

    The Tokyo Marathon 2018, organized by the Tokyo Marathon Foundation, will be held on February 25, 2018. The wheelchair marathon has been officially sanctioned as an international event since 2016. The medals to be presented to the marathon winners are approximately 65 mm in diameter and 3 mm thick. The pure gold medal weighs approximately 200 grams, the pure silver medal 110 grams, and the pure bronze medal 90 grams. TANAKA is also holding a Tokyo Marathon Winner and Finisher Medal Exhibition at its GINZA TANAKA main store in Ginza, Tokyo, from February 2 to 12, 2018. TANAKA HOLDINGS is actively supporting the Tokyo Marathon 2018 with the provision of medals recognizing the efforts of the marathon runners and by holding this exhibition.

    The Tokyo Marathon medals provided by TANAKA HOLDINGS are made from pure gold, silver, and bronze, which are extremely rare even among medals presented at sports competitions. They are rarities of considerable value. The medals for the Tokyo Marathon 2018, the 12th Tokyo Marathon, were designed with the "RUN as ONE" event concept as their theme. The overlapping lines represent the runners who compete in the Tokyo Marathon as well as the volunteers who support the event and the spectators who encourage the runners.

    The lines portray the varied routes (courses) of the many people involved in the Tokyo Marathon, and express their commitment to move forward. The design expresses the 42.195 km of the Tokyo Marathon being created by the interactions of people as a tapestry made of interwoven lines (threads). The circular hole in the center of the medal expresses harmony and signifies looking ahead to the future. The overall round form and hole were designed to convey a hope for a bright future created through the connections between people, seen from the hole (a circle). The reverse sides of the gold, silver and bronze medals that will be presented to the top three winners of each marathon event depict the new course map and the TANAKA KIKINZOKU logo.

    The Tokyo Marathon Winner and Finisher Medal Exhibition, to be held at the GINZA TANAKA main store in Ginza, will display the 2018 winner medals as well as replicas of previous winner medals and all finisher medals that the TANAKA KIKINZOKU Group has been involved in producing since 2007. Photo panels of athletes who competed in earlier Tokyo Marathons will also be on display.

    The TANAKA KIKINZOKU Group has produced the winner medals and finisher medals for every Tokyo Marathon since the first was held in 2007. The Tokyo Marathon was added to the World Marathon Majors (currently the Abbott World Marathon Majors) in 2013, attracting global attention as one of the world's six premier marathons. The TANAKA KIKINZOKU Group has produced and sold various commemorative medals other than for the Tokyo Marathon, including the official commemorative medals for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. The TANAKA KIKINZOKU Group will continue to produce medals made of precious metals and support various events in a way unique to the Group.

    Overview of the Tokyo Marathon 2018 Winner Medals

    Material, Weight, and Size (from left)
    - Silver Medal: Pure silver, approx. 110 g, approx. 65 mm in diameter, approx. 3 mm thick
    - Gold Medal: Pure gold (24K), approx. 200 g, approx. 65 mm in diameter, approx. 3 mm thick
    - Bronze Medal: Pure bronze, approx. 90 g, approx. 65 mm in diameter, approx. 3 mm thick
    * The weights of the wheelchair marathon medals are gold (pure gold): approx. 160 g, silver (pure silver): approx. 95 g, and bronze (pure bronze): approx. 80 g

    Tokyo Marathon 2018 Winner Medal Exhibition Schedule

    The winner medals (gold, silver, and bronze) will be displayed according to the following schedule.

    February 2-12 * Display of originals
    Tokyo Marathon Winner and Finisher Medal Exhibition, GINZA TANAKA Ginza main store,
    5th floor, 1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    February 22-24 * Exhibition of replicas
    Tokyo Marathon Museum at the Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2018,
    Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Hall

    About the Tanaka Precious Metals

    Since its foundation in 1885, the Tanaka Precious Metals group has built a diversified range of business activities focused on precious metals. Tanaka is a leader in Japan in terms of the volumes of precious metals handled. Over the course of many years, Tanaka Precious Metals has not only manufactured and sold precious metal products for industry, but also provided precious metals in such forms as jewelry and resources. As precious metals specialists, all Group companies within and outside Japan work together with unified cooperation between manufacturing, sales, and technological aspects to offer products and services. In addition, in order to make further progress in globalization, Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo welcomed Metalor Technologies International SA as a member of the Group in 2016.

    As precious metal professionals, Tanaka Precious Metals will continue to contribute to the development of an enriching and prosperous society.

    The TANAKA KIKINZOKU Group is cooperating with the Tokyo Marathon.

    Press Inquiries
    Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd.
    E-mail: t-ishibashi@ml.tanaka.co.jp / thdpr@kyodo-pr.co.jp

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    Changi Airport Group and Xiamen Airlines sign new partnership
    Feb 07, 2018

    SINGAPORE, 7 February 2018 --( ASIA TODAY )-- Changi Airport Group (CAG) and Xiamen Airlines have signed a second Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to grow network connectivity and passenger traffic between Singapore and China.

    The MOU was inked today by Mr Lim Ching Kiat, Changi Airport Group’s Managing Director for Air Hub Development, and Mr Zheng Congming, Director, Passenger Marketing & Sales Committee, Xiamen Airlines. Also present at the ceremony were Mr Lee Seow Hiang, Changi Airport Group’s Chief Executive Officer, and Mr Che Shanglun, Chairman, Xiamen Airlines.

    The renewal of partnership follows a successful first MOU signed in 2015 between CAG and Xiamen Airlines, and builds on the cooperation established over the past three years.

    Under the MOU signed on Wednesday, CAG will be working with Xiamen Airlines to increase the frequency of existing services, explore opportunities to establish new city links, and conduct joint campaigns to grow the passenger traffic between the two countries.

    Healthy growth in passenger numbers since signing of first partnership

    Between 2014 and 2017, Xiamen Airlines registered a healthy three-year CAGR of 12% for passenger traffic at Changi Airport, and was the third largest Chinese carrier at Changi in 2017. The carrier currently operates four daily services between Singapore and China, to the cities of Dalian, Fuzhou, Xi’an and Xiamen.

    Xiamen Airline’s subsidiary, Hebei Airlines, also launched a daily service to Shijiazhuang (via Hangzhou) last year, establishing a new city link for Singapore in China. Together with Hebei Airlines, the two carriers now offer more than 6,000 one-way weekly seats from Singapore to the six destinations. With more than 420,000 passengers travelling to and from these Chinese cities last year, traffic has increased by almost 50% since 2014.

    Joint marketing partnerships

    CAG and Xiamen Airlines have also rolled out joint marketing campaigns to promote travel between Singapore and China, with travel seminars organized in Fuzhou, Xi’an, Xiamen and Zhengzhou. These seminars were conducted to raise the awareness of Singapore’s travel attractions as well as Changi Airport’s facilities and services for travel partners. To grow inbound traffic to Singapore, radio advertisements were also launched in Dalian and Hangzhou.

    Exclusive retail and dining promotions at Changi Airport were also offered to passengers travelling on Xiamen Airlines in the past three years, with thousands of redemptions made during this period.

    Mr Lim Ching Kiat, Changi Airport Group’s Managing Director for Air Hub Development said, “We are excited to continue on this journey with Xiamen Airlines, whom we have enjoyed a close working relationship with in the past three years. We look forward to sustaining the growth achieved by working hand-in-hand with the airline to step up service frequencies and provide greater options for passengers. This will include continuing our joint marketing efforts to promote the routes we have to travellers from both countries.”

    Additional services for Chinese New Year

    Xiamen Airlines and Hebei Airlines will also be launching an additional 101 services between Singapore and China in February and March, to cater to the increased demand for flights during the festive period. This translates to an additional 17,300 seats during this period.

    China is Changi Airport’s third largest country market, with 6.3 million passengers travelling between the two countries last year, growing 12% year-on-year compared to the year before. Singapore is now connected to 34 cities[1] in China, with more than 350 weekly services to these destinations by 13 airlines.

    [1] Three new Chinese city links were recently established in 2017 – Harbin, Shijiazhuang and Yantai.

    About Changi Airport Group

    Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd (CAG) (www.changiairportgroup.com) was formed on 16 June 2009 and the corporatisation of Singapore Changi Airport (IATA: SIN, ICAO: WSSS) followed on 1 July 2009. As the company managing Changi Airport, CAG undertakes key functions focusing on airport operations and management, air hub development, commercial activities and airport emergency services. CAG also manages Seletar Airport (IATA: XSP, ICAO: WSSL) and through its subsidiary Changi Airports International, invests in and manages foreign airports.

    Changi Airport is the world's sixth busiest airport for international traffic.It served a record 62.2 million passengers from around the globe in 2017. Changi Airport has 400 retail and service stores, as well as 140 F&B outlets. With over 100 airlines providing connectivity to 400 cities worldwide, Changi Airport handles about 7,200 flights every week, or about one every 80 seconds.

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