Date : May 09, 2012 - May 12, 2012
Opening Hours : 10:00 - 18:00
Venue : JI - Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta
Location Address : Kemayoran Jakarta
Country : Indonesia
Show URL :
Number of exhibitors : 300
Major Exhibits :

chemicals & Raw Materials Industries, plant & machinery, paints, protective coating, surface finishing, test equipment, additives, packing & packaging, shipyard, shipbuilders, government, research & laboratories, cargo, logistics, manufacturing, building contractor

Introduction :

INACOATING 2012.......the most representative & excellent coating event of its kind in South East Asia

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Title Project Manager Name Veronica Ho
Telephone +62 21 5435 8118 Fax +62 21 5435 8119
Address Mutiara Palem C5 / 19
City/State Jakarta Country Indonesia
Date : Jun 29, 2011 - Jun 30, 2011
Opening Hours : 10:00 - 18:00
Venue : Pacifico Yokohama
Location Address : 1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Country : Japan
Organizer : Canon Communications Japan
Show URL :
Number of exhibitors : 200
Major Exhibits :

adhesives and Joining Technology
automation and Assembly Technology
design and Manufacturing Software
electronic Components
Electronic Manufacturing Services
Filters and Membranes
Finished Component Parts
Micro/Nano Technology
Motors and Motion Control and Sensors
Nonwovens and Tapes
Packaging Technology and Materials
Plastics Processing Technology
Plastics Raw Materials
Precision Metal Finishing
Technology and Machine Tools
Printing and Labelling
Specialty Metals and Medical-Grade Materials
Test Equipment and Software
Tire and Springs

Introduction :

Canon Communications Japan would like to thank everyone who has participated in/contributed to the enormous success of MEDTEC Japan/DesignMed 2010. We can reflect on a very successful Exhibition and Conference.

MEDTEC Japan (15 & 16 April 2010) was a great success: over 6,457 verified attendees on 206 exhibitors in two days! The on-floor conferences were standing room only with typically 200 or more participants.

The show was featured in the national news and nearly 80% of the exhibitors renewed already for the event in 2011.

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Title Show Manager Name
Telephone +81 (0)3 4360 5683 Fax +81 (0)3 4360 5683
Address 22F Shibuya Mark City West, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya
City/State Tokyo Country Japan
International Solar Energy Expo & Conference - EXPO Solar
Date : Feb 16, 2011 - Feb 18, 2011
Opening Hours : 10:00 - 17:00
Venue : KINTEX
Location Address : Korea
Country : Korea
Organizer :
Show URL :
Number of exhibitors : 600
Major Exhibits :

Single-crystal Silicon Cell/Module, Polycrystal Silicon Cell/Module, Thin-film Silicon, Cell/Module, Single-crystal Multi-cell/Module, Polycrystal Multi-cell/Module, Dye-senstized Cell/Module, Organic-film Cell/Module, Spherical-silicon Cell/Module, Cell/module application, Building Integrated Photovoltaic module (BIPV), Polysilicon, Ingot, Spherical-silicon , Cell/Glass/Flexible PCB , EVA Sheet , TFE reaction gas, Metal electrode materials , Transparent electrode materials, Multi-semiconductor materials, Organic-film materials , Oxidation-semiconductor materials, Organic pigment materials, Nanoparticle, Module materials, Silicon production/test equipment, Ingot production/test equipment, Wafer cutting equipment , Wafer production/test equipment, Circulation equipment, Immersion equipment, Lamination equipment, Vision inspection equipment, Print equipment, Electrode formation equipment , Anodizing equipment, Material handling, Clean room equipment, CVD equipment, Sputtering equipment, Etching equipment, Plasma equipment, Scribe equipment, Laser cutting equipment , Cell Production vacuum equipment, Cell plating equipment, Cell specific valuation equipment , Energy measuring equipment, PV performance diagnosis equipment, PV development measuring equipment, Manufacturing process monitoring equipment, Environment monitoring equipment, Diagnosis equipment, Simulation Cell test equipment, PCV test equipment, Module test equipment, Design/Installation/Construction Plan/Consulting, Construction/Management , Maintenance/Monitoring, Outer cover/Roof system, Power Station, Streetlight, Signboard, Direction Indicator, Solar block light, Solar power generation, Absorber, Regenerator,Water treatment, Air conditioning system, Solar power controller, Circulation pump, Piping/Heating materials

Introduction :

Scheduled to be held at the Northeast Asia? biggest international exhibition center, KINTEX, KOREA, in 2011, EXPO Solar/PV KOREA will draw 1,200 booths of participating companies, a remarkable increase from the 350 booths of participating companies in 2010.

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Title Show Manager Name
Telephone +82 2 718 6931 Fax +82 2 715 8245
Address 13th floor Shinhan DM building 33-1 Mapo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 121-708, Korea
City/State Korea Country Korea, Republic Of
India International Coatings Show - IICS
Date : Jan 28, 2011 - Jan 30, 2011
Opening Hours : 10:00 - 18:00
Venue : Hotel Raj Hans
Location Address : Surajkund, NCR
Country : India
Organizer : Services International
Show URL :
Number of exhibitors :
Major Exhibits :

Chemicals & Raw Materials :- Additives, Media, Solvents, Industrial Chemicals for Coatings Industry, Oils, Pigments, Synthetic Rubbers, Extenders and Fillers, Plasticisers, Varnishes, Fatty Acids, Polymers/Resins, Waxes, Pretreatment Chemicals.

Plant & Machinery :- Dispensers, Process Control, Storage Facilities, Dosing Equipment, Airless Spray, Material Handling Equipment, Drums, Pumps, Mills/Dispersion Equipment, Labeling, Application Equipment / Automated Application, Powder Coating Applicators, Filters & Mixers, Resin Plant, Filling and Packaging Equipment, Electrodeposition, Safety Equipment for Paint Manufacturing / Application, Strainers & Extruders, Electrostatic Applicators, Environmental Engineering Equipment,

Paints :- Architectural/Decorative, Powder Coatings, Industrial, Radiation Curable Coatings, Automotive, Fire Retardant Coatings, Marine, Paint Brush

Test Equipment :- Accelerated Weathering, Physical Testing of Liquid, Colour Measurement and Control, Paint and Dry Film, Instrumentation, In-Process Control Testing, Corrosion Testing

Glass Coating :- Magnetron Sputtering Glass Coatings and Coatings for Various Glass Products

Packaging Coating :- Beer/Beverage Cans, Caps & Closures, Shoe Polish Paste Tins Etc., PET Bottles, General including Paint Cans, Food Cans, Food Boxes, Aerosol Cans & Tubes, Biscuit Tins, Paint Containers.

Protective Coating :- Includes Protective coatings for ships, Shipyards, Refineries, Fertilizers, Factories, Refractories, Aircraft & Railways, Pipelines, Offshore Drilling Platform, Chemical Industry, Anti Corrosion Coatings, Water Proofing Coatings.

Industrial Coatings :- Auto Refinishes, Industrial Finishes, Wood coatings, Thinners, Speciality Coatings.

Textile Coatings :- PU leather Coating, Waterproof Coating, Foil Lamination, Weather Fabrics Coating, Windproof Coating, PU & Eva Foam Lamination , Air Permeable Coating, Water Vapour Permeable, Fabric to Fabric Lamination, Color Dyestuff, Disperse Dye, Organic Pigment, Various Dye Intermediates, Membranes, Inorganic Pigment, Blackout Fabrics Coating, Textile, Dyeing & Finishing Auxiliary, All kinds of dyestuff & pigment.

Additives: Drying Control,Anti Flooding/Anti Floating/Anti Settling, Foam Control,In Can Preservation,Rheology Control Viscosity Stabilizing,Wetting, Dispersion & Stabilizing agent,Emulsifiers for Resin System,Anti Settling Agent Hammer Tone Additive,Anti-Sagging Compound,Substrate Wetting & Surface Appearance,Corrosion Inhibitor.

Packing :- Metal Cans,Tin Cans, Plastic Cans, Paint Cans, Lever Lid Cans,Pharmaceutical Containers, Chemical Containers, Barrels,Conical Cans,Plastic Drums,Carbouys, Automotive Containers,Industrial Containers,Flooring Containers.

Introduction :

India International Coatings Show 2011 (IICS 2011) is the leading International exhibition on Raw material, Equipments and Machinery for the manufacture of Paints, Pigments, Inks and Coatings in India. The exhibition is scheduled to be Organised by Services International in association with India Paint Association (IPA) for the fourth time from 28th - 30th January 2011 in Hotel Raj Hans, Surajkund, NCR, New Delhi, India.

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Title Show Manager Name
Telephone +91-11-45055500 Fax +91-11-45055500
Address D-4, Block, LSC, Naraina Vihar, Ring Road
City/State New Delhi Country India