8th Annual China Nuclear Energy Congress 2012
Date : May 17, 2012 - May 18, 2012
Opening Hours : 9:00 - 17:00
Venue : Marriott Beijing Northeast, Beijing
Location Address : Beijing
Country : China
Organizer : China Decision Makers Consultancy
Show URL : http://www.cdmc.org.cn/cnec2012
Number of exhibitors : 260
Major Exhibits :

China National Nuclear Corporation
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group
State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation
National Nuclear Safety Administration
Dongfang Electric Corporation
Shanghai Electric Group
China National Erzhong Group

Introduction :

With the support of independents Power Producers Forum and World Nuclear Association, China Decision Makers Consultancy will hold the annual nuclear congress-8th Annual China Nuclear Energy Congress
2012(www.cdmc.org.cn/cnec2012 ), which will run from 17th-18th May 2012, in Marriott Beijing Northeast, Beijing China.

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Title Marketing Manager Name Amy Ren
Telephone 86 021 68407631 Fax 86 021 6840 7632
E-mail amyr@cdmc.org.cn
Address Suite 907,Fudan Software Park,No.15 Changyi Rd
City/State Beijing Country China
China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry
Date : Apr 06, 2011 - Apr 08, 2011
Opening Hours : 9:00 - 17:00
Venue : Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC)
Location Address : Shenzhen
Country : China
Organizer : China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA)
Show URL : http://www.coastal.com.hk/nuclear/
Number of exhibitors :
Major Exhibits :

Nuclear island
Reactor & reactor coolant system
Core & fuel
Reactor internals
Reactor pressure vessel
Control rod drive mechanism (CRDM)
Steam generator (SG)
Reactor coolant pump
Containment vessel
Conventional island
Instrumentation & control
Application of ergonomics in reactor control
Digital control system (DCS)
Qualification of software
Date acquisition system
Electrical system
Emergency power supply system
New high voltage equipment
Operation & maintenance devices
Inspection equipment
Maintenance robot
Waste disposal
Solid waste treatment
Liquid waste treatment
Gaseous waste treatment
Radwaste disposal
Various pipes, pumps & valves
Computer aided design in nuclear power station & computerized documentation management
Welding, machining, heat treatment & assembly technology
Engineering machinery & special tools
Nuclear accident emergency communication devices
The standardization plan of nuclear equipment
URD, EURD & series development of NPP
Nuclear safety & protection equipment & materials

Introduction :

Ever since the first inception in 1995, the International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry has been gaining a tremendous and unanimous support from the Chinese governmental authorities, the world's organizations concerning nuclear power and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The status of this exhibition is further reinforced to be a remarkable biennial event for the international nuclear power industry vendors to conduct business networking.

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Telephone (86-20) 83642986 Fax (86-20) 83642686
E-mail coastal_gz@126.com
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