24 Michelin Stars Bestowed to 20 Restaurants in Taiwan
Mar 18, 2018

After the 36 Bib Gourmand honorees unveiled last week on March 6th, 20 dining establishments became Michelin-starred today, among the 110 listed in the inaugural MICHELIN Guide Taipei 2018.

The highly-anticipated list, announced in Taipei today, revealed a total of 20 Michelin-starred restaurants in Taiwan. As the only restaurant bestowed with three Michelin stars, Le Palais (頤宮) in Palais de Chine Hotel, was recognized for its “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.”

Two Michelin stars, which meant “Excellent cooking, worth a detour,” were given to two restaurants. One of them was Ryu Gin (祥雲龍吟), whose Japanese culinary leader Ryohei Hieda had spent nine months prior to the opening of the restaurant, combing the island to look for the right ingredients. Currently, all ingredients used are local, save for some exotic seasonings.

The other went to The Guest House (請客樓) in Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel, a classy restaurant renowned for its Hunan and Sichuan dishes. Culinary writer Liang-Yi Han, who once sojourned in the Netherlands, described the restaurant as "borderless-cuisined." Every time a foreign friend comes to Taipei, she would bring him to The Guest House.

17 One-Starred Restaurants in Taiwan

A total of 17 restaurants were initially disclosed at the press conference as one-starred, recognized for its “High quality, worth a stop.”

The first to be announced was Da-Wan (大腕燒肉), selected for its refined dishes and attentive services. Then followed Danny's Steakhouse (教父牛排), opened by Danny Teng, “The Godfather of Steak.”

Listed restaurants of local Taiwanese cuisine include Golden Formosa (金蓬萊遵古台菜餐廳) and Ming Fu Seafood (金蓬萊遵古台菜餐廳). Cantonese cuisine selections include Three Coins (大三元酒樓). Tien Hsiang Lo (天香樓) in The Landis Taipei Hotel for Hang Zhou cuisine; Ken An Ho (謙安和), Kitcho (吉兆割烹壽司), Sushi Nomura (鮨野村), and Sushi Ryu (鮨隆) for Japanese cuisine.

For contemporary French cuisine, L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon, led by the most Michelin-starred "Chef of the Century," was featured in the one-star selection, along with La Cocotte by Fabien Vergé, MUME, Taïrroir, RAW, and Longtail the Bistro.

As for the freshly-minted 36 Bib Gourmand eateries unveiled last week, 10 are street food vendors in night markets that are a common sight across Taiwan. Hong Kong food show host, Michael Lam, also known as “The God of Cookery Junior,” observed that many iconic Taiwanese dishes have stood out this year, such as beef noodles, which brought eight restaurants to the Bib Gourmand list. The selection revealed that street markets and iconic local dishes are integral to the daily livelihoods of Taiwanese people who do not see the place merely as a sightseeing spot, but one with lots of stalls that offer good snacks and filling meals.

By Yuchie Wu

Translated by Sharon Tseng.

One Solution for Water-starved Taiwan?
Mar 16, 2018

Pingtung County’s Great Chaozhou Artificial Lake is completely dry on the surface, defying traditional notions of a reservoir. This reservoir redirects floodwater underground, filling up underground water storage space until it can be extracted for use as potentially life-saving water in times of drought.

Does water storage necessarily have to be visible? Reservoirs do not necessarily have to be constructed on high ground among hills and mountains. Both Taiwan’s and Asia’s first large-scale man-made lake with artificially recharged groundwater has been constructed in southern Taiwan’s Pingtung County. The facility, which redirects floodwater to replenish groundwater, completely reshapes old notions that reservoirs can only be built above ground. Rather, this is a reservoir that is not in danger of silting up: it stores water underground.

Arriving at the Great Chaozhou Artificial Lake, instead of the expected beautiful lake among the hills, one’s eyes are met instead by a giant, visibly dry pit.

Ting Che-Shih, dean of the Pingtung University of Science and Technology’s College of Engineering, a hydraulic engineer by trade trained in the Netherlands, says, “The Great Chaozhou Artificial Lake is not meant for water storage, but to redirect flood waters from typhoons and other heavy rainfalls from the Linbian Creek into the manmade lake to rapidly seep under the surface and become subterranean water, and further, to use the alluvial plains on both sides of the Linbian Creek as aquifers.”

An important condition for the manmade lake is that redirected water must be able to penetrate rapidly into the subterranean water table. Accordingly, the top of the Linbian alluvial plain delta, located where the runoff comes down from the mountains, was selected for this purpose. Here, the pores in gravel and pebbles are large in diameter, facilitating the rapid underground penetration of floodwater. This is why seeing a dry manmade “lake” is completely normal - because its function was never to store water above ground, but to rapidly transport water to the water table below the ground.

This is not a new concept. Ting studied in the Netherlands, a prominent country in the utilization of underground water resources. The Netherlands has redirected water from the Rhine River below sand bars along the shoreline, using soil to filter and improve water quality prior to extraction.

“The underground realm is really a gigantic reservoir. In fact, UNESCO’s research institute believes that this is the new twenty-first century thinking about aquifer space. And the Netherlands has over a century of history developing underground aquifers as subterranean reservoirs, so the technology and theory is actually quite mature,” says Ting.

For many years, clutching The Complete Works of Li Yizhi (1882–1938), known as the father of modern China’s hydraulic engineering, Ting has preached the gospel of “storing water underground, and collecting flood water in canals.” Ting has stressed that storing its ample annual rainfall under ground could give Taiwan greater flexibility in the use of its water resources.

What about Subsidence?

The excessive extraction of underground water along Taiwan’s western coastal corridor has led to land subsidence and soil salinization. Consequently, talk of underground water extraction makes people blanche, and the concept of underground reservoirs has gained a bad reputation.

If underground space can be effectively utilized, it would enable the storage of a staggering volume of water. By Ting’s reckoning, water has been extracted from up to 200 meters below the surface of the Pingtung Plain, covering 1,220 square kilometers. Multiplied by a 0.1 soil porosity (water is contained in pores in the soil), the entire Pingtung Plain can hold and modulate over 20 billion tons of water, or four times the combined capacity of all of Taiwan’s reservoirs. At 7.5 billion tons of water storage capacity, the area of the Linbian Creek alluvial plain alone can hold more water than all of Taiwan’s reservoirs combined.

Underground aquifer promotion in Pingtung County did not get off to a good start. Only after Tsao Chi-hung, a native of Linbian Township with a deep appreciation of the ravages of coastal land subsidence in the area, became county magistrate and strongly supported the utilization of underground water as a resource, was Linbian Creek floodwater redirected underground. This helped raise the water table, alleviating land subsidence and slowing down soil salinization from seawater seepage.

An underground reservoir is by definition intended to extract water, but does that mean that there are no concerns about land subsidence? Tsai Chang-chan, director of the Water Resources Bureau explains: “The government has spent over NT$10 billion on subsidence prevention efforts, monitoring underground water levels to measure underground capacity and how much water has been directed underground. The guiding concept of the Great Chaozhou Man-made Lake is correct, to first recharge groundwater, and extract it for use once the water reaches a certain level.”

Phase one of the Greater Chaozhou Artificial Lake Project has been allocated a budget of NT$1.4 billion. Over the past two years, trials have been run to replenish groundwater under the Pingtung Plain, and the manmade lake can be recharged with an estimated 150 million tons of underground water per year. After 10 years of replenishment, it is hoped that half of the water volume (75 million tons) can be extracted and used each year.

In addition to measuring groundwater, the recharging process also includes other challenges. Huang Shih-wei, director of the Southern Region Water Resources Office under the Water Resources Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, relates that over time, silt can plug up pores and cracks in the man-made river, so that if the bottom sediment is not removed, it loses its exchange functions. Consequently, facilities must be installed upstream to reduce the flow of silt into the man-made lake, and the bottom must be dredged regularly to remove silt.

In the effort to maximize recharging of the Great Chaozhou Manmade Lake, Ting Che-Shih conducted four years of on-site experiments, and studied the methods for channeling water and redirecting silt used by the Dujiangyan Canal in China to reduce the inflow of silt accompanying flood water into the manmade lake. Further, he conducted simulations of various origins and causes of pore and crack blockage, finding solutions for each issue. “Still, eventually, dredging out the bottom layer of sediment is unavoidable in order to maintain normal penetration,” says Ting.

Illegal Dumping, Fighting Sedimentation

The third challenge is underground refuse. In past decades, Taiwan’s western plains have been plagued by unscrupulous operators who replaced illegally mined gravel and replaced it with refuse, or who even buried animal carcasses underground to fill in the gaps. In order to safely utilize groundwater, apart from measuring the water table, such contaminated sources of water must be avoided.

According to Yu Ching-yun, assistant professor in the hydraulic engineering division of National Taiwan University’s Department of Civil Engineering,

“We’ve been taught to believe that extracting groundwater is bad, but the truth is that some places in Taiwan have an overabundance of groundwater. For instance, both Taipei and Taichung have seen excessively high water tables, and it is both possible and necessary for Taiwan to extract and use groundwater in an appropriate fashion.”

From a sustainability standpoint, artificial recharging is not as desirable as natural recharging. “In recent years, a large amount of agricultural land has been repurposed for development in Taiwan. And the transformation of earth into concrete eliminates the land’s natural ability to replenish (groundwater). These cities claim to be ‘sponge cities’ capable of containing water resources, but underneath them is actually still just concrete. For instance, underneath Da-An Forest Park is all concrete, without any capacity for recharging groundwater,” asserts Thomas Chan, deputy administrator of the Environmental Protection Administration.

"The critical mission of underground reservoirs is to alleviate the replacement of earth and soil with concrete, cultivate water content resources, and utilize appropriate methods in appropriate places to replenish groundwater."

One such example is the artificial lake atop the alluvial plain. At present, regular groundwater extraction is not prudent; subterranean water should first be preserved and stored so that it can be extracted and used as potentially life-saving water in the event of a drought.

By Kuo-Chen Lu

Translated from the Chinese article by David Toman

Fastener Taiwan 2018 to open in April at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
Mar 14, 2018

The Taiwan International Fastener Show, also known as Fastener Taiwan, will once again take place at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, from 10th – 12th April 2018, representing the culmination of what Taiwanese fastener manufacturing has to offer.

Fastener Taiwan is the only international B2B fastener show in Taiwan and serves as a trading platform for sourcing and procurement – featuring a complete range of fastener products.

Organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (MOEA) and Kaohsiung City Government – and implemented by the Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute (TIFI) and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) – Fastener Taiwan 2018 promises to be the best show yet.

The previous show was fully subscribed with 402 exhibitors occupying the equivalent of 1,000 booths and completely filling both halls of the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Visitor numbers reached over 30,000 – 1,996 of which were overseas visitors. For the 2018 show, overseas visitors are expected to be over 2,000 with visitors taking the opportunity to attend the show whilst visiting suppliers in the local area.

Taiwan ranks 3rd around the world in terms of the ‘state of cluster development’ and has become a cornerstone in the global fastener industry with its six decades of experience in raw material (annealing and stainless steel wire rod), fasteners (molding, heat processing and surface processing) and marketing networks.

Taiwan fastener makers produce a broad spectrum of products ranging from fundamental to high-end, spanning nuts, bolts and screws for ICT, automotive, aerospace, medical care, construction, transportation, general machinery and precision instruments.

In addition to proven capacity for supplying custom-spec fastener products to the automobile, 3C, aerospace and medical industries, Taiwan’s key fastener players have formed the High-end Fastener Products R&D Alliance, with government support, to greatly boost capacity for supplying the high-end market.

Yihan Lin (yihanlin@taitra.org.tw)

Source: Fastener + Fixing Magazine

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ZW HR Consulting Wins 2 Industry Accolades for Services to Real Estate Industry
ZW HR Consulting
Mar 10, 2018

Leader in mid-senior level recruitment, ZW HR Consulting has been recognised for its service to the Real Estate Industry by China leading property group “SCE Property Holdings Limited”. The event, which took place at the SCE Nanjing and Shanghai Office.

ZW HR Consulting was awarded:
2017 SCE Property (Nanjing Branch) BEST HEADHUNTER
2017 SCE Property (Shanghai Branch) BEST RECRUITMENT VENDOR

Steven Gu, Real Estate Practice Leader at ZW HR Consulting said, “Over the last 20 years, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry and the skills and talents it needs to continue to thrive. The team’s knowledge and expertise in real estate sector, means we are well-placed to support our client’s by providing the skilled professionals they need and helping them to connect with other industries.”

Jason Jin, Team Leader at ZW Real Estate team added, “The real estate industry is both an exciting and a highly disciplined environment in which to work. We are so pleased to win the SCE Property Award for BEST RECRUITMENT VENDOR for Shanghai and Nanjing. This recognises the dedication of our real estate team and the service we offer to our clients. I am delighted that, in a category with stiff competition, we won this award.”

China SCE Property Holdings Limited is the subsidiary of China SCE Group, which is a comprehensive group in China.30 years of development, the Company has been well equipped with greater capacities to develop and manage properties. The Company’s properties are distributed in many cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen, Nanchang, which are mainly residential housing, including high-rise residential buildings, low-rise apartments, villas, commercial facilities and office buildings. In 2016, the Company was consecutively awarded as one of the “Top 50 Real Estate Developers of China”.

ZW HR Consulting has a market leading Real Estate team who shape the industry by providing an unrivalled first class service to their clients and candidates. Our team is made up of a talented group of consultants who have a blend of industry and recruitment experience making true specialists in their field. We provide an unparalleled service to our clients and candidates, sourcing roles for individuals at all levels from mid to senior across the real estate sector.


Vikram Tandon
ZW HR Consulting

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Company ZW HR Consulting
Contact 68186307
Telephone 68186307
E-mail vikram.tandon@zwhrconsulting.com
Website www.zwhrconsulting.com
Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Opens International Call for Entries
Mar 08, 2018

Taipei, TAIWAN --( ASIA TODAY )-- The Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Call for Entries is now open. For the first time, the annual competition is open to companies from anywhere in the world. The deadline for entries is June 28, and early bird entrants can benefit from a discounted registration fee before April 30.

Follow this link to the official Golden Pin Design Award website for Registration Guidelines.

This is the 38th year of the Golden Pin Design Award. Over the past 37 years, the award has built a reputation as the authority on design in the Chinese-speaking world, only opening to international entrants in 2014. The award specializes in huaren design — design for and within the Chinese-speaking community.

The global huaren community is the world’s largest diaspora and around 1.2 billion people, which is 16 percent of the world’s population, speak Chinese as a first language (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2012). The Golden Pin Design Award offers a chance for international companies to share their greatest designs with the huaren community, both in the Greater China region and worldwide.

What’s new in 2018?
Previously, entrants needed to be a registered company in a Chinese-speaking country or region in order to participate. This year, the Golden Pin Design Award encourages more international companies to take part by opening the annual competition to companies from anywhere in the world. Between 2014 and 2017, the number of participating countries and regions rose from 8 to a total of 14. Last year saw winning entries from OCULUS GmbH (Germany), Eppendorf AG (Germany), Sha Design (USA), LAANK (Singapore), Art-Zoo (Singapore), and Hirota Glass Company (Japan).

Integration design
This year, the Golden Pin Design Award introduces a new category — Integration design. The reason for this new category is the award committee’s observation of a growing trend in design that integrates multiple disciplines. Integration design includes design practices related to Professional curation, Ambient experience, Service design, Social design, Non-profit design, Urban planning, Solution design, and others.

Best Design winner from 2017, ‘UPTO 3742 | TOP OF THE RIDGE’ is representative of the new Integration design category; a Samsung virtual reality exhibition that transports visitors into the high mountains of Taiwan; its creator, InFormat Design Curating pushes the boundaries of design in curating experiential exhibitions.

Communication design
Golden Pin Design Award introduces another new category this year — Communication design, consolidating the established categories of Visual Communication design and Packaging design. Communication design includes design practices related to Corporate and brand identity, Publications, Packaging, Posters, Font design, Animation, Advertisement, Online and interface design, Applications, and others.

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Taiwan Hardware Show 2018 Exclusive Invite Dedicated Taiwan partner matching for international buyers
Mar 06, 2018

TAIPEI --( ASIA TODAY )-- Centered on fulfilling international buyers demand for Taiwan’s high quality hardware products, the annual Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) has heightened their overseas visitor programs and benefits this year. As the country’s largest hardware show and popular amongst industry players as Asia’s leading premium hardware sourcing event, THS specifically focuses on promoting Taiwan’s best hardware manufacturing capabilities to global markets. With a renewed focus, THS 2018 has been specially designed to match worldwide hardware brands, DIY retailers and finished-goods producers with the country’s leading OEM and ODM companies, contract manufacturers as well as material providers.

Based on the Industrial Technology Research Institute forecast for 2018, manufacturing output in Taiwan will reach 3.25% growth this year, depicting parallel increase in industrial demand from both domestic and export markets. Bringing together Taiwan’s homegrown companies, local subsidiaries of foreign-based companies and even multinational industry players that have penetrated the Taiwan and regional markets successfully via THS, the exhibition presents market leaders that have benefitted from Taiwan’s industrial capabilities and competitive advantage in hardware innovation.

Focus on meeting global demands for Taiwan’s hardware products

Taiwan manufacturers have increasingly become the preferred partners to buyers from emerging markets due to their excellent production and service flexibility in accepting smaller number of orders. With further strengthening of these emerging markets in recent years, THS has evidently matured to become a must-visit exhibition with a global audience appeal. THS 2018 will effectively promote sought-after products, launch new inventions and open partnership opportunities, making the exhibition a high-quality B2B platform for cross-continental trade cooperation.

Driven by continued demand growth in the hardware and DIY market, THS 2018 has scaled up innovatively to mirror export buyer needs. According to WorldsTopExports.com. analysis on ‘Taiwan’s Top 10 Exports’ in March 2017, Taiwan shipped US$280.5 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2016, where the country’s top 10 exports accounted for over four-fifths (82.6%) of the overall value of its global shipments. Ranked as the top export is electrical machinery, equipment worth at US$124.1 billion (44.3% of total exports) and in second spot is machinery including computers with a $30.2 billion value (10.8%).

Based on statistics from the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook Database, Taiwan’s total Gross Domestic Product amounted to $1.125 trillion in 2016 with exports accounting for 24.9% of the country’s total economic output. 73.7% of Taiwanese exports by value are delivered to other Asian countries while 13.4% are sold to North American importers. Taiwan ships another 9.4% worth of goods to European clients with 0.7% going to Africa.

Wide product spectrum to meet diverse procurement priorities

THS’ organizer Kaigo Co., Ltd targets welcoming 450 exhibitors with a variety of product niche and manufacturing expertise this year. Participation from returning and popular ‘must-see’ exhibitors who are coming back with bigger booth to accommodate more products will be a major draw to hardware procurement specialists and DIY store purchasers. In order to facilitate a fruitful sourcing trip, dedicated visitor services including tailored business matching and corporate buyer incentive programs have been catered for international visitors. These programs will benefit those who are especially visiting the show to find ‘Made-in-Taiwan’ products and to meet homegrown manufacturers, many of whom have manufacturing facilities within close vicinity to the exhibition venue in Taichung itself.

With privileges of being able to source right in the center of Taiwan’s industrial cluster, buyers have long valued THS’s ‘ONE-STOP-SHOPPING’ experience. Combining opportunities to understand recent market developments upfront, the no-hassle visit to factories while directly seeking partners, and having face-to-face interaction with exhibitors, all these allow for an effective and win-win procurement process to buyers visiting the exhibition. THS also fosters the exchange of international industry experiences and knowledge through its array of industry forums, procurement conferences, new product launches and other concurrent informational events. Additionally, THS offers an attractive subsidy program for international visitors which amounts to NTD 15.000 (approx. EUR 360 / US D 500) that can be used for accommodation.

On the show floor, visitors can expect robust competition in terms of product quality range, price differentiation and customized production offerings. With a variety of products featured under eight main categories: tools and accessories, locks and fittings, fasteners and fittings, building supplies, garden and outdoor equipment, automotive supplies and accessories, plant equipment and machinery, lastly safety equipment and products, THS 2018 will showcase top range products with the best quality. In spotlight are products that have won international awards such as Red Dot, iF Design, Taiwan Excellence, Good Design and G-Mark as well as others that honored achievements in innovative design.

Last year, THS 2017 achieved strong visitorship by attracting top buyers and quality trade visitors representing 85 countries from around the world. Among the valued buyers include representatives from big brands such as Würth and Berner from Germany, Stanley black & Decker and Milwaukee from the United States, Rona from Canada, Astro, Konan, Lixil, Fujiwara and Grohe from Japan, and Facom from France. With 4,213 international visits recorded, the number of domestic and foreign professional visitors reached 30,889 in total. Compared to Taiwan Hardware Show 2016, the number of international visitors in 2017 increased by 3%. This hence pushed up the total visitor count that reach a record-breaking 15% growth overall. In its 17 years history, THS has consistently garnered more overseas participation both on exhibitor and visitor side. Each year, visitor turnout has reached newer success rates with more countries represented and wider buyer sector accounted for, especially from recognizable brands and leading companies in the industry.

Scheduled to be held over 3 days from October 17 to 19 at the Taichung International Exhibition Center, THS is truly an event not to be missed. Both local and international industry players are welcomed to be part of this leading premium show for the hardware industry. International companies can meet THS’ team at the International Hardware Fair Cologne in Hall 2.2 B035 to find out more about visitor privileges or to discuss exhibiting opportunities at THS. Exclusive to all THS’ prospective visitors, application for the corporate buyer incentive program will be available online starting in June.

For more information, please visit www.hardwareshow.com.tw or contact

Pei-Chi Wang

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Taiwan’s Agriculture Minister: Agricultural Technology Transfer to Benefit Both of Malaysia and Taiwan
Mar 05, 2018

March 05, 2018 05:36 PM Hong Kong Time - TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Taiwan’s Agriculture Minister Lin Tsung-hsien on March 3 visited Taiwanese businesspeople-operated companies and retailers in Kuala Lumpur that have been selling Taiwan-produced agricultural products, hoping to expand the market share of halal market and to promote Taiwan-produced fertilizer, seeds, agricultural machines in Malaysia.

Transfer of technology in agriculture from institutes of research and development run by the Council of Agriculture to local companies in Malaysia could further help agricultural development in both of Taiwan and Malaysia, said Lin during his second leg of the two-day trip to Malaysia.

Lin has visited several local companies such as All Cosmos Bio-Tech Holding Corp, a Malaysia-based fertilizer manufacturer and DaChan Great Wall Group’s fertilizer manufacturer in Malaysia, as part of government’s efforts to promote the New Southbound Policy, launched by the government of Taiwan that focuses on strengthening ties with neighbors in South and Southeast Asia. DaChan Great Wall Group is a Taiwanese agriculture and food conglomerate.

Meanwhile, Lin attended a discussion meeting with Taiwanese business executives to understand their needs and seek further cooperation with Malaysian businesses.

Lin noted that under the principle of mutual benefit, Taiwan hopes, in collaboration with new southbound countries, to promote the regional development of agriculture by improving bilateral cooperation in information, technology and talents to secure the sustainable agriculture as well as to increase farmers' income in countries in this region.

Department of International Affairs
Vincent Lin, +886-2-2312-4677

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A siganture events for bakery industry in the Asia Pacific region
Mar 05, 2018

An indicative event for the baking industry in Asia, 2018 Taipei International Baking Show is hosted by Taipei Bakery Association. This year, the scale is the highest than ever. The exhibit spreads over two floors, with 406 participating exhibitors and 1762 booths in total. Raw ingredients, machines and equipment, packaging materials and accessories, baked products, coffee and related products are presented for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, with multiple choices and brand names. Acclaimed as the largest annual platform of the baking industry in Taiwan, this exhibit will be grandly held in Nangang Exhibition Hall during March 15-18.

Over the years, leading companies in the baking industry such as Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, Namchow Group, Tehmag Foods Corporation, Lian Hwa Foods Corporation, Chungpu Baking Machinery Corporation, Sanneng Bakeware and other indicator manufacturers gather in Bakery Show. The show contains over 80 brand new annual products, including multiple intelligent technology based machines, such as “Desktop Flyhi Oven” from Chuan Chiu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. With only one cup of water, the furnace can make professional steam effect without installing any water pipes.

“3 Axis Ultrasonic Food Cutter” from Strong Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd. is famous for equipping large machine’s efficacy in a smaller size. The cutter better meets the health standard and presents more beautiful cutting surface compare to traditional cutters. Moreover, “Enorobot” froam Vaiuable Advice7 Co., Ltd. can concatenate multiple payments at once to provide customers a more convenient choice. The lowest price will be provided at the scene. Holy Ocean International Ltd. made their “KitchenAid’s” debut at the show.

“KitchenAid” is certified by the United States National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as the business class with a new technology motor PowerCoreR to maintain whipping speed. Also, the new Gradual-speed design keeps the liquid powder mixing steady and hard to splash. Additionally, the Red Dot Design Awarded “"American Microplane Walnut Series Planer” seizes the trend with its modern smooth line on design. The planer will be sold for the first time in Taiwan. There are so much more domestic and foreign selected brands presenting at the scene, offering buyers opportunities to conduct business negotiation and technology exchange with procurement representatives all at once!

Joyful tidings spread from the "Bakery World Cup" held in France in February. The Taiwanese baker Wang Pengjie won the championship in the category of Art of Bread, thus becoming the newest and hottest icon in Taiwan. Wang Pengjie was one of the master bakers in the team led by Wu Paochun, a baking legend hailed as the "Glory of Taiwan."

Taiwan itself is the host of another international baking competition, the "City Bread Championship." This year, the famed event draws top candidates from Taiwan and other countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brazil. The championship is acclaimed as the “Oscar” for the oriental bakery industry; with its match specifications similar to those of the Bakery World Cup and divided into five major categories, including themed bread, world bread, sweet bread, health and nutrition sandwiches, and artistic creation.

In addition, there are other events held during the championship, such as the “Taiwan National Tryouts for the Louis Roosevelt Bread Competition,” and the "Gâteaux Cup Cake Art Competition.” Top bakers from all over Taiwan gather to perform their unique skills at these events. Due to these highlighted competitions among professional bakers, the championship has build up the reputation as a renowned Asian arena for bakery masters.

Taiwanese baking has earned a place on the global map, and the Taipei International Bakery Show has become the Asia-Pacific region’s can’t-miss signature event. This year’s show, featuring six theme pavilions including Equipment, Ingredients / Finished Goods, Bakery Hall of Fame, Coffee, Competition Zone, and Keynote Zone, gathers over 150,000 industry professionals for the year’s biggest baking bash. Catch all the exiting programs and latest technology in person from March 15 - 18 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center!


Kristijan Dimovski
m: +38971285266
e: kristijand@valoso.com

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Landmark Wins for Taiwanese Brands in the REBRAND 100® Global Awards
Mar 05, 2018

Taipei, TAIWAN --( ASIA TODAY )-- Rebrand 100 ®Global Awards, the global recognition for excellence in brand transformation, announces its 2018 winners. DDG Brand Consultancy’s clients, major Taiwanese coffee chain, Louisa Coffee, and Taiwan’s largest engineering services provider, CTCI Corporation, both won Distinction this year. Other winners include Hewlett Packard Enterprise (USA), Siemens (Germany), and Hawaiian Airlines (USA).

CTCI Corporation

CTCI is one of very few Asian players that competes head-to-head against world-class engineering service companies. With the goal to further expand its international business and influence, CTCI worked with DDG to transform their brand.

“For a rebrand to be successful, it must be driven by a company's business strategy as well as its aspirations,” says Mark Stocker, Managing Director of DDG. “CTCI’s ambition to build ‘the world's most reliable engineering service provider’ served as the driver for the CTCI rebranding initiatives.”

After the brand relaunch in 2016, CTCI has landed new contracts in Russia, the Philippines, and the US.

Louisa Coffee

Having been established in Taiwan for more than a decade, Louisa aims to open up a new domestic market segment by introducing consumers to the ‘Third Wave of Coffee’. DDG and Louisa Coffee worked together to create a modern identity that reflects Louisa’s ambition and passion for the ‘Third Wave of Coffee’ movement.

“To reflect the sophisticated spirit of the ‘Third Wave of Coffee’, we revamped the brand identity with a new visual language that is minimalistic yet fresh-looking,” says Kris Tsao, Creative Director at DDG. “By implementing the new identity to every touchpoint of the brand experience, from signage to cup, we were able to help Louisa Coffee to quickly distance itself from its previous image and become the dominant brand in the domestic market.”

Since the rebrand, Louisa Coffee’s retail outlets have grown by 50%. The chain now has over 300 stores across Taiwan.

Rebrand 100®

REBRAND™ has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, FastCompany, and Yahoo! Finance. The REBRAND 100® Global Award is the highest recognition for excellence in brand repositioning — the first competition of its kind. DDG has won a total of 11 REBRAND™ awards since 2009.

Contact: Christina Hsu, PR & Marketing Manager at DDG christina.hsu@ddg.com.tw (+886) 2-2311-7007 x 253

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TAITRA leads 13 startups to World Mobile Congress
Mar 03, 2018

In a show of Taiwan’s burgeoning startup scene, TAITRA Vice Chairman Liu Shih-Chung led a group of 13 Taiwanese startup companies to attend and demonstrate their innovations at the Four Years from Now (4YFN) exhibit of the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Held from Feb. 26 to 28, 2018, 4YFN is a startup business platform of the world's largest mobile industry annual gathering, MWC. 4YFN enables startups, investors, corporations, and public institutions to discover, create, and launch new ventures together. An estimated 19,100 attendees, 600 startups, and 700 investors attended this year's 4YFN.

The Taiwanese startups also gave presentations during the “Taiwan Startup Demo Day” event, held by TAITRA, to show off their cutting edge solutions in the fields of smart home, cyber security, smart medical, chatbot, smart audio video and more.

Full list of the startups:
Robelf – Your Moving Monitor Guardian.
SpotCam – Smart Cloud Camera System for Everyone.
Smart Mike – Best partners with Selfies & YouTubers.
UGYM Sport – Portable Deep Tissue Sport Massager.
ArcRan iSecMaster – A powerful security platform for protecting your digital branches, mPOS systems and self-service stores.
BotPartner – You can control your home, including lights, temperature, appliances via Messenger by our chatbot, Louis Lin.
OysterX – Track and share your journey with a fun and easy app.
Renaisscent – A Customizable Smart Diffuser let you control your space’s ambiance right from your phone.
Weeview – The Next Revolution In 3D AR Storytelling.
Vitalsigns – Construct Health Care Service At Home.
PacketX – Mobile Edge Computing(MEC) platform with the built-in security framework for IoT.
iXensor – A seamless in-vitro diagnostic test provider.

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